30 Aug 2016 12:22:26
So here we go again! Of course, club must be practically bankrupt- as reflected by a summer transfer season that has seen 17 players leave and only six arrive, but impact on first team squad is especially depressing. Three regular members of the team gone, three more with injuries that might keep them out till we are once again established at the foot of the table.

Only three first team players in - two on loan and the other on a one-year pre-retirement contract. And again desperately trying to find anyone who will come here at the last minute, when quality is poor and prices are highest. It can't be Moyes' fault, because he has not been here long enough and besides, we have seen it all before. But if you are a struggling team and you don't send clear messages that you intend to improve by making early and quality signings, then you can expect to be left scrambling for the players nobody else wants as the window closes.

Did not Sam tell us in June that the club would make sure that we were not in this position again? Maybe he would still be here if he had been able to make key signings at the beginning of the summer, instead of being made to wait till the end of season 'sale' of left-over stock!

Short has presided over so many false dawns that it is impossible to believe any real progress is possible till he goes. We are a poor side, with an even poorer administration- little wonder no-one wants to come here.

1.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 13:25:17
Totally agree, we are again a laughing stock of a club, no more excuses or complex reasons for this load of crap, the fans have been taken for fools once again!

2.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 18:44:53
Agree to both above comments! the simple truth IMO is we aren't offering the sort of money the clubs or players want so its Poundland shopping again and as history has shown that's a recipe for relegation! what more annoying is that other so called big clubs like Stoke lol . cash spend vast sums on the quality of player that will keep them in the premiership! I feel sorry for Moyes as he's trying to sign these players but restricted by the penny pinching management of S. A. F. C . again as already said this club is a joke and run by people who don't care about the club and more importantly . THE SUPPORTERS . we deserve better!

3.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 22:54:41
I see we are now after a French midfielder to replace Lens? so why do we find a replacement FIRST before we sold Lens? . AND does that mean Kone will now be transferred to pay for this Frenchman? . time will tell! We always do things back to front at this club!