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11 Jan 2013 23:47:59
sissoko to sunderland (close)

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Just seen pardew i asda picking 11 plums must be mags line up, haway the lads

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Breaking news sunderland make a bid for collocini cos the cleaner needs a new head for her mop, that's all he's good for , paradew for a 10 year extension mike ashley you legend {Ed013's Note - I am sure I have just posted this on the Newcaste site!}

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Lots of websites claimimg he already is a sunderland player

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Been on ssn were signin a young Australian lad called mike green looks a bit like nune

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11 Jan 2013 23:27:35
sunderland to sign moussa sissoko

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Hope so
we need good playas

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He's a fora11 Jan 2013 22:34:28
Ed, heard anything about Rayo Vallecano midfielder Piti? He's 31 but just the type of attacking midfielder we need. {Ed024's Note - Too old, unless he's free}

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11 Jan 2013 21:38:37
Anyone seen the footage of manganes tackle on Jonathan lacourt? Brutal lm86

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Bit nasty

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11 Jan 2013 19:15:56
Sunderland get first refusal on Kumasi Asante Kotoko Sports Club our Sister. ED can you see any coming in this season? {Ed024's Note - Not from Asante Kotoko ...not this season}

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Just seen Danny graham at ryhope mc donalds looks happy might be good news {Ed024's Note - Or he could have just got a Big Mac for 99p}

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Danny graham said he would stay as far away from sunderland as possible. He's a Geordie for god sake

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The Jawrdies (see what I did there, like a cockney thing, coz that's what their owners call them, snigger) said Johnson wouldnt come!!!!

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Hope so

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Danny graham is from chester-le-street, so make of that what you will!

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11 Jan 2013 15:11:32
Anyone else heard the rumour that Elmohamady is signing for West Ham?

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I thought it was a season long loan? so unless hull send him back he can't be sold

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Elmaohamady in talks with costcutters about shelf stackin job cos he's crap at football {Ed024's Note - Would normally delete this type of post - but it made me laugh ....harsh very harsh}

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Whats wrong with shelf stackers. Snob {Ed024's Note - Nothing at all - but I'd rather be getting paid silly money for kicking a ball around}

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Elmo is happy and wanted at Hull.
If MON don't want him then that's our ( Hulls ) good luck. SB will lead Tigers back to Prem.

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Hull is his kind of level he does not
deserve to play in premier league

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11 Jan 2013 14:57:53
A year of change at the end of the season O'Neill is going to let 6 senior players leave, I have been told they are the injury pron players and older players. He is going to build a team around Colback and Cattermole who he see's has the future of the lads. About time I say, needs to be hard. SAFC1978Matty

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If Colback and Cattermole are the future of this club we had better get used to 2nd tier football.

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Build a team around Jack Colback ?
I'm sure he's a smashing lad but he spends most of the game half a yard off the pace and the rest of the time chasing shadows. He's a good championship player, nothing more - bit like Grant Leadbitter.
Every team needs a Catts, but he himself needs creativity around him - let's hope MON provides.

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Watching colback over the last two years I've seen a good footballer who has continued to develop. You need to watch his game more closely if I think he's not good enough, as far as a yard off, your a mile off.

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I totally agree with the above. He hasnt been helped by playing alongside larsson and doin the work of 2 players. If these people who are saying he's poor actually go to the games then next time he plays in the middle just count how many times he wins the ball back for us and how many times he gives it away! If hendo is valued at 20 mil and joe allen at 15 mil then i would rate colback at 30 mill easy! Sick of him getting stick and larsson never gets a word said about him!

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Colback is always passing the wrong way
just another henderson to me

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Larsson can't tackle to save his life

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If Colback is a Championship player at best, you actually don't watch the game, Colback is versatile and young and is playing with players who give him no option, he breaks up play rarely gets booked, if he was playing for Man Utd he would have players to play forward pass to, he has cost us nothing and give everything to the cause, the scapegoat tag is used by many a fan and is used against the player who has the ball the most and because he breaks up play and has nothing to pass forward keeps possession and plays easy ball backwards sideways, All the top teams have players who play the same, but they are given the plaudits for the work they do, Blinkered fans with no knowledge and just type what they hear in pub are pathetic
people, Jack Colback is a very good player who cost nothing and will be the backbone of this side if fans just stop and look at themselves and ask the question, is this my point of view do I watch the game and why do I think this way, to say a player is crap is one thing, explain it please, this will prove the speak and spell, copy and paste squad actually understand football, as upto now you are embarrassing and I gringe at your exsistence

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Shame about the suggestion in the last sentence of your rant - makes you look a little silly.
Would have been good to hear your thoughts on David Vaughn's performance yesterday.
Big difference for me was ball retention in midfield - but what do I know marra ?

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11 Jan 2013 12:47:03
Just read in my local paper we have signed mangane and the main priority is a goalscorer now. Also mon has said n'daiye will be playing as a cm not a defender. Safc93 {Ed024's Note - That would make sense if we get Kader Mangane who would slot in at the back}

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Just seen on the site that Hooper from the mighty Celtic is going to Norwich! People say we were going for him! What do you say Ed? Up the Cats!

{Ed024's Note - Norwich are favourites - think Sunderland might have been mentioned because of the MON link - think Graham would be more likely than Hooper}

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A shame
we need some height to cross into
everytime the ball goes out wide fletcher has to go to the ball rather than stay in the box to header.
wickham with fletcher would be better
if sess goes into centre mid then put wickham on for larsson then great

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11 Jan 2013 12:33:53
stuart downing in town, talks of loan till end of season apprently

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11 Jan 2013 11:07:16
Its not done yet but it looks like we could be getting Mangane. Has a bit of the Chris Samba about him. {Ed024's Note - Not sure he's another Samba but he's just what Dunderland need at the moment.}

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Ed024 please tell me that is a genuine typing error above. {Ed024's Note - Yes a typo - D is next to S on keyboard - I'm a Sunderland fan !!! My mates noticed too and I'm getting dogs abuse !!!}

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11 Jan 2013 10:33:04
SSN reporting that we have signed Mangane subject to medical

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Just heard fulham are trying to nick
Mangane from safc ??

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11 Jan 2013 10:13:47
El-Hadji Ba Should be in a red and white of Sunderland by the 18/01/13

Also to sign before the date already stated will be Danny Graham

Later in the window Sunderland are likely to sign

Steward Downing, Kadar Mangane,


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We should try and get lampard because Chelsea don't want him any more

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Think we could really do with downing
mcclean losing his touch

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