Sunderland Rumours Archive June 13 2011


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13 Jun 2011 21:59:23
Gibson will sign in next 48 hours.
Wes brown will follow oshea still undecided as he still wants to be part of united squad.
Signs are that nzogbia will come if safc pay 10 million.
Westwood and laursen will be wrapped up by weekend as all personal terms have been agreed.
Di Wong deal wrapped up by Thursday.
Gordon to join Celtic in next 2 months when he gets all clear to resume training.
Onuha does not want to come now that welbeck and Henderson left.
Pavalchenko and crouch would rather warm bench than play every week at another team, no ambition just want money and southern life.
Roger Johnson rumour won't go away and has been tipped to replace turner who is out for long period of next season.
We still need 2 strikers so who can safc buy ?
Don't be surprised to see emile heskey come on a 2 year deal, also dj Campbell or jo from man city.
Johnson/ oshea

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13 Jun 2011 16:22:34
Wellbeck does not want to return to the sol on loan. The spurs duo, pav+crouch, no interest in coming, Dong will sign but heaven knows what that will giv us. Gyan making noises about spain. SB needs to work hard to bring quality in NOT just sign to make a big squad. Quinn and Short not happy with way things are going. Nzogbia wants move up the road and please please DONT sign likes of Larsson, Vaughn or DJ Campbell as i fear we will. Another season of struggle at the wrong end!

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13 Jun 2011 15:53:29
suderland are looking at signing larrson from the midlands club aas he and steve bwuce are very good friends and often have faminly meals together.( also swapping wifes for the evening)
sunderland will also look to bring in a new striker to have a strong start to next season.

Come on Sunderland!

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13 Jun 2011 15:13:55
Seems like we are going to sign that Asian kid dong won. Could be a good prospect, im hearing gweat reveiws about him. I also hope N'gwog signs as i think he will prove a lot of people wrong and score atleast 8-9 goals next term.

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