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13 May 2013 22:25:06
our only chance of getting cavani from Napoli is if we exchange him for mignolet which is what they apparently want which is certainly not going to happen

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Tbh migs for Cavani is probably the best deal we could get for a striker of that level. We have another talented keeper who has been lost at sea this season. Some fans would debate this but I'd take a deal like this straight away. Do you think this is a fair deal Ed? {Ed003's Note - you have no chance of Cavani}

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Haha - Mignolet is not that good. Best rumour ever. You have two hopes - No and Bob.

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Yeah, no still no chance
Anyways if we got 50m+ on a player I would buy 5 players for 10m each

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I think you's all need to stop dreaming, some of you are starting to sound like the barcodes.

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Id rather keep mignolet, we would've been relegated before qpr if it wasn't for him

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Thanks for putting me in hospital lads, I've had 45 stitches after splitting my sides, CAVANI? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh there go my sides again.

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Cavani a straight swap for mignolet. Your kidding right. Napoli could sell Canvani and buy 5 Mignolets. Deluded.

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Why do any of you really think we'll sign Cavani?! Madness

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Well people said QPR would never get Remy but look what happened there.
The modern player only wants bigger wages. It sounds bad but this might actually be worth paying him more than other clubs to bring Cavani in. Dirty but would work.

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There's a difference between Cavani and Remy though, ones 10 times better and is wanted by, Real Madrid, psg, man city, arsenal and Chelsea

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I agree with ed!

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Cavani and Remy are on two different levels mate.

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No way you are comparing Remy and Canvani. You are crazy.

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Sorry everyone. Looking back I didn't realise how bad my last post was! But I now know this is only possible in fifa.

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Even on fifa, u still need to sell most of your team

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13 May 2013 17:56:05
Sunderland linked with a move for Japanese foward Keisuke Honda.
Honda, 27, is currently with Russian side CSKA Moscow but has hinted he would like to play in England sometime.
The Japan international is valued at £15m.

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Good player, bit too much money though

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He is brilliant

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Let's get him then

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He is out of contract at the end of the season, he will go to a bigger club !

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13 May 2013 16:09:22
apparently kader mangane's loan will be extended until the end of next season

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He needs to play

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I wouldn't mind that as we need a bigger physical presence along side John O'Shea's technical defensive ability.

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Richards Diakite Oshea Rose

Johnson Milner Huddlestone Sesegnon



Subs: Westwood, Cuellar, Maloney, N'Diaye, Austin, Larsson, Graham

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13 May 2013 11:23:35
These are the Sunderland targets without a doubt:

Roberge - signed a 3year pre contract
Diakite - in talks want to come if we stay in prem
Rose - Sunderland will sign rose for 9mil
De Scugilo - young Italian RB

Duricic - young LW plays for heerenveen
Finnbohason - young ST plays for heerenveen

Granero - 5mil from QPR

I'd also expect a huge transfer fee but doubt is Cavani

A lot of players will be leaving aswell like graham bramble Mcclean Larson etc

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Think we should leave it up to the club to decide, because I don't think they will look for the fans opinion

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Why sign 2 left backs

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