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11 Apr 2013 14:37:03
Just heard that howard webb refereeing on sunday. that's us getting beat then never won derby with him

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Bardsley. O'shea. Cueller Rose

Larsson. Sessegnon
Johnson. Mcclean


Play counter attack

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That team would play for a defeat not a counter attack.

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No don't counter attack, just go all out attack and smash them.

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I'm a mag, and whenever we play with howard web against man u or someone, he absolutely kills us with stupid decisions, there's bound to be a red card with webby.

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Even without him
There will be a couple

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Why will that team play for a defeat

Pretty descent

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Well could both finish the game with 9 men! or could end up a 7 a side game!

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Whats the odds on both PDC and Pardew being send to the stands?

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Only the Mackems could blame a referee for losing a game before it starts - priceless.

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Said the skunk with the earlier post

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Anyone know any targets?

I personally think we should try for
James Milner
Danny Rose
Martin Kelly

And get rid of loads of players who are useless to us

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Players of this calabre are not going to play for pdc and his bullying management style. pdc will only be a success if sunderland get relegated and he can rebuild in championship. you reep what you sew. just look at the mess pdc left swindon in

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That ain't right
He's only a success if he gets us relegated

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He is a success if he keeps us up
Sort your head out

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Wouldn't mind tottenhams
Tom Carroll
Young midfielder with bright future who can put in a tackle

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I would like marao Zarate heading our way
Good age
And has that flair we need

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Tottenham will never sell tom carroll, maybe a loan but he's an up and coming prospect.

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Can always try
Barely had a game this season and probablies next few seasons
He would like to play every game
And we could give that to him

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11 Apr 2013 14:26:02
best team for the weekend
DG {Ed024's Note - CG - suspended!}

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Don't know what half of them stand for

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Who is AA, or am I being daft

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The new Greek striker - Alkis Annanomous?

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New striker?
Is he any good

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Think AA is meant to be Alfie

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New striker?
is he any good
Priceless comment!

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Greek striker?. could be issyanygoodornotoloss !

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Wot with initials AA. lol

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