10 Oct 2014 07:41:35
Is is just me or did the transfer window come along at completely the wrong time for Sunderland? Last thing you want is a two week break after finally getting a win on board! Though maybe the two weeks off will give Poyet a chance to work with the players who didn't head off on international duty and improve their teamwork.

1.) 10 Oct 2014
I think you're referring to the international break in which case I agree. momentum is so important in football. I don't know why the pundits seem to think it was better to get it going in like it matters if the two weeks off will be better or not. I would rather win the first match AFTER the break than last one before. That said, I am glad we have one win under our belt.

2.) 16 Oct 2014
So sorry, I did mean international not transfer window. I don't know what on earth made me put that!