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10 Jan 2012 11:05:17
Harry Redknapp willing to swap Pienaar for Larrson but that's only deal that could be done. Larsson to stay, Pienaar's done nothing down there!

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Harry redknapp is on drugs coz larsson is worth 4 times as much as pienaar

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Swap deals almost never happen, far too complicated to pull off. This is utter bull

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He may have a get out clause....

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Yeah right, Redknapp can find morans from some other city.. how could Pienaar be compared to Larsson, especially considering Larsson's role and free kicks?? How about we swap Kilgallon for Daniel Sturridge?

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The mans an idiot. larsson is by far better and suits our play better. pienaar is a good player, but isn't of the quality of larsson

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As a Long life sunderland fan one thing i regret is the fact that we didint have a superior chairman like mike ashley, its really good to see that he has turned the toon (muppets) in to a fantastic club up the the level of his stores second hand rated crap! incase any geordies are reading this i am been facetious (that means sarcastic).

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Big words. Poor use of literature. Full stops capital letters. Its not a black art. As for Ashley not his biggest fan but we are a club in profit. Rather that than a SMB chairman who throws million at poor players.

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The list of big money flops,bought by nufc is enormous.Ironic that,throwing stones in glass houses.Hope my full stops and capitals are ok? Failure to use these doesn't lessen a persons views!Your condescending comments do not make you superior!FTM

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OUR CHAIRMAN HAS CHANGED. the man putting the cash up front now IS actually the man who is buying who he wants and not the mighty(but useless) quinn

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10 Jan 2012 10:46:17
Sessegnon off to PSG. He's homesick and has family still in France! Big miss!

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I dont listen to stupid rumours from mags. do one

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Apparently he does have loads of kids in france

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Mags are pathetic, sess's family can't settle but they over this month to try to, sess is happy, he is hoping his family can settle and then no worries, mags worry about your own players

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It's a straight forward comment that has been mentioned in newspapers. How come you think I'm a Mag?

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And you believe newspapers?ha thats funny

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We think your a mag coz I don't think a sunderland fan or a true supporter would say he is off, your a mag trying to unsettle us with pathetic untrue comments

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Its only Mags who believe in newspaper reports, and even then only if they say something possitive.

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Listen, I'm a SAFC fan and have a friend at Sunderland Echo. Say what you want about me being a Mag but the truth is not everyone loves Sunderland! If you think he would prefer Sunderland than Paris you're sadly wrong!

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Is it possible a Sunderland fan who actually speaks sense. Sess your only decent player would be off like a shot if PSG come calling.

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What like ba will be you mean

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So you are now admitting that it is possible that Sess will leave if PSG comes calling. We are making progress with the SMB. Reference Ba I ll think you find that his agent has already said that his comments were taking out of context and he is happy at Newcastle.

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A lot of black players from France don't want to go back racism is rife there Mensa used to have police racialy abuse him. Sess had the same tounts

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If PSG come calling? didnt we sign him from them? Did he not refuse to train with them to force a move to us?

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PSG have been bought since. He's going!

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Funny geordie but it wasn't the same mackem who made that other comment, do you SGBS ever learn that other people make comments especially when you go on their site talking rubbish. Back to bed little boy

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I know you still use carrier pigeon in Scumberland but PSG have been bought by some very rich Arabs. Catch up. Money talks and Sunderland are rubbish so he will leave to play with better players.

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Sunderland are rubbish? 13 points out of 18 and not including a win in the cup and we 10th think that is a very bitter newc9st1e fan

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Bitter Newcastle fan. We are way above you with a better squad. MON the saviour comes in and all of a sudden you think you are Barca! He will be gone by the end of the season when he does'nt get the money he wants. SMB.

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20 games left till end of season we will see who comes on top safc i believe

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You assume too much sgb,too presumptious in everthing you say,get your crayons out,nursery about to start

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Sad mags pardew no body wanted him at the evil empire but he is the best now since sliced bread sad ***** only one top dog in north east thats safc. dont get yr banner out to early this season either,

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