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11 Aug 2012 15:05:45
Sunderland have sent bids for Scott dann , Steven nzonzi , jermain defo , Martin Ollson the fletcher deal is almost done just medical to happen either tomorrow or Monday morning

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Newcastle fan in peace! I think you's will get fletcher and he's a good player but not worth that kind of money! Defoe will not go to Sunderland and llorente def not! Why doesn't wickham get a fair crack of the whip?

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I dont think whickam is ready yet,remember he is still only 19 but he will come good,as for fletcher at 12mill plus its the going rate,safc and nufc ruined the market with hendo and carroll £55million for both!as for llorente even most safc scoffed at that idea,he will want about 80-100grand in wages.tk73

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You make good points,i dont think defoe will come,llorente....enough said,wickham should be given a go. also think fletcher will come,good player but not too happy about the fee,maybe its a sign of the times with liverpool pricing a centre half at 23 mill ? thanks for your sensible comments. {Ed001's Note - you do realise Everton sold Lescott for 25m to City a few years back and before that Man Utd paid 30m for Rio from Leeds? So hardly a sign of the times to price one at 23m is it?}

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Why would defo or llorente come to Sunderland iv supported them all my life and even Ian not deluded enough to think we can attract champions leauge players we need to get real , Scott dann , Fletcher yes defo , llorente no

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I have to disagree about the going rate comment because as we have proven (tiote, cabaye and more relevant cissé) there is much better quality and much better value for money on the continent. In regards to wickham not being ready yet, how will he ever be ready if he doesn't get game time?

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Ok ed,my point was is 12mill a lot for a proven striker,when CURRENTLY a prem team want 23 mill for a not more than average centre half! thats all.your condecention not required. {Ed001's Note - Agger is a top class centre half that suffers with injury problems. What the hell is that to do with the price for Fletcher? Try making sense in future lad.}

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Ed,i'm probably old enough to be your dad...son! as the editor is'nt your job to read the post properly. point made was if agger is worth 23mill,FLETCHER IS PROBABLY WORTH 12 MILL. does that make sense! be surprised if i see a reply,unless you have more sarcasm! {Ed001's Note - I really don't care how old you are, your point was nonsense. Fletcher's value is not even slightly related to Agger's. Fletcher's value is only related to how much people are willing to pay for him and how much Wolves are willing to accept to sell him. It is hardly difficult to understand is it?}

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Would love it if we got defo but a highly doubt he wud leave the capital to cum up ere

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Sunderland to withdraw bid for fletcher - MON has positive progress on alternative target which will be completed over next couple of days

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Ok then Ed, make sense of this then. The figure being banded around in this mornings press for Van Persie's proposed move to Man Utd is somewhere in the region of £15m. Wolves value Fletcher at the same price? Now I'm not suggesting we should be in for Van Persie as that sounds as daft as the Llorente patter, but O'Neills tactics so far in this transfer window remind me of Roy Keane's in our first summer back in the Premier league. He spent 3 months chasing top names like Diego Forlan and ended up throwing stupid money at second rate players at the 11th hour in a blind panic to get players through the door! {Ed001's Note - I didn't say I agreed with the price, I am just pointing out that comparisons with other people's prices are ludicrous, they are not related. Van Persie has had one season when he played more than a couple of games and the only season for him to score double figures. He is injury prone and his wages total over 100k a week (meaning you have to add £10m, with NI and taxes, onto his cost each season), Fletcher has not had the same injury problems, scored goals in a much weaker team, his wages are less than half RVP's too.}

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15 MIL for the lad but 190.000 wagers fletcher my be 60.000 thats why all about wagers m8

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Van persie has one season left on contract i think aswell...

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11 Aug 2012 08:57:13
Can not belive it wickham plus £12 MILLION
FOR FLETCHER 8 million for wick .THATS 20

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Feel sick at the thought!!

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Agreed,if true this makes no sense,financially,or otherwise! surely wickham should be given more time,as i'm sure he will come good. 20 mill would probs get llorente,lol

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Its a season loan.

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They say that safc is puttin bid in for Defoe

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Where have you heard that? We would probably give Wolves Wickham on loan instead of selling him.

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Agree mate but wickham is only part of the deal on loan.

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Not worth £8m now.
Agree though.


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On loan !! get ya facts rite b4 u start bein all negative !!

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Would give them wickham on loan thats bouit it the lads got potential there tryin to take us to the cleaners here

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Where did you get this from? sound like bad business to me and awful reporting.

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Ah ok,loan makes more sense,but still not sure.

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The truth is Sunderland are offering wolves 12million for fletcher they will receive 8million of the 12 plus Sunderland are offering Connor Wickham on a long term loan basis so in fact wolves are getting 16million in total out of the fletcher deal

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Oh i thought it was a perminet with wick sos ;)

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Sunderland are paying wolves 12mill plus wickham on a one year loan deal so u saying sunderland r getting 4mill for wickham for a one year loan

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No way are they going to pay 4 million to loan whickam for a year......they could buy rhodes a couple a million more and he,s better than whickam..

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11 Aug 2012 02:09:15
Instead of bidding 12 Million for Fletcher, Why dont we put in a cheeky 15 Mill bid for Llorente? Last year of his contract at Bilbao.. {Ed057's Note - Wages would cost a hell of a lot though}

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Will never happen. To expensive.

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Champions League clubs are looking at him. Let's be serious!

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Think he said a cheeky bid.....juve only bid 12mill ......

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Don't be silly!

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Players like llorente wouldn't sign for Sunderland, get realistic boys!! Defoe will never come to sol. Let's face it we're a mid table team at best and can't attract these players. Bet MON is kickin himself comin to us

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Why dont you just save another few mil and bid for rvp. deluded mackem

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11 Aug 2012 00:44:50
Hope this is true. Alex Rae linked with a job at Sunderland. (Youth Team Development/Community & Schools Coach). Would be good to get Alex back to the club. When I watch them training in Whitburn. Was one of the only players who went out of his way to talk to the fans. And thats what we need at the club. Not players who think they are to good to talk to use. These people have to remember its the fans that pay most of there wages.

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