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12 Aug 2012 20:18:21
Fletcher deal to be completed by Tuesday as will a deal for Mcgeady. Martin Olsson to sign by Wedneday and more deals to be finalised before transfer window shuts. C'mon!!

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I heard this too

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God i hope so.....tk73

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I can confirm that a price has been agreed for scott nice's boyfriend is a blackburn fan and he as said this

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Hes having medical tomorrow

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Cant see blackburn selling us both dann and olson so it looks like we will still need a l back

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12 Aug 2012 16:42:32
Sunderland are trying to sign Yossi Benayoun. Wages may be the stumbling block.

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Another non starter lol , but I have to say think this would be a cracking deal if it is true

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Wont take wages of 50k a week

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Yes, we really need another player whose age is a higher than the number of games he manages in a season- going on 33, played less than 30 games over past two years...... maybe we could Scholes and Heskey as well?

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Hes on 55k week

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Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit my friend but maybe your happy for the team to stay the way it is

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Don;t really think Scholes was the best name to back your comment up with. Irrespective of age he would walk into any team in the EPL

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He doesn't fit O'neils style..

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Walk is about right. Presumably you see no difference between making occasional cameo appearances in one the strongest teams in the PL and being the driving force for 40 games a season in the present Sunderland team. Maybe you think Giggs is worth signing for the odd appearance too? I suppose if we have enough ex-United geriatrics at least one of them might be fit most weeks- that's where Bruce went wrong, he didn't sign them all!

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Who said anything about 40 games, driving force or anything else. Certainly never said either Benayoun or Scholes would be worth signing.I was merely pointing out that you could hardly put Scholes in the same bracket as the other players metioned.Never suggested signing any ex man u players. I don't think Benayoun is the right option for us. At the same time you do need players in the squad who don't play 40 games a season-otherwise you don't have a squad. I'm sure everyone agrees that Bruce's transfer policy was his downfall. I mean who wants Sess, McClean, Larsson, Mignolet etc.

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12 Aug 2012 14:18:58
Sunderland are poised to win the race for the loan signature of Manchester City striker John Guidetti, according to a report in Italy.

Black Cats boss Martin O’Neill is desperate to strengthen his attack at the Stadium of Light this summer and has already been linked with a swoop for the young Swedish forward, who has already been likened to his fellow international compatriot Zlatan Ibrahimovic, earlier in the transfer window.


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Hope its right the boy looks class, he's the only name iv been getting excited about

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I have just read the report on Guidetti and it says that the deal is in danger as his failure to get over the virus may destroy any possible deal. So how does it look like we may win the race to sign him? If he can't get over a virus, will there be other teams wanting him? Not such a credible post?

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The mags are tying a deal up now for anita for 6.2mill,and r putting bid in for toivenon,wot the hell is going on oneill,good players relativaly cheap,why are we not trying for these players....tk73

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6 days to go til new season starts need some gud signings to cum from somewhere but don't think we will get anyone in before the start of season

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Well nothing new on here all doom and gloom what a load of s*** support your team and be quiet SUNDERLAND !!!! ALWAYS

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12 Aug 2012 13:08:35
£55million to spend

Carlos Cuellar FREE
Jermain Defoe £9million
Jorge Fucile £7million
Tom Huddlestone £8million
Adam Johnson £10million
James Milner £10million
Dimitar Berbatov £5million
Brede Hangeland £6million
Michael Owen FREE

Keiran Richardson £5million
David Vaughan £3million
Michael Turner £1.5million
Connor Wickham LOAN
Ji Dong Won £3million
Titus Bramble £1million
Ahmed Elmohamady £2million

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Dream on

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Mate u ain't all there this post is bulls£:t for so many reasons I reckon we haven't even got half of that to spend

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And on planet earth

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Biggest load of rubbish i have ever seen although i would love this to happen with owen not on that list

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Dont know how old you are but keep playing football manager. that list is beyond rediculous.
defoe wont come to north east for 50k a week,neither will fucile huddlestone johnson milner. berbatov past it as is owen(injury prone and more interested in horses) hangaland why another center half when we have NO experienced strikers. wake up and be realistic. sunderland are an average mid table team who will only offer average mid table wages. also we are stuck right up in the north away from everything. why would any decent player want to come here for crap wages

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Won't get 5 million for Rico. Shouldn't sell anyway. Ji won't go for 3 miillion either. Defoe won't leave London. Berbatov has never heard of Sunderland. Should keep David Vaughan. Apart from that?

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Then you woke up ha! Never going to happen mate...

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Have you woken up now.........£55 johnson-no milner-no berbatov-no defoe.....thats fact

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Absolutely PRICELESS ha ha ha ha ha, i love it. D-E-L-U-D-E-D

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Listen I'm a big Sunderland fan and safc do not have 55million to spend more like 25million

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Weve got a right jackanory on this site,non of these players would even come here on a weekend at seaburn,i really dont think mons got 15mill to spend never mind 55mill,we will have maybe 1 player in by the arsenal game and i bet hes another defender,we best get used to 1-0 defeats for the rest of the year cos the strikers weve got couldnt score for ryhope cw(no disrespect intended)tk73

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Are you cuckoo lad

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One of the most ridicuclous things ive ever read and you call newcastle fans deluded

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I am also a huge SAFC fan, any of those players would be amazing! yet, Why on Earth would they want to join Sunderland? Mid table squad that are aiming for Champions league players?! Get over yourself. Think you have a crayon stuck in your brain!

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Feckin hell 55mil to spend a reckon ellis short wud slash out a bit but not 55 mill mayb 30 max and half of them will never join us 3mill for jiii highly doubt that mate

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A geordies post really reeled yous in, i carnt see a mackem posting a transfer list thats so unlikely. MON wants to pull his finger out though cos we need some scorers. Id rather MON took his time and bought well ...rather than keane/bruce panic buying crap but we needed a few positive early signings to help sell the season tickets/lads buying new shirts with new players names etc

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Early signings? The window has been open for 11-12 weeks only 2weeks of it left. Cant see any players of quality(which mon promised us) coming in. Long season ahead

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Wish that could happen...

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12 Aug 2012 09:58:08
Steven fletcher in Sunderland having medical whilst Sunderland are putting a bid in for Scott dann and Jermain Defoe.

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Bull sh---t

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Dont care about fletcher and defoe ha ha ha we have more chance of getting messi. defoe has already stated several times I WILL NOT MOVE TO THE NORTH EAST. forget him it will never happen

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It's true fletcher is in Sunderland

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No. He's in Sutherland in Scotland

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