Sunderland Rumours Archive April 14 2012


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14 Apr 2012 21:09:44
Hi ed what do you think will happen to Matt kilgallon next season he's been outstanding when he's played for the club this season just saying because he's only got one year left with us {Ed001's Note - I am not sure, I have asked someone who knows him, but he said the lad isn't sure himself. He hopes he has done enough to stay and get a new contract though. I thought I had read somewhere he has been offered a new contract, but that's what I got told anyway.}

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14 Apr 2012 21:41:25
michael kightly and kevin doyle to sunderland- combined £8m fee- just spoke with my brother who is a lawyer for sunderland transfer team


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Ha ha .

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Did he mention Davies again? or Heskey maybe?

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Another day same old rubbish from geordies, think you need new material as you are a utter clown!SGB!

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I'm not a Geordie or a Mackem I am from Lincoln. Wait until July- why are you so dissmissive?

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They are worse than bendtner and hes garbage. Get big kenwyne back to get on the end of all the crosses

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They are so dismissive mate because they are mackems. Oracles of the fountain of football knowledge. If they don't know then its not true. Lol. Lets all laugh at Sunderland.

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14 Apr 2012 00:29:40
Stephane sessegeon will not leave Sunderland as he is signing a new contract in summer also gyan will be leaving Sunderland for a fee thought to be £19 million (FTMSAFC) ta ta for now

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19 million. Kidding right? You missed Aprils fools day couple weeks back. Deluded SMB.

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19 million is that with 14 million cash back....smb

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Sess is going back to PSG. and Gyan will never wear a Lads Short again.

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