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12 Jan 2013 19:32:54
Ed can you shed any light on us getting sissoko mate? {Ed024's Note - My best guess is he'll wait until the summer - move for nothing, but negotiate a big signing on fee. Shame because he'd be a great signing for Sunderland}

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12 Jan 2013 17:59:59
Danny graham now at 1/5 to join the lads, with his will to get behind defenders and fletchers ability in the air I would love to see them as a partnership. I like wicks and think he is a real prospect but still a little early to expect alot of him I think. What does anyone else say? Ed? Lm86 {Ed024's Note - There's still a lot of talk of Graham and the bookies rarely get it wrong ............but I will stick my neck out and say I don't think he'll be signed by Sunderland}

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Apparently celtic wanna take him but i don't think the spl wuld be good for him

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Please let spl take him

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12 Jan 2013 21:18:02
David vaughan diffrent class today we shouldn't even think about selling him he kicked the chickens arse all day long

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Yes the chicken certainly got plucked tday, and he didn't like it one bit.anyway great performance by the lads today, vaughan was class and sess was brilliant as well, ndiaye looks a beast, and i really hope we get sissoko from under the tramps noses, that would really rub it in, good times ahead hopefully and keep the faith, mon will build a good side, watch this space.tk73

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Vaughn was man of the match he was everywhere we look far more balanced when he is playing !..we need more playmakers like him in the middle of the park !

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Spot on kidda, Vaughn was MOTM. No question about it. He ran midfield from start to finish. Fastest to the loose ball, always choosing the right option when passing, tackling back and NEVER giving possession away.
Now, had Colback played in midfield (and he had a fine game at left back),
what would we be saying ?
Lend him to Palace ? Not on your nelly !

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12 Jan 2013 17:23:17
Hope we get sissoko imagine him and n'daiye in midfield that's a strong midfield

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12 Jan 2013 13:06:09
Dad knows someone inside the club and he says the reason sess didn't play at Bolton is because he refused to travel and supposedly he's going out this transfer window. Heard anything on this ed? {Ed001's Note - not a thing sorry.}

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Well if he doesn't play today then I'd say he could be off, hope not but get 20m for him and I'd be happy.

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20m for Sess LOL.

Try knocking the zero off.

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Sess playing but that means nothing be surprised to see him leave but as the saying goes its a funny old game

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Apparently Sess had a ankle injury and that's why he missed the Bolton game !

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2m for sess you must be part of the TOONTANIC who are getting relegated

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The guy had an ankle injury. stop harping on with your doom and gloom. any news of incomings ed? strong links with sissoko, but dunno how much is in them. {Ed024's Note - My best guess is he'll wait until the summer - move for nothing, but negotiate a big signing on fee. Shame because he'd be a great signing for Sunderland}

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12 Jan 2013 10:46:29
Liam green in on trial at sunderland from la galaxy and is expected to sign a 4 month contract

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Sunderland have agreed a loan deal to sign Kader Mangane, with the move set to go through once the Senegal international has passed a medical.

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12 Jan 2013 09:28:19
Sunderland leading race to sign moussa sissoko

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Would be great signing

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I hope he's class he's 22 French international heard its 3.5m if we get him that's a bargain

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