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On 10th of January 2013 Mangane moved to Sunderland AFC inicially on loan for 6 months with a view of a permanent deal in the summer to buy out the rest of his contract. Mangane will wear the number 18 shirt for Sunderland AFC. {Ed024's Note - No not yet ..... using Wiki as a source is a waste of time - anyone can make changes and upload them to the site - neither club has announced anything yet, neither have sky - it may happen but it has NOT happened yet.}

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Ed your wron on al hahins or whatever website it clearly states with some muddled up English because of google translate the player has left the club to join Sunderland on loan look it up if you think I'm wrong (princey1995) {Ed024's Note - I've checked the english version of the Al Hahins web site and there is no mention, neither on Sunderland's website - I also think Sky would be all over the story on an otherwise quiet day in the market. If its announced in the next 12 hours I'll happily eat my words as I think he would be great for the club - but I dont think its happened.... yet - lets wait until tomorrow 11th Jan and see if its announced}

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Wrong then were you not ed! {Ed024's Note - I'm hoping so but he's still to sign on the dotted line - but its looking more and more likely.}

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Check again just changed it back. seen anyone can correct an error on Wikipedia

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10 Jan 2013 22:01:38
David Vaughan wanted by Holloway at palace. I think we'd be daft to let him go this month, id be keepin him till the summer lm86

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TOTTALLY concur with that ...for me Vaughn is one of the most creative players we have has been wasted by MON ! def keep him till the summer ! the mean time PLAY HIM Martin !

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We would be mad to let him leave on the evidence of today's performance... He completely out thought Nolan!!

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10 Jan 2013 19:57:07
It's all over the forum we are getting Kader Manganese on loan, is there any truth in it {Ed024's Note - I'd like to think so as he's just the type of powerful, central defender that we need - but nothing official yet.}

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Mangane and nadye are unknown but so was Michu of Swansea but look how he has developed in the Premiership ! {Ed024's Note -

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Rumour has it that we've made an official bid for kadar mangane

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Rumour has it that we've made an official bid for kadar mangane

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10 Jan 2013 19:39:30
Ed, whats the crack with us and FC Groningen's Virgil van Dijk, 21? {Ed024's Note - There's a lot of talk about him but he's only played one season for Gronigen - far from the finished article - I cant see him being an impact player this season. I think we need a player with premier experience - Brown injured, O Shea slowing down, Bramble and Cuellar both far from consistent - I'm not convinced a 21 year old inexperienced defender is what we need now. }

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Kader Mangane Could Be A Good Investment

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The Dutch guy wants to go to the epl

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10 Jan 2013 19:33:18
kader mangane looks good

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He's left his club and apparently on the clubs website is say we are signing him on a 6month loan {Ed024's Note - Can't see any reference to him coming to us on Al-Hilal's web site. Doesn't mean its not happening but nothing official yet.}

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Good tackler

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It's on club website 6-month loan deal with a option of a permenant {Ed024's Note -

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Not on their website - I hope your not checking out those wiki websites - anyone can make changes to them. If its not on their website and its not on ours - it hasn't happened.

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Submitted an equiry with a bid n their president stated that they will review offer n he could be leaving

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10 Jan 2013 18:52:05
just seen david, victoria and the boys coming out of b&m bargains.john dosn't tell porkys

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10 Jan 2013 18:34:15
Elmomahady to sign for Hull City, Frazier campbell definitely on his way out of Sunderland. Problem is his father is his agent and rates him better than he actually is. Quite a few Championship clubs interested including Ipswich, watford and Hull.

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10 Jan 2013 17:39:03
Saha to QPR. He must be bored sitting on the bench at SOL.

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His dad says hes better than he is, hes just not good enough for the epl hes to old

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10 Jan 2013 17:07:10
The odds for Graham to sign for us have gone from 1/3 to now 1/6 after his goal. Do they know something we don't?

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Haha of course they do :) they are bookies there job is to be in the know, as that's what makes them their money, ever seen a poor bookie ?

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Obviously I don't consider bookies the most reliable people in the world, but perhaps they have some information which prompted them to cut the odds

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Yeah its the number of ppl backing him to sign affecting the odds not insider info

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10 Jan 2013 15:26:37
Sunderland had 8 million £ bid accepted for tomáš necid, kid looks like a half decent striker

Herd it here first, silverback

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23 years old with 2 cruciate knee injuries in the last 2 years. Talented but injury prone. Might as well sign Michael Owen

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10 Jan 2013 15:18:46
Apparently Fergie is allowing Welbeck to go back out on loan till end of season. Did a great job last time, surely MON will try to get him

Also i just saw Luciano Becchio down Pallion shops.


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Sorry but getting players on loan is a temporary fix.If we want to progress we must sign quality players not borrow them from other clubs.I think loan players are for clubs who have no transfer kitty, and surely we have some clout.

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Arent you forgetting that we have 'borrowed' Danny Rose? Plus we need to get some results between now and the end of the season and i would happily take a quick fix so we have time in the summer to bring in a quality striker

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Wellbeck would be nice but Fergie not considering any loans from Sunderland 'cos of final game of last season {Ed024's Note - It was only a little Poznan - and we did 'do' Man City for them a couple of weeks ago !!!!!!!!!!!}

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10 Jan 2013 12:10:11
Sunderland to sign Danny Graham for around £4 million.

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I would be very surprised if you see a striker brought in as MON has already said he likes the look of Fletcher and Whickham together.I think you will see one more signing and that will hopefully be a defender.

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He's a Newcastle supporter. He wouldn't come to us.

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Check out his twitter thingymajig

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