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11 Jun 2013 22:46:28
Ed has el hadj ba definitely signed? Is he any good? {Ed024's Note - Good question - I have been looking into this and the source is a french website - my french isnt great but i think it says he's signed a trois year deal.}

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11 Jun 2013 21:18:01
Just loving this!
Anyone else remember an early close season like this? Four signings who will ALL improve the squad and not a penny spent, a brand new team in place with internationally recognised credentials to support a dynamic new manager already nicely bedded in, money to spend, wild and wonderful speculation over further signings and infectious optimism abounds.
And, to cap it all, the bar codes forum (both rumour and banter) remains dormant for hours on end.
'Oh happy days, oh happy days'!

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I reckon Di Canio will have around 40m to spend

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Di Canio has 20-30 million to spend

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Haha let's just see shall we.

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Bar codes forum remains dormant. Ooopps sorry I thought you said doormat

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11 Jun 2013 20:57:18
Ed do you think we will get cavanda {Ed024's Note - I think we have a good chance}

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Ed with you be happy with him personally if the orban and cavanda deal go through we'll have a brand new back four Orban Roberge Diakite Cavanda {Ed024's Note - Orban LB, Cavanda RB, Roberge and Diakite CB's - Happy with those 4 but not sure if we will see all 4 line up in our first game.}

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Would put O'shea in starting line up

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Hi lads just been on the newcastle sit and all saying that there are going to sign cavanda. {Ed024's Note - Everton, Stoke, Newcastle and Sunderland all interested in him.}

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Cavanda's just been on newcastle's site. Evidentally he's just cracked his rib laughing. Hope he's recovered in time for the season start. Poalo has warned him he will be fined a weeks wage if he puts his health on the line again by visiting this site

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11 Jun 2013 20:40:41
Ba signed

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At first I thought you meant Demba Ba!

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No no not demba i'm not a mag

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Are we signing huddlestone?

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He's a good player
4m is a bargain if you ask me

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11 Jun 2013 20:12:22
on l'equipe we have signed el hadji ba on a 3 year deal compen job as only 20

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11 Jun 2013 20:07:45
Welcome to sunderland el hadji ba

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11 Jun 2013 19:49:12
You may think I'm deluded but does anyone think we could go for Jose callejon from Real Madrid maybe a loan deal possibly.

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Haha no way

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11 Jun 2013 18:50:48
i like danny rose, but I don't think he is worth 9 million if we do get him it will because the likes of everton, liverpool etc refuse to pay a well over inflated 9 million, a good player he is but a world class left full back would maybe command a fee as big as 9 million. (just my opinion)

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Think of it as this
Goalkeepers are generally cheap, no matter how good,
Mignolet and Danny Rose were our best players last season, and if we rate Migs at well over 10m (some say 15m), I think Danny Rose is worth 9m, and he's very young too

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Completely disagree. Think he is worth every penny and one of the ones keeping the water below our necks. Young too.

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11 Jun 2013 18:22:18
Udinese model? I want angeloni to start the sunderland model

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11 Jun 2013 15:53:11
ed what do you think about cavanda as we it is seeming likely we will get him {Ed024's Note - Dont know a huge amount about him - has just had a good season for Lazio}

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Ed he only started 8 times for them so how is that a good season?
Luis Pedro Cavanda was part of the club's lineup 21 times. He was 8 times in the starting team, got substituted in 6 times and stayed on the bench 7 times. Luis Pedro Cavanda was not part of lineup due to suspension 1 times.

Thats not a good season {Ed024's Note - Candra played in 24 games and was unused sub in 7 games. He was injured for 2 games, suspended for 1 and not picked in squad for 2. You seem to have missed the Europa League and Copa Italia games.....Doh}

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Sorry about the Europa League, Out of 14 matches he played in first 7 not in the Line up the last Seven, That is still not a Good Season

The Copa Italian out of 5 Games started 3, on the bench the 4th not in line up on the 5th

Dont say he had a good season when he didnt {Ed024's Note - I can see your having a hard time with my opinion - can i recomend you ask any Spurs fans what they think of him - they played Lazio twice last season and Cavanda played both games - lets accept their unbiased opinion of him - i cant say fairer than that}

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Well if he was as good as you seem to think he was would he not of played the next Seven games. He was not Injured. I relies with you being a Sunderland fan you would Never of seen your team play in Europe but its different to the Pace of the English game and you need a Steady back four in the EPL {Ed024's Note - He was only missed 2 games in November with injury - was available for the rest. I didnt realise european defenders weren't suited to EPL ..... remind me to tell Kompany, Evra, Vidic, Ivanovic etc etc etc.}

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All play along side English Defenders, and yes he was available but was not on the team sheet. I don't wish to argue but you said he had a good season but he didnt, he was dropped for the latter part of the season {Ed024's Note - Dear me where do you get your infomation - he hasnt played since February as he is in dispute with the club after refusing to sign a contract extension .....that info is all over the net. But pleased to read you dont want to argue LOL}

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So foriegn defenders are only okay if they play next to English defenders - what are you talking about?
If you look on your own site your own fans are saying they want Cavanda - why do you think that is?

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The bloke has played 18 SieraA games in 4 years, and been dropped in that time. You can have him m8 {Ed024's Note - Thank You, looks like we will.}

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11 Jun 2013 15:58:20
Sessegnon > Rosina please di canio not rosina

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This guy has a sweet left foot on him, likes getting forward and a free kick to better than Mr Beckham.

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Almost 30! {Ed024's Note - Same age as Sess.}

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Cracks me up people going on about a '30'! yr old. Omg he's ancient, lol.

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Wish I was 30

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It isn't old, but if we sign him and in 2 or 3 seasons someone else wants him or he wants to leave, his price rapidly goes down

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If in 2 or 3 seasons he's improved us, does it matter, its a compromise!

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Yous are deluded sess will not leave rosina will sign and we will have both players

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Wow, how much can you lose on a £2m player. Sheasy has proven well worth the money and we payed closer to £5m for him!

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11 Jun 2013 16:03:48
big word coming out of sol is that we are in talks with man citys guidetti only downer on the deal is that it will be a years loan with an option to buy would prefer to buy first

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What about if he is crap? A loan would be a result for the wage bill! Unproven in the epl

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Lets just get him here!

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Why should we be a club where we get players from other clubs and bring them on to better things e.g. welbeck and Rose {Ed024's Note - We get the benefit of their services without having to buy them - both sides benefit.}

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He actually looks anything but crap, looks like a prospect, but I take your point, and would take him either way. But what if he proved to be a top player, and interest then comes from other clubs.

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There will be a part in the deal giving us first dibs for a fixed amount, regardless of if they ch {Ed024's Note - Think this poster may have hit enter too early !!!}

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Considering he has been out a whole season a loan to buy would be the far more appealing option and probably the most beneficial for club and player. If a fee is set then it isn't too much of an issue really.

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11 Jun 2013 13:57:49
Sunderland are looking at Duv�n Esteban Zapata Banguera of Estuidante de Plata one of there main strikers and an up and coming striker he has been talking to Marcos Angeleri at Sunderland.

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Talking to angeleri will convince him? I don't think so.

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Year on the sick on full money. He'll sign in a flash

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11 Jun 2013 12:46:32
Aww boo hoo the sgb come on trying to stir it up because they know their owner and so called manager are going to run them into the groud once their players jump ship and we're on the up. Got to laugh at the sad deluded clowns. Safc93

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Who players are leaving? What signs are they that you are the up? Having you flown this flag before and look where it got you. Below us again. I would hold off on the trumpet blowing until you actually have shown your on the up.

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Cisse wants away, cabaye wants away colocini wants away and ben arfa was wearing psg training gear in a gym. Diakite, cabral and roberge all have europa league experience. Safc93

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We were both sh**e this season but Sunderland look a lot more likely to sign better players under di canio. Pardeaux and ashluex however are losing the French revolution and lots of their quassons look like they will jump ship. Looks a nice season ahead.

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Cisse never said he wants away, neither has Ben Afra. Don't let the truth get in the way of your rubbish. Colo has been leaving all season. Still here as for Cabeye linked to Man U. Can't blame him. Mig wants away so does Sess. After all that how does show your on the up? Your new players have never played in the PL and your not in Europe so what's your point? {Ed024's Note - If Cisse wont wear the shirt - he wants away.}

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Right, 1. You are the ones saying you will get honda, sigurdsson, insigne but you won't so you've contradicted youself calling us deluded.
2. Let me correct you, cisse says he wants a new contract, cabaye said he would be "Open to a manchester united move" coloccini wants away for family reasons. Ben Arfa wore a psg training kit because HE SUPPORTS THEM.
3. Since when have 5under1and been linked with the likes of aubameyang, bony, vertonghen, gervinho etc.

SMG, scumderland will always be in newcastle's shadow. {Ed024's Note - Someones lost their temper - please dont go horse puunching}

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Ed he said that last season and it has been regurgitated to sell papers. He wore the virgin shirt without issue and they both lend money regardless of interest rate. More rubbish for papers to fill their columns through the summer. {Ed024's Note - I was under the impression that he had said he wouldn't wear Wonga, if he didnt I stand corrected. Apologies.}

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Vertonghen and Gerviniho, where did you get that from

We have been linked to Bony in the last week and Aubemeyang in the past 2 days, Ok

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How long is that deluded mag going to go on about 5-1 if he took a look through history he may see that the biggest derby result was 1 safc 9 yes that's right 9-1 and it was at Sid James park. But he probably doesn't know that the had a history before 1992.

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We Sunderland are moving with the times, we are well run, yes in the short term operating losses but we have a long term plan.

Newcastle are a circus as always, we are more professional than them and have more class.

They are threatened by Ellis Short you can tell and they have a right to be.

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You could be linked with me nana doesn't mean you'll sign her. So I'd suggest hopping off that high horse until some real business occurs. {Ed024's Note - Can your nana play right back ?}

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11 Jun 2013 12:02:00
I'm being told that Sunderland are very close to deals for both Rosina and Cavanda. Cavanda in particular.

I'm also hearing that Craig Gardner may be made available for transfer.

Vaughan, Cuellar, Colback and Cattermole are all to be retiained.

Despite rumours about Sessegnon, it's unlikely he'll leave. He's just moved his family over to Northumberland.

Mignolet is actually happy at Sunderland, but his agent is using interest from Liverpool and Arsenal to get better terms. Talks on going between Mignolet and Sunderland. Sunderland in great position to maximise their sale value or agree new terms with the player.

Sunderland have a ready replacement in Westwood and would be gain at least £10m from any deal. which can be reinvested. Expect the signing of a young goalkeeping prospect if Simon leaves.

The Prophet

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Ive been talking to someone who knows westwood and he told me that westwood hates it at safc but he is on 100 grand a month so that is keeping him there, so i'm not convinced I would rely on him if mig left. {Ed024's Note - I'm sure he hates not getting a game - if he starts playing would be a different matter}

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Find it hard to beleive that Westwood is on 25k per week wages.

The Prophet

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A lot of players are on silly money at the sol down to previous managers who in their right mind would pay titus shambles 40k a week but we were

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Me 2, don't even think the Mig will be on that much, unless he signs a new improved contract

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Westwood was given decent money to come as he arrived on a bosman and others were interested, defo on 25 grand.

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Thats proberly the reason why migs agent is kicking up a fuss, if he is on less then the reserve keeper, but mig didn't have the reputation he has now when westwood was signed.

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11 Jun 2013 11:48:33
Watch out Mackems.

Here comes the Italian Pyramid Scheme to milk your club dry and leave you broke in the Championship.

This is going to be funny to watch.

Enjoy your new 'Director of football' - Scout and weak 2nd rate injury prone players that come in.

And you call Newcastle a circus, LOL. {Ed024's Note - Not sure you understand - Sunderland appear to be getting players from Italy - none of the existing players seem to be going the other way.}

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And this comes from a fan of a bafoon army that signed five players from the crap french league and gave them all at least five and a half year deals with no clause to down size if relegated! do one muppet Pardew under pressure before beginning of season (Vote of confidence) Who are you signing?

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Another sore geordie. you got to get over the beating you took. god help you if fletcher was fit would have been 6-0

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Still holding on to your derby win. Oh how sad. Surely you have moved on from that since your on the rise. Forgot how many derbies we have won. You finished below us again and that is with us having an owner who doesn't care and a manager who is less than useless speak volumes doesn't it. Your truly on the march. {Ed024's Note - Pards - bookies fav as first managerial casualty}

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Davide santon average
yohan cabaye very good
moussa sissoko one game wonder
vurnon anita poor mans tiote
papiss cisse did ok as lone striker
hatem sick note ben arafa potential
yoann goufran average played out of position
mapou yanga-mbiwa poor
romain amalfitano poor
massadio haidara poor
gael bigirimana poor
sylvain marveaux potential but looks over-rated
cheick tiote one season wonder
Gabriel obertan what a bargain lol
Mathieu debuchy vastly over-rated
haris vuckic can't make my mind up wether this lads a footballer or a ballet dancer.
Curtis very poor good

and this sgb comes on here with the audacity to have a go at some of the players we have signed and in the process of signing I think he needs to have a look over some of the foreign legion on the books at sid james park

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You must watch a lot of Newcastle to have those opinions. Some might say you watch us more than Sunderland. {Ed024's Note - Its telling that you don't disagree with the comments}

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It's not telling at all Ed. I am not going to go through a whole list of ours players but I will say I don't agree with a lot of it. But I will note Curtis is very poor good?

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Also Ed I hope Pardew is the first out the door when it comes to sacking odds.

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Love how the mags are sayin you still going on about the derby when they've been hangin' on to that 5-1 for best part of 3 years yaaaawnnnn

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Still holding onto the derby win? Aye we are, are you still bitter about the 3-0 hammering little old sunderland gave your team of 'superstars'?

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Newcastle have more english players than sunderland. {Ed024's Note - how is that relevant ?}

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They were saying we beat them because they only had one English player and the rest didn't understand how big the derby was, which is utter bs, paolo isn't English and he knew exactly what it means.

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Holding on to our 3-0 win. Christ in Reyrolles Hebburn, the fork lifts are still driving round with 5-1 stuck on the back. Oh and not forgetting the Poalo mask with two darts stuck thro' his eyes. Very, very sad lot

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I remember when we beat them 2-1 at Sid James when Shearer had the penalty saved by Sorensen, they blamed the rain! Unbelievable breed of people are the mags.

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11 Jun 2013 11:16:23
ED, any news on the Rosina and Cavanda deals and also, what news of strikers? We need at least 2. {Ed024's Note - Rosina & Cavanda in talks, Paulinho and Hooper most likely strikers.}

Believable4 Unbelievable2

Rosina and Cavanda. Who are they LOL.

And Hooper, haha, Isn't the SPL something like the 42nd ranked league in the world now or something. {Ed024's Note - Is the transfer activity upsetting you ?}

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Not matter what anyone says hooper is a born goal scorer

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Have the Ge0rdi3s signed anyone yet? No wonder there all on here, nothing happening at poundstrecher arena

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Ed is that the same gary hooper that all the mags were wanting them to sign in the January window. can't see us getting him but the lad knows where the goal is so would def take him

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6 goals in 7 apps in the CL is a very good record

Agree3 Disagree1

We're favourites to sign him

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The geordies are all on here, because when it comes to pressing the newcastle or Sunderland keys, they can't help themselves but press the big clubs key

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11 Jun 2013 11:01:13
In so far
Diakite free
Cabral free
Roberge free
El Hadj Ba free

Players I would try and go for
Moussa Sow £8mill
Loic Remy £8mill
James Milner £7.5mill
Mohamed Diame (release clause?)
Danny Rose £7mill
Antonio Candreva (loan)
Nacho Scocco (free)
Florent Malouda (free)

Believable3 Unbelievable5

Think we should try for Milner,
The new boss at City is looking to axe all the English players at City

Very good centre mid, and hard worker for the team

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11 Jun 2013 10:22:33
Rumours are that following the signing of 3 new players in Diakite, Roberge and Cabral are that D'ambrosio, Rose, Hadji Ba, Finnbogason and Guidetti will all join also still this link with Insigne
Out will be going Sessegnon unfortunately and some fringe players Vaughan, Graham, Bardsley, Cuellar, Elmohammady and Cattermole

So possible team come AUGUST
Mignolet (if he stays)
Insigne ( hopefully)

Subs: Westwood, Roberge, Colback, Ba, Larsson, Wickham and Finnbogason

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I wouldn't put n'diaye anywhere near the first team he's absolutely woeful!
O'shea also got to go too old and too slow, can't pass a ball for s**t you obviously don't go to the games!

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O'shea was dragging us across the line last season, without him we would be down

N'Daiye is decent, will come good this season

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Please tell me how n'diaye is woeful the last 5, 6 games of the season he didn't put a foot wrong. Also when working with pdc I think he'll come on alot. The guys a unit!

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11 Jun 2013 09:21:41
Is this the Paulinho Sunderland are linked with ED? Jos� Paulo Bezerra Maciel J�nior - Paulinho? {Ed024's Note - Depends which paper you read - the most recent rumours surround Paulo Sérgio Betanin (Brazilian forward playing for Livorno).}

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11 Jun 2013 09:11:19
considering PDC wants to play attacking football next season the papers are still linking us with a lot of defensive midfielders. safc93

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I think most clubs want to play attacking football {Ed024's Note - Clubs play to their strengths}

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11 Jun 2013 08:11:30
Ed I read that a sky transfer expert expects Luis Pedro Cavanda (RB) to join sunderland after our advanced talks {Ed024's Note - Yes - we are talking to him, this one wont be a bosman, but he only has a year left on his contract so maybe Lazio looking to get some return for him rather than lose him for nowt next year.}

Believable4 Unbelievable2

It's great that we're trying to get our business done early although I would still like a bit of deadline day drama. Safc93 {Ed024's Note - If Cavanda does come we will probably know this week - he lost his place due to a contract dispute and had threatened legal action, it could go to arbitration as soon as Saturday ...if the courts cancelled the contract, Lazio could get my guess is they'll take a little less in transfer fee as long as its done by Saturday. Hope so - Good player previously linked with Everton and Stoke}

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Reports are that the player has become so unhappy at the club over contract disputes he was willing to go to court to have ihis contract with lazio annulled. Apparently we will know the answer by Saturday as this is the day set for the court case to start - neither party wish to go to court and so a cheap deal could be completed by the weekend

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Just been searching him up, arsenal wanted him a while back according to the papers. safc93

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Who are all these players you are buying?

No one has head of any of them.

The Premier League is in the top 3 leagues in the world.

You are buying players from Italian reserve teams and injury lay jinxes.

Substandard quality to the most competitive league in the world = bad news for Sunderland.

Let's see what they are like in the Championship 14/15 season. {Ed024's Note - If they are so bad - why are you so worried.}

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Your Top class French Revolution seemed to do the trick didn't it, lol

Agree3 Disagree0

I don't think he's worried, I think he's warning you lot. {Ed024's Note - No - he's worried}

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