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10 Aug 2012 20:38:18
Dann would be sensible addition- we know that Bramble makes silly mistakes and whatever combination is used at CB it will not be very mobile. But all summer MON has been associated with big target men (Holt, Fletcher, Toivenon) who can play with back to goal and hold up play. This is not Defoe's strength, he is much more like Bent. What formation are we looking to play? {Ed057's Note - i think 4-3-3 especially as we are looking at players like mcgeady and we were at hoilet}

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I think we'll set up more like 4-5-1 with Sess floating between the midfield & forward. {Ed057's Note - Maybe against harder teams but mon likes the quick counter attacks like at villa Ashley young, downing and abonghalhor}

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Thats ok at villa but we have larsson cattermole gardner wickham ji etc none of whom have any pace to speak of what so ever

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Ji has lots of pace, we need to give him a go

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10 Aug 2012 20:31:32
What happened to the link with Saha {Ed057's Note - think he was interested in a move but we weren't!}

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Think we shuda got him for exp up front

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10 Aug 2012 20:28:10
I have read somewhere today that Mon has identified both Fletcher and Defoe, he is after two top quality signings for upfront? I can't see Defoe coming though I think he is a London boy.

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Played for pompey though.

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Because harry rednapp took him there as harry had him at west ham aswell.....not coming to safc

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10 Aug 2012 18:26:27
Jermaine Defoe looks to be our new target he should have been from the beggining we are lucky he hasnt been picked up by someone else he will be the closest we can get to a player like Darren Bent come on MON make it happen.

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Would love to see some of the rumours turn to reality, Defoe, Milner, McGeady etc Would certainly add something to the lads. Who knows Defoe and whickam (new SKP and quinny!)

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One small issue......he does not want to come to sunderland.

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Be hard to lure him up here lyk

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With the pathetic wages we can offer compared to qpr. QPR FFS. can offer better wages than us . PATHETIC

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Qpr owners have more money than short thats why......and qpr are near london...who we near most of our players live at newcastle and drink there.

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Wrong qpr owners are prepared to offer more.

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Prepared to offer more.. BECAUSE THEY HAVE MORE MONEY..

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They are not allowed to spend their "MORE MONEY" under the new rules. they just know you have to pay good wages to attract good players FACT {Ed001's Note - not fact at all, try spending a few hours on the UEFA site reading the FFP rules, then you will realise you are wrong mate. You have numerous areas that can be funded entirely by outside investment, that enables clubs with a sugar daddy to save decent sums which can be used to acquire and pay players. Though I am still not entirely convinced that the FFP ruling will have any real effect.}

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10 Aug 2012 14:13:25
Sky sports reckon we're on the verge of making bids for Defoe, Mcgeady and Scott Danny. Why were we ever getting worried?

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Defoe will never come up here so why do we always linked to him .

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Defo will not come here

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Pretty sure sky only mentioned Scott dann, I certainly hope you're right though

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Because he wont buy any of them,we are going to buy crap cos mon only likes british players with no technical ability,now we want scott dann!we need strikers now,we have more defenders on the books than the midfield and forwards put together.west ham have just bought diarra yes diarra for next to nowt,even newly promoted sides r buying better than us,im dreading this season....

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Any one will go any were for the right money

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Tottenahm have only only 2 senior striker so can not see them leaving. And if Defoe did leave he would go not QPR.

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Be great if MON could get Defoe would definatley show there intent for quality signings positive thinking everyone.

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To the absolute person that said MoN only likes Brittish players and that he won't sign Defoe, McGeady and Dann... Defoe is Enlish, McGeady is Scottish and Dann is also English. Last time I checked they were all brits... also, Diarra isn't Lassana Diarra... it's Alou Diarra.

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You're wrong though because McGeady is from the Republic of Ireland, which last time I checked wasn't part of Britain. Just saying.

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Skysports mentioned it on the transfer Watchclock.

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Mcgeady was born in Scotland but plays for the Republic of Ireland.


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Mcgeady is a scot fact, just another plastic Irish payer like Aldridge and co from the 90's

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Mcgeady average anyway. hasnt done anything in russia or for ireland. looked decent in celtic team but so did murphy and stokes. yikes. need a reality check folks. no good mentioning good players like llorente and defoe etc when we will only offer around 50k a week. wont attract anybody with those wages

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YOUR RIGHT anyone can go any where for right money.....problem is safc have a wage cap which is probably half his wages at spurs...

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10 Aug 2012 10:02:14
Defoe could be an option for oneill reports in the echo,hear wolves want close to 20 mill for fletcher comparing him to bent INSANE leave well alone now other options Tiovonon or even gettin Jonesy back.

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I totally agree 12 million is over the top never mind 20. We dont want to do what Liverpool did and spent too much on average players ie. Jordan Henderson

Take a risk on Jordan Rhodes Huddersfield 6 million anyone who scores that many goals in a season will score in any league given the service

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Wolves asking for 15-20mill for fletcher,ur havin a laugh,fletcher now says he will play in the reserves to get a move,hope wolves board get sod all now greedy b******s,when bent and gyan wanted to jump ship we let them go immediately,hope they dont get an offer now.tk73

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Agreed,20 mill too much,that money would buy 2 decent strikers,including the ones you mention.

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Lukaku is going to west brom fact but we need somebody quick or it's going to be another long season

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We will get Fletcher for 5 million at Xmas he's a Muppet that moxley , fancy trying to keep players who don't want to play for you

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20 million for fletch that ludicrous, I felt sick when I heard 12 mill being banded about. Time to leave him now let them keep a player who wants to leave its embarrassing . Wickham, noble, Wong and Campbell that will do up front .

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20 mill are wolves actually jokin! wtf is going on in there head they shud b prepared to let him go for a lil less than b4 when he handed in a transfer request can garentee hel leave in jan for bout 7mil max

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10 Aug 2012 08:05:55
QPR will but a 4m offer in for Richardson
Hull to make a 2m bid for Elmohamady
With Al Ahli (Cairo) showing interest also.
Blackburn want Campbell has part of the Olsson & N'Zonzi
Lokomotiv Moscow want Bramble.
MoN wants McGeady

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Hope you are right

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Wud let campbell go as part of the deal for them 2

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10 Aug 2012 07:02:51
Guidetti deal looks to be off due to his inability to shake off a virus

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10 Aug 2012 00:17:45
MoN wants McGeady 8m offer for him - Daily Mirror

Guidetti going no where - Daily Mail

Fletcher no deal agreed - several

Mignolet been called up by country - several

Richardson off to London - several

Fans want Elmohamady out - several

Bramble wants to stay - several

No move for Sessegnon - several

O'Shea given captains owner and Colback his 2nd.

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Rumours on the wolves site is that we have said 10mill plus campbell for fletcher.

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10 Aug 2012 00:11:58
Man city to sign scott sinclair,adam johnson to liverpool could mean either james milner or stuart downing to sunderland.

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What? Just to Sunderland, so no other club will be interested in this wish list of yours. Deluded.

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Could mean.... Miss out that important bit mate. Any chance to come crawling on our page

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Haha well said mate

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09 Aug 2012 23:21:36
Two players to have medicals at the weekend apparently romenu lukaku and Aiden mccgeady (good source)

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Lukaku another rookie untried striker?WHY? mcgeady wouldnt touch with barge pole for that price.done nowt in russia or for ireland. looked good at celtic but then again so did murphy and stokes.

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09 Aug 2012 22:53:52
Fletcher to sign by sat night another striker to sign over weekend olsen and nzonzi by next week still trying for johnson

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09 Aug 2012 22:13:10
mcgeady fletcher and lukaku chelsea loan are the players coming sounds good to me

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Only want loan players if we have the buy option at the end of the loan

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We have 3 inexperienced strikers at the club so why loan in another?lukaku looked good in belgium but hes hardley kicked a ball since he went to chelsea. need somebody with experience

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09 Aug 2012 20:46:24
ed on the chelsea page thinks that we could be one of the teams in for lukaku would be a good signing have you heard anything ed {Ed001's Note - no sorry, but I have been a bit busy the last few days and not keeping on top of all the info and ongoings. I am sure it would have been mentioned on our widget if I had been around, as that is where us editors share info with each other.}

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