Sunderland Rumours Archive December 12 2012


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12 Dec 2012 17:08:33
We've taken Man Utds youngsters and brought them on and then Man Utd snatched them back and then they have given us their washed up players come managers - enjoy your win on Saturday if that's what transpires Man Utd but never tell us what we can do in our own ground !

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Well said !..they should remember that Danny Wellbeck woudlnt be half the player he is now if he wasnt given the oppurtunity to blossom in our team ! grateful !

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12 Dec 2012 16:07:11
well the transfer window is coming up and i am hoping that mon is looking for a quality lb a cd and maybe 1 or 2 attacking midfielders with pace i am not worried about a cf at the moment because i think if we can get the service to the front men they will score we could have messi and rvp but if they dont get the service they wont score lads

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Definitely need a CF to support Fletcher, if he gets injured we'll be struggling more than we are now. Agree we need attacking midfielder who can create things and chip in with a few goals.

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Its an oppurtunity to stamp his authority on the team by buying some skillful quality players of his own choice and getting rid of some of the dross we inherited from Steve Bruce !... mind MON should have done this in the summer !

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I'd rather see MON gradually change the team, than ditch loads of players in one go. I for one, do not want to see another mass purchase of average players that we had to endure from Roy Keane and Steve Bruce.

Quality over quantity has to be the way forward....

....which takes time folks!

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Gradual change yes but in january we need rose to be signed on a permanent, we also need another quality CF & a quality creative midfielder and thats a fact

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