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11 Jan 2012 21:01:32
oniell allowing noble to go out on loan must mean he has a striker lined up to come in

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Not necessarily mate , hes got bendtner, wong don, wickham, sess and campbell on way back . i think he will make do wit these til end of season then buy someone then .

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Not bendter if i was a manager i wud termaniate his loan and sign a decent striker hes too lazy we need a goal scorer

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Its more likely oneil wants to get the lad some game time and cant offer him any so wants him out getting first team exp!

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I woz bein realistic wen i replied to original post ,theres no way mon wil send bendtner back he wil stick wit wot hes got til end of season then buy striker !

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Ive heard kevin doyles coming up to the sol!!

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Heard the same about doyle just rumour though, wouldn't mind that Hooper off celtic, looked up some of his goals and they cracking finishes, alot were tap ins aswell but they still count

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We need someone who's there for the tap ins

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Every team needs a fox in the box! how many chances go amiss cos no one in the box taking a gamble? not just at safc but at every team! im a mag and to have someone who can hang around the 6 yard box and feed on knock downs and parries is vital and i for one would love this kind of player! ian wright was the ideal example and he werent bad!

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Sorry lads but remember stokes for us absolute garbage. went to celtic and scores for fun. spl championship level at best. not many have come south and succeeded yes i know a few have dalglish etc but not many

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11 Jan 2012 14:43:39
kenwyne jones on loan with option to buy in summer

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I wud welcum him back wit open arms ! just wish he woz a bit mor consistent

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Stoke still owe sunderland money on the deal when he moved, so this one may have some legs! good move i think O'neil would get the best out of him.

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Backwards step for Jones don't see that happening.

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Backward step for jones? For safc surely?

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Lazzy so and so but if mon works his magic who knows ? the crosses will be there for him ! ftm

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Backwards step are u mad, stoke dont even play football, they set piece and throw in team, got nowt else

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Backward step for carroll if he ever went back to newc9st1e, but it won't happen

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No Toon fan wants Carroll back. Much better side without him. Would rather play for Stoke than Scumberland. That is why Jones left. Even Gyan went to play for some second rate Arab team rather than Scumberland. What does that tell you? You can never keep any decent players.

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It tells you that those players had a problem with bruce, bruce and bent fell out, bruce and gyan fell out and bruce and jones fell out, enough said geordie clown

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So its all Bruce's fault. SMB cant see the woods for the trees.

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As with gyan if any second rate arab side came along and offered any newcastle player 160k a week tax free then they would be off. there again ye would get half the team from newcastle for 160k a week

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Tell me again where are your best players from last season now playing? it aint at the sports direct arena thats for sure. they go where the money is

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The best players from last season were replace with better players! BA, Cabeye, Abeid, Santon. As for 160k that is the sum total of your squads value. same you paid millions for it. LOL SMB.

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Pleasant friend from nufc,obviously your not capable of having a real conversation,so take your bitterness to your own site, thank you! (but you might not get a reply when school closes).

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160k total squad value ? can you please confer with other sgb who say we wasted millions need to make mind up abeid better than barton no cabaye better than nolan no (just look at goals per game ratio) u talking tripe son

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It is funny how bruce seems to have only fell out with your strikers though! and what with these being your best players it smells a bit funny to say its all bruces fault! stoke are a good side who play alot in the air and if jones cant score for them then he prob wont score with crosses either

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For all the mags, come on here at the end of the window see if you have a team left fat ash WILL SELL your better players FACT!

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FACT. mon won more points than "fat head" in less games. FACT.mon had more goal scorers from all over the park. FACT. the players who left must of hated bruce JUST as much as us safc supporters did, i never went to a match whilst "fat head" was manager. love the mighty quinn, but he makes bad decisions. FTM going down now demba ba away plus if krull gets injured your team is totally goosed

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11 Jan 2012 08:03:48
Chris Samba may have priced his way out of a Sunderland move by asking for over 65k a week.
collins from villa is talking to Newcastle united not Sunderland to fill in for the soon departure of danny Simpson to spurs
A swiss striker is on the radar for Sunderland innocent emerghara has told French radio he's looking to switch to the English leagues...

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Why do spurs need a right back when they have kyle walker, pull the other one deluded geordie ^

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As if Samba would ever go to Sunderland. deluded Mackems. Simpson aint good enough for us so he won't be going to Spurs.

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I think all us Sunderland fans know Samba is too good for us!

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And what about the mag fans saying samba is coming to you lot, deluded SGB

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Simpson not good enough? didn't you just give him a new contract?

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Newcastle are a far bigger club and attract better players fact! Samba would chose the Toon if it was between us and the SCUM.

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safc r the bigger and better club no decent player would go to u cos yr prob going back down next season wen old ash cashes in on the decent players u hav left

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If newcastle were the bigger club as one have you have said, then certain players would have signed for you.... like larsson who turned you down before coming to us. you only got useless sol campbell because we didn't want him either, he widely admited that he prefered a move to sunderland.

on paper the sides are equal and both have different styles of play. if MON had been in charge from the start, the chances are we would be around the same points total.

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Larsson went to who paid him more and he is regretting that now. Sol Campbell?? Is that your best effort? Fact is not one of sunderlands first 11 would get in the Toon's first 11. Go and count your empty seats.

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On paper the sides are equal?? LOL. Thats why we keep stuffing when we play. Bigger club based on what? Fan base? Ground? Facilities? Non of them so how is Scumberland bigger. You have spent a fortune on crap are still no further forward. You will always be in our shadow.

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So is this silly geordie forgetting who has been the top dogs the last 3 years? know wonder we call them deluded and it sounds like this geordie has just thrown all his toys out his pram, bless the SGB

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Top dogs. Run of the mill. You spent millions last season and only finished above due to a last minute goal. who is the deluded one.

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Sessegnon better than shola sammy lovenkrands best ranger larsson better than obertan cabaye marveux abeid oshea better than simpson brown better than perch/williams thats to name but a few give your head a shake as for spending millions we made millions as well on sales so worked out as about 6m spent

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Larson better than Cabeye. That just confirms MAckems know nothing about football. God I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Larson could nt tie Cabeye laces. Like the way you are comparing your first team to our reserve players barring Cabeye. SMB

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All the stats say larson is better,more goals,more assists,crosses,metres run,etc,etc

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Larson better than CABEYE?? nearly fell off my chair laughing!!! next youll be saying phillips was a better goal scorer than SHEARER! fair play to you, yous have had some good players over the years, but, i cant think of there names :-( best wishes for 2012 x

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Let's clear this up yeah. Gordon and krul similar standard, bardsley better than Simpson, brown and o'shea have more medals than your whole sqaud in the last god knows how many years, Richardson better than Ryan Taylor, larsson better than obertan, cabaye and tiote are better than any of are center midfielders, McClean is one of the most exciting prospects in the league, sess is better than Jonas, and BA is class, everyone knows we need a top striker. So 80% of are squad is better mate

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Toatl rubbish! gordon not even in your team! krul is by far and away better than him! id agree with you on the sess better than jonas and that the 2 guys have won a few medals but they were for someone else so you got no bragging rights on them and id agree larrsson better than obertan and mclean looks like a gfood prospect! thats an honest veiw! ive swung both ways and thats fair! but like i said your 100% wrong with the keepers

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Cattermole despite he used to be a dirty tackler he has calmed down. Tiote is gud but will be missed by the tynesiders in january and so will ba. But we need a new striker as bendtner can't even score it's either the midfeild or defence that scores.

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Dont agree with Larson being better than Jonas. As for bright prospects. We have Vuckic, Abeid, Gosling, and Sammy. AS for goalkeepers, just because you play millions for one does nt make him any good. You's lot need to get a better scouting system.

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There's only one reason Gordon not been in team an that's injury, every one of my mates say how good Gordon is and they man utd, man city fans ect. Not trying say Gordon is better either just there on par, can you remember the save against bolton? What your views on comparing the full backs? And yeah vukic looks good, got a serious cannon! Enjoyed the honest conversation! And to the other guy, no-one compared Larsson and Jonas but Larsson done way more this season than him in our team that until now has way under achieved

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Why don't u SGB's go and post on your own wall. Are u gettin bored cos nowt's happening?

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Ive gotta say my views on the full backs a bit back and forth cos tbh neither team have flying fantastic full backs! newcastle= santon looks like he gonna be a cracking player but needs time to adjust to english football and mature, simpson a very dodgy weak link in our side, r taylor works like a horse and can really hit a ball like you lot know but is slow across the ground, good tackler though. sunderland= last game you played gardner who i like alot, better in midfield though, got a good pass and a good eye for goal but seems wasted in defence, bardsley is a good player too but seems a bit suspect when dealing with balls played through the defence, and has a head like barton/ smith and cattermole which will always leave the team vulnerable. richardson ive liked for a while but he doesnt have the constant good games needed to be top class but hes fast and a good outlet for attacks. overall i feel we both need better wing backs to have tighter defences cos neither team have bad CBs. thats in all honesty mate

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Can't fault you mate, yeah Richardson good player think he'd be stupid leave us but its probably just media talk. Gardner is good and did a good job at full back for us when flu hit the camp! Listening to your views now the teams are similar standard, and you know if we'd had Martin all season we'd be up there aswel! I started the season as usual hating your lot has be give for the way they played till now, just hope we finish above you now

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