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13 Aug 2012 22:55:07
Apparently its warnock not ward been reported wrong.

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Yes it has mate (princ£y)

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Thank god for that.

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Sunderland not interested in Warnock.

The Prophet

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Not sure if we want any of them! Warnock is old... Ward is shocking... we need Olsson. But still a striker is main priority. Defoe?

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13 Aug 2012 21:21:21
We got daft money for Henderson last year so why not spend it on Fletcher. I think most fans would have swopped Henderson for Fletcher(just putting things into context).

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13 Aug 2012 19:50:23
Got some news for us Stephen ward from wolves is set to sign for the lads fletcher is a stalemate at the moment as wolves are holding out for 15-20 million for him also Aiden mccgeady is set to leave Moscow in favor of Sunderland move. (princey)

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Fletcher having medical tomorrow at sunderland fee agreed undisclosed
thats off the wolves rumours site


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Well it isnt good news is it,stephen ward!,i thought we were going for quality, not players to make the team worse than it already is,is mon takin over from keane buyin players to fill round holes with square pegs,wots goin on man boro have a better squad than us at the minute.tk73

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I thought Ward was absolute rubbish in the euros and god help us if he,s going into our defence.MON has just gone down in my estimation if we sign him

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I'm a Wolves fan but you honestly don't want Ward. An average championship squad player. Was one of our worst performers the season we got promoted and consistantly been one of the worst players since.

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I would rather have warnock than ward if thats possible even wolves fans cant wait to get rid of him

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Ive just looked on the wolves site and they are literally p*****g their pants laughing that we are offering £3mill for ward,he was absolutely awful last season,hence relegated and awful for ireland.tk73

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Apparently Sky put out this nonsense- who would pay £3million for Ward? If his Euro form is any indication McCartney is a better defender- and he has not had enough pace for the PL for about 5 years now.

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This is the only page I've seen ward being mentioned, think its a misprint because the warnock rumour is flying about the place

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It's been reported wrong it's Stephen Warnock not ward (princey)

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If you guy's take Ward i will forever have a soft spot for you.

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13 Aug 2012 19:45:01
MON has enquired about Shaun Wright-Phillips and it seems QPR willblisten to offers. Once again wages could be the problem

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Please not wright-phillips hes absolutely poop,larsson is 10 times better than that midget,we should get paid for taking him by qpr cos they cant wait to get rid of him.tk73

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13 Aug 2012 19:39:11
Stephen Ward set to sign tomorrow to finally end our LB problem. Jermaine Defoe couldn't be all good news if we get him because Sess is odds on to go the other way to replace Modric... McGeady hoping to sign.
Wolves waiting for a better bid for Fletcher and finally Ola Toivonen has said he would be interested in a move to Wearside this season. Fingers crossed lads.

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Toivonan not coming at all.

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Mate if you think stephen ward will solve your left back problem you obviously know nothing about wolves and Stephen ward. He has been out biggest problem and Thorne in the team for years. I know not many wolves fans would moan if we paid u 3 million to have him.

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Who is ward. Oh another relegated player. Love the quality you promised martin

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13 Aug 2012 19:16:37
Fletcher deal getting closer but may not be in time for the weekend. Mcgeady waiting to fly over for talks once the two clubs have agreed a fee. Scott Dann to sign before the weekend and Warnock expected to travel up in the next 48 hrs for talks. A loan deal for Gueddetti is still on the cards but depends on his recovery from his leg infection. Two more players have been targeted and Nzonzi is thought to be one of them and Odemwengie the other if Guedetti dosen't recover in time.

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If what you say is true then top 10 easily next season. Safc93

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Rumour up here is stephen ward close to signing, fletcher still in talks, toivonen wants to come, mcgeady could be soon, defoe might come but sess couls go the other way, if that happens spurs better give us 10m aswell

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Stephen Ward. Pure QUALITY signing that, NOT!

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Stephen ward is about to sign for you guys to end your lb problem - it also solves our lb problem as well!

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Sess is gone no matter what hes done a gyan

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Not a chance of toivenan joining sunderland. Far better teams in europe will want to sign him

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Rumour is he is open to come to us toivonen so whether there are better teams he would still come

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13 Aug 2012 18:06:30
Anyone got any genuine rumours. Starting to panic a bit now. Heard from a good source Sess is going to Tottenham when Modric leaves for Real.

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Yes this is the truth heard off various sources that we are close to signing fletcher and mccgeady and warnock and dann may sign by weekend but I don't think sess will leave this season but it will be a struggle to hold onto him next season (princey)

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Guys you prob won't believe me but a mate of mine lives down the road from white hart lane and the word is that spurs are ready to let Defoe come to us plus cash with sess going the other way , the only issue is and has always been will Defoe want tO move to the north east

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If spurs are interested in Sess we need to play hardball. They have done us no favours in the past if they think Modric is worth £40m then we must take no less than 25m for Sess dont want to see him go though FTM

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13 Aug 2012 18:00:49
Fletcher and Mcgeady deals are at advanced stage. Scott Dann will sign before the weekend and looks like Warnock will be our new left back after Blackburn asking too much for Olsson. We are also close to a deal for a second striker but not sure who this is.

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Would be happy with those like, would prefer Olsson to Warnock but for a change it will be nice to have a natural LB. I've heard Defoe's name mentioned but I doubt he would be persuaded to move out of London.

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Thinking about it whilst I can see the merit in going for Olsson I believe young Blair Adams has the making of a good left back but at present is not totally ready for the first team.If we get Warnock in for a couple of years in order to get Blair Adams out for development[certainly next year] then it would make more financial sense.
As for Defoe I read a facebook post whereby he is "apparently" open to the move and whilst I have no reason to believe or disbelieve the poster I feel he would not be joining SAFC for the right reasons.Interestingly though SKY SPORTS betting has SAFC as favourites for his signature.

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13 Aug 2012 12:21:38
I know these deals can take time but I reckon it's going to be a terrible campaign if we don't sign a striker before the window shuts. C'Mon O'Neill, do something.

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Steven fletcher is signing either today or 2moz and when spurs sign 2 striker they are off loading Defoe to us

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To the sgb that keeps coming on here and having ago about sunderlands pre season results i have one thing to say!HOW DID YOU GET ON AGAINST CARDIFF CITY?? say no more, stay off our page sgb 4-1 reverse talk your way out of that F.T.M.

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Same, i realy hope we can get a good striker soon.

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Think most people forget its not o'neill who closes the deals most managers don't, they just tell the owners who they want and it's up to the owners/representatives of the club to sort the money out

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Hartlepool 1 Sunderland 0 surpasses everything you drivel on about so yes we got out of it. SMB

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So why is took ages for safc then?

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13 Aug 2012 10:52:43
any truth in these rumours about fletcher and mcgeady deals done? Safc93

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I have no information on mcGeady, but Fletcher deal is edging closer. I expect a midical in next 2 days.

The Prophet

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Fletcher deal has hit a brick wall.sunderland only whant to pay 12mill wolves whant 15mill so it looks like sunderland will pull the plug on that deal.

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No no the fletcher deal hasn't hit a wall it's all going to plan

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Thats what the papers say, its bull, fletcher deal is close,mcgeady and rumours saying defoe but don't think he will leave london but you never know

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Tha papers make s*** up mayb they WANT slighlty more they mite get a extra 1mill but tey wud accept that, if hes gunna have a medical they know and we know we have him

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13 Aug 2012 10:36:50
Sunderland continue to make in roads on a deal for Milner.

Sunderland close to agreeing deal with Wolves for Fletcher, could see medical in next 2 days.

Sunderland have a bid on the table of £7.5m for Jermain Defoe, but whether or not he can be persuaded to move so far north remains to be seen. Also, Spurs need forwards themserves.

No new on move for Johnson. Despite rumours linking him with other clubs, no formal bid have been made that I', aware of.

The Prophet

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Everton in for Johnson

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12 Aug 2012 23:21:53
Wolves fan here, Just to let you dopey safc fans know. It is the board who want stupid money for that disloyal t***! Not the fans and the club itself. hes making the dressingroom nervy, the sooner he goes the better but i would hate to see him struggle at a fickle family like yourselves!!

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I love it when misguided souls have a go at us based on a rumour it seems you are the "dopey" one who doesn't seem to grasp the fact that he is really just annoyed about his teams only chance of promotion wanting to leave so he takes it out on people he has never met very big of you.

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Dont be sour my brummie friend,just remember you got a fine player of safc many years ago when we didnt want him to leave,jody craddock if i recall,and we didnt gripe at all,so stop twisting and spend the overinflated money your getting for him and enjoy ur season in the fizzy pop lge.tk73

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Mate sunderland is fare greater better bigger club than wolves will ever be fletcher is better off with us now crawl back to the championship were you belong (princey)

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No need for this drivel, i think if you look at both clubs both have great history and Wolves were the dominant force in the fifties, and pioneered european floodlit football with the game against Honved with the great puskas also wolves were founder member of the football league.Both teams have had great players and both have great fans lets forget the silly arguments one thing we can both agree on there aint no loyalty in the game anymore all the best a proper wwfc fan.

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Wolves fan here , gutted to see Fletcher go but should you buy him he is a gem when fit. Martin O'Neill will get the best out of him.Apparently Wickham on a season long loan deal is a part of the deal , is he any good ? I know he was doing well with Ipswich.Best of luck with you're season a head and hope to play you next season in the premier league. (fingers crossed).

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On club history we will never be as big as wolves we are still a work in progress my concern is if we spend this inflated amount on fletcher what will happen if the dreaded r happens to us he seems to be a bad luck charm he scores goals but not enough to keep his 2 prem clubs up

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How do you make out Sunderland is a far greater club. Look at history we have won more than you hav,e an higher average finish than you, have a higher combined points total than you, we have averaged an higher attendance than you ( admittedly not recently due to the disparity in capacity of both grounds).If you don't believe me look at the history books. Sunderland are just one of these clubs that think there massive, it's just the rest of the country that know you aren't.

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Have to laugh as no other team in history have been relegated as much as safc from epl..

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So that must mean no other team (in history) has been promoted to the prem league as many times as Sunderland!! :))

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On the other hand this is our site and a Wolves fan came on specifically to call all of our fans dopey-probably based on one fans comments. So I believe we are entitled to bite back. If one of us came on you're site and called all of us dopey you'd feel much the same

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Yeah but you have to be IN the premier league to relegated from it.... How many times have wolves managed to get promoted?

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Who ever said wolves have won more than us at least sunderland have won 6 English league titles and 3 championship titles and have spent more than just 2 seasons in the BPL now come back when your stadium is over 49,000 and have spent more than 2 season in the BPL and have some more silverware (princey)

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Sunderland : 10/10
Wolves : 0/10 if there lucky.

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