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14 Jan 2013 22:49:33
Hey Ed024: why don't you start a page for mags and cats to lay into each other banter only hopfully. Instead of them spoiling this site. {Ed024's Note - Where ever you get Mags and Cats you'll get plenty of friction - you only see the posts that don't get deleted !!!!!}

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Well Ed024 a job well done blocking those small narrowed minded fouls, Who spoil it for the rest for use. {Ed024's Note - Opinion, banter, a bit of mickey taking, even the odd insult ...all fine by me. But there is always a small (very small) element from both clubs that take it too far - their posts get deleted and if they persist we can block them temporarily or if need be permanently. Its doesn't happen often I'm sure some supporters post when they've had a few or immediatley after a game when feelings are running high.}

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Well Cats will always maul Magpies !...its nature !

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14 Jan 2013 22:15:08
theres talk that Royston Drenthe is coming from Rotterdam anyone herd out

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14 Jan 2013 12:12:13
When does Bramble, Campbell and Kilgallon Bosmans start is it end of season ED24? {Ed024's Note - May keep Kilgallon but Campbell and Bramble will be away - probably Saha as well.}

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Kilgallon is terrible, we need to get rid....he is no more than mid table championship player. Hopefully come the end of the season martin will be able to bring some quality players who fit his playing style

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14 Jan 2013 22:06:20
just heard from harry he would like to thank mike ashley and nufc for paying the flight to bring remy over lol

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WE will always be grateful for paying Cisse though. Thanks again. lol

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1 season wonder!!! Your welcome!

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Is that the same as Kim and whickwam. No it's not they are a no season wonder. Thanks again.

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A 19 and a 21 year old. They will have many many more wonder seasons than Mr sissy

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Its ji, not kim, get yer facts right

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Cisse finished second top scorer in Bundesliga, in an average team, ahead of players like Huntelaar for 2 seasons running. Only being outscored by Gomez. Not a one season wonder. Just been pushed out wide to accomodate Ba who's now gone. You lot are just jealous we have a decent striker :)

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14 Jan 2013 21:17:17
Just see the post with the list of our players newcastle rejected so here are the facts wes brown not french seb larsson not french couldn't pay his wage connor wickham could afford transfer fee and not french steve fletcher could afford transfer fee or wages and not french titus shambles learned his lesson last time and never considered going back plus not french louis saha is french but hated the club so much he thought I would rather take a 80 per cent pay cut and try help the young players than walk in to newcastles first team so I don't know if you noticed the key word he is it case that newcastles scouting network (mike ashley in his xxxl undies sitting in a casino in cannes ) sell his club like this. Every one knows every french man fav film is willy wonka cos of umpa lumpas and there is only one place you will find a 4 ft bright orange person with a mustache the big market don't you just love gordie women

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What a silly statement. Their is a huge difference between can't and won't. Ashley WON'T pay the wages or fees not that he CAN'T. Slagging of geordie women? Mature.

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It may be imature! our forever unclean SGB but the harsh reality of life is that when you are my age then being imature is funny just like your past 10 results! We might not be the best team ever but Sunderland til I die now bugger off back to your own shambles of a site and talk up your new signing Remy! The player the mags were getting over the Cats no deluded one QPR got him!

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Deluded? Lets talk deluded. Talking about Remy is not deluded he actually came for talks and possible a medical. However what is deluded is coming on here and seeing our unwashed neighbors linking themselves to the likes of Llorente and Muncian. As for results you are hardly setting the world alight yourselves and that is with a full squad..Oh that's right this is the squad that has been getting you in to Europe for the last 2 season. LOL.

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I have never stated European football on here for the mighty Cats oh so 70% off lonsdale tracksuit oh filthy one! obviously the lure of a discount card to the store of Fat Ashley was not good enough and as i have said many times before I could not write the Sh**e of your tripe of a site into the net so I would never darken my path to even see who you are linked with or is that who QPR is linked with lol lol lol! Now it is time for you to sign on cheap dona meat and chips for ya tea!

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Dona meat and chips? Dole? Sure this a football site not a rant your lifestyle... I also never said you personally said Europe but it has been many many times by your fellow supporter. Unless you are one of those fair weather fans who only come out of the woodwork when you get a couple of results. Which would mean you must rarely come on here and most likely never seen the Europe comments or links to Llorente and Muncian. Is that what it is???

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A you two need to get a room, good banter though, The Geordies and Mackems are always at each other throats saying their club is bigger than the others, well here is my take on who is the biggest club in the north east.if I travelled the globe and asked a hundred footballing fans in numerous country's which one of you's thjey thought was the biggest club I bet you would find Newcastle would win hands down and I would even go as far as to say some footballing fans around the world may not even know who Sunderland are.this is just my point of view so don't hate please.scouse billy 4-3 {Ed024's Note - Billy that ranks as one of the strangest posts i have read - if you travelled the globe numerous countries ......why not just draw straws ?}

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Lol one to many me thinks Ed, straws it is..great site by the way.

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Tbf quite a lot of those people would know Newcastle because of the city not its team in particular.

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14 Jan 2013 20:15:53
Big rumours cumin out of Leeds that we are after becchio with Frazier Campbell going the other way ! you heard anything ed ? Jarra makem {Ed013's Note - Becchio is a wanted man, but Hull are main contenders for Campbell}

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Cheers ed Thort it Woz quite possible tho Jarra makem

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14 Jan 2013 17:11:56
By the looks of it I think next year we should have "Invest in Barcelona" on our shirts.


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Sky say Remy is off to QPR and Not the Mags Harry the spiv has muged them BB

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So the jawdees are not such an attraction after all.What a song and dance they have made over the last 2 weeks, Remy this, Remy that, it is laughable, but it keeps us entertained.The juvenile bile about them showing interest in players before us sounds so pathetic it has got my sides aching.No wonder they are despised.

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They will now start saying they did not really want him, ha ha, they are so predictable its untrue.

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I l think you find that is Sunderland's favorite statement not ours.

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14 Jan 2013 17:59:37
Not too much of a shocker but the mangane deal has been confirmed lm86

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14 Jan 2013 17:50:02
Kader Mangane signed till end of season ssn & als websites

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14 Jan 2013 17:03:03
Mangane signed till summer

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14 Jan 2013 16:13:13
Mangane has completed his loan move to sunderland. Looking frwd to seeing him strut his stuff.

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14 Jan 2013 16:06:43
Kader Mangane's al hilal have agreed a loan he has a medical and personal terms to complete and he will be part of the red and white army haway the lads

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14 Jan 2013 15:45:21
Mangane a done deal.

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14 Jan 2013 13:15:33
The Mackem scouting network = Niall Quinn sitting in his Irish Republican undies googling Newcastle targets.

Wes Brown - Linked with toon years before you. (We knocked back)

Seb Larsson - we showed interest but backed off, even for free.

Connor Whickham - we showed interest but the price was too high.

Steven Fletcher - we were linked with him 18 months before you eventually got him. (again too pricey for what he is)

A.Johnson - Wanted to come to Newcastle, we looked at him but decided he was not good enough.

And what about Saha and Bramble.

And I hear you lot are in for more ex Newcastle players.

You poor mackems make the Toon Army laugh.

Sunderland = the Newcastle charity shop. {Ed024's Note - surprisingly bold words - given newcastles recent performances}

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Bold words considering we're above you in the league and still in the fa cup! I'd be worried about arry getting Remy if I were you!

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So you got obertan instead! They're not French either..... The French don't really have the bottle for a battle as history shows so I'd be worried if we're you sgb..

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Thanks ED for letting this brave mags thoughts posted on here.

Agree if your laughing right now.

Anyone else just read that Remy might not actually sign for them?

Coloccini wants out. Ben Arfa wants out. Pardew has signed an 8 year contract and it appears his beginners luck is starting to turn.


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Toon army? About as much fight as a girls sleepover with pillows this season

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What was the point of that as we are like doing better than you mags so your not the ones to be boasting

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Well said Ed.

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Wow so much rubbish and so incorrect. Niall Quinn isn't even involved with the club anymore. Seb Larsson turned yous down surprise surprise. Johnson wanted to come to us. Well done for being 'linked' with players it proves nothing, we were linked with Dempsey and Llorente and what rubbish that was. You mags always seem to forget about Danny Simpson playing for the best club in the North East. I hear your lot are in for Remy oh wait...

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I think you should be more worried about your own team mate. i gather Remy is having second thoughts now 'arry has turned his head with a few quid more.

Soon Colo will be gone and Pardwho will be begging us for Bramble.

Not that you're obsessed with us or anything! (look at the table!)

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Is that the Newcastle upon Tyne or the Newcastle under Sunderland

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More like you couldn't afford Johnson's wages, most of this is bull, get back to your own site you sad little geordie. Have fun getting relegated.

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Perhaps if you had bought these players and kept Saha and Bramble, you'd be sat on 25 points too. Big mistake?Difference is, we're on the up..... but don't panic, you've got a few 6-pointers coming up! However, lose/draw them, and you might be looking over your shoulder!

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A bit pointless comment. Oops, a bit like their team.


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NUFC - a club in crisis (yet again).

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Sky sources are quoting Loric Remy on his imminent move to QPR.
'When I spoke with Harry he persuaded me that although Rangers are no bigger than Newcastle, commuting to France would be much easier from London'.

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14 Jan 2013 13:05:46
Sissoko did not make it into talks with Sunderland.

He was reading about Sunderland and watching videos of the club on his Ipad and was not impressed.

Supposedly the final straw came on the drive to (must be the scenery) Sunderland, he instructed his agent to contact Newcastle and is heading north for talks. {Ed024's Note he may do a u turn and head to London}-

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Must be meeting Remy.


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14 Jan 2013 10:18:30
Why the hell arent we signing gary hooper?!

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Cos we don't want him

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Cos his playing in a mickey mouse league no disrepect to him or celtic

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Because when we went calling they wanted 10mil

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14 Jan 2013 08:56:36
Ed, any truth in this Álvaro Negredo link? {Ed024's Note - No i don't think so.}

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14 Jan 2013 08:38:59
The mags are favourites to sign sissoko now tho i don't know if we are even interested no offers made yet

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No Newcastle are not favorites Marsaille are (princey1995)

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