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13 Jul 2012 22:37:51
Sunderland have offered defender Sasa Papac a 2 year deal after this release from Rangers.

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Hope were gettin rid of turner bramble and killgallon then

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That must be a joke he is awful

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He is a good defender but he said that after leaving rangers he wanted to return to bosnia. hopefully we get rid of bramble and a few others.

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Don't believe this we don't need another defender we need attacking options plus to be fair to the lad he is total gash. We ain't signing anyone till after the peace cup.

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Mon said he is signing quality players not like for like players! These players would just clogg up the wage bill like keane and bruce did before! Get rid of the unwanted and concentrate on getting a better quality smaller squad!

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Hope we're getting rid of kilgallon? Are you for real? Clearly one of our better defenders. You're the reason other fans call Sunderland fans deluded.

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U have your opinion champ and I'll have mine , kill had a good finish towards the end of season no doubt but could he produce that all season not sure for me there is better out there , just my opinion like

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Kilgallon is a pile of s***. couldnt ge a game in Championship and played about 8 times this year. that mean he is worth another contract? i think not total liability

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Couldn't get a game in the championship? Ironic how he's playing for a premier league team

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13 Jul 2012 12:45:53
Junior is ment to be headin to stadium in the next 48 hours for talks with mon doesn't mean he's signing but we will see

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No, He's either signing for newcastle or Borusia mamsmdglackback

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Funny that since he is flying to Germany in the next couple of days to talk to MG(not even going to try and spell it). To young for Sunderland.

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Signing for qpr

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Too old and too good for newcastle doesn't fit in with their 18 year old future player transfers

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He is havin talks with several clubs tbh his wage demands seem to be to high , that is why he won't sign for us or the black and ***te . Not bothered if he goes Germany anyway he's good but inconsistent . As for spewcastle oh there out to sign everyone only prob is they don't have the cash .

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German move fell throughsafc has enterd the game we will c ftm

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QPR it was

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he wanted mSunderland couldn't afford hoiletts wages, he wantedŁ50,000 a week. {Ed046's Note -

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Think nufc actually spoke to him and pretty sure safc have enquired about him but thats it....he is roughly 4 million to buy as he was a blackburn trainee and under 24...then if you add 50k a week contract that 2 million a year that would make him 8 million over a 4 year this what you,ve heard ed..

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