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11 Jul 2012 22:16:42
Sunderland will move for Jose Leonardo Ulloa from Almeira and Dame N'Doye from F.C. Copenhagen later this week.

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Don't think so mate, don't want anymore Argentina player or average greed africian player.

George Hutchinson

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11 Jul 2012 19:03:31
Sunderland to bid for Llorente from Bilbao. {Ed046's Note - hmmm

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Can I have some of what your on {Ed046's Note - think he's been taking the magicmushrooms mate

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I wish. IT would cost at least 25 million to get him.

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Would be a very gud signing {Ed046's Note - course he would an upgraded machine version of magpie Andy

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Llorente's wages he will want will be about 80 to 100grand,no chance,the mags will probably get him anyway,sell a couple more kappa trackies to fund his wages.tk73

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Don't be daft. He is out of our price young one.

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He wouldn't come to us anyway when he's being linked with the best clubs in Europe.

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11 Jul 2012 13:34:38
Sunderland loss interest in Steven Fletcher he is staying with Wolves.

Sunderland will turn they attenion to Hooper, Ratko Vansimpsen, Ola Toivonen, Simon Cox, David Pollet and a few other less known strikers.

But MoN is looking at players that are 6ft+, Strong, fiscal players.

Talked to a person from the club, looking at 13 defenders 12 Midfielders and 13 strikers and a goalkeeper. some wingers. Club is keeping things close to they chests and not mentioning an names.

Did say the furture looks good.

Glenn O'Docherty

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Thats the best bit of reading I have had this week.
100% mackem

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13 strikers? 6 at most.

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Mag alert!nowt better to do with his time!

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5 million for Warnock. Are you having a laugh?

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Defo a mag, he always spells future, " FURTURE" rumbled son!!
Liono74 ftm

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Fiscal players. We might really struggle then I as know very few players who have a carreer backround in the finance industry...

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Few rumours that we goin in for van wolfswinkel. heard good reviews about him

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11 Jul 2012 08:31:44
Ajax midfielder vurnon anita who sunderland been linked with has been told he can leave for 8 million.

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Shame we can't afford that.

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Can't afford that? another geordie pretending to be a mackem, get a life you loser!

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How much money do the geordies think they have got to spend anyway?id say at tops 12mill,the end of the carroll money,unless fatboy banked it for his gola shares.remember mr short is considerably richer than fat mike!tk73

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Well considering we bit 10m for de jong then 6 for anita and 4 for debuchy a would say we have more then 12m..... smb

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Yeah but they were all rejected so if you bid for one say 6m then that leaves you with 4m left

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Leaves us with 4 million?? 10+ 6 + 4 = 20 million. Take away 6 that leaves you with 14 million...Maths not your strong point?

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Mr short is still considerably richer than fat mike sgb.mon will have funds.tk73 {Ed046's Note - good point tk

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You never bid for all three at the same time you clown, You have 10m why do you think you have signed 2 nobodies or so called future players the De Jong was to keep you lot interested until Heskey signs as your star signing SGB!

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Signed nobodies? Isn't that what the unwashed said when we bought Cabeye and Tiote?? The oracle that is Sunderland understanding of football has spoken again lol. As for bidding for all 3 we did. The otherr clubs confirmed it. What was Ashley going to do if all the clubs excepted, just buy the one who excepted first. No wonder we laugh at Sunderlan..Enjoy your pensioners. SMB.

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Regardless who is richer no one likes wasting money which is what all previous Sunderland managers have done. Short has already said he wont spend money for the sake of it. Also the fair play rules will apply soon. Don't be bitter as Ashley has a well run club.

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Fat mike would still sell up in a heartbeat,has no love for the least short has enthusiasm and passion for safc.tk73

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Sell up in a heartbeat? not according to Llambas. Anyway I am sure any owner would sell at the right price.

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Thats nufc fans problem,too trusting with their owners,ridiculed and still dont see it,safc fans have never really trusted their owners since cowie,then murray and we were right, didnt warm to them at all.short is probably the best weve had because he wants what the fans want and is in it for the long haul.tk73

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10 Jul 2012 23:55:55
Sunderland 2012/13 rumours only


No true rumours


Marcos 'Eggshell' Angeleri - Estudiantes

Kieran Richardson - WHU, QPR, Fulham, Reading, Arsenal and Hoffenheim.

Titus Bramble - Turkish & English clubs

Stephane Sessegnon - French & English Clubs

Ahmed Elmohamady - Arab clubs & WHU

These players look like they are going

Mr.Ton Head-Gate

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We are in talks with Blackburn Rovers midfielder N'Zonzi

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I hope we are in talks for him I think he will turn into a quality. Should sort out deals for hoilet and ollsen aswell while we are there ;-)
Muddy {Ed046's Note - Hoilett has big wage demands 80k i think

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Yea hopefully like him {Ed046's Note - who

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Jesus! He's gone from 50k to 70k now 80! Greedy player no doubt he will waste his potential for money in Russia or Germany.
would still lice nzonzi and ollsen though:-) just can't think of any strikers that are realistic targets, don't really want Fletcher. Yilmaz seems like the one id be happy with. Wolfwonkle would be okay for a reasonable price aswell.
Muddy {Ed046's Note - wolfwonkle lol have trust in MON

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Haha, i always have had faith in Mon just hope he starts moving for some players nowso they can start to gel.

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