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14 Jul 2012 22:20:04
Berbatov and Kolo Toure to sign with their clubs looking them of the wage bill, Small fees but high wages.

Couple of the players released by A.C milan are being looked at too.

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Absoloute tosh.And that is coming from a fan who wears his heart on his sleeve and would walk barefoot over broken glass for anyone at SAFC.

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Ha berbatov...............

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Gattuso and Del Piero will sign next week.

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Gattusso del piero? both about 35 arent they {Ed001's Note - it was clearly sarcasm mate, Gattusso just joined a Swiss club.}

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Just because you normally sign united,s over 30,s does not mean the likes of berbatov would even consider coming..he will have a host of quality teams looking at him........he is also a nufc fan and a big alan shearer fan theres pics all over google as proof.....

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Oh look another bored mag on here . Funny how every player is a nufc fan hey the pics on google are of shearer polishing his boots lol

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No person berbatov use to have a no.9 shearer shirt on his wall in his bedroom and followed the jealous like....berbatov for safc.......not every footballer was a toon fan its just u makems are really are sad if you think you ever have a chance...still waiting for mcgeady,downing,fletcher,johnson,holliet etc least we try to but players that are not free............... {Ed046's Note - all the above demand either a fee or compensation so err

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10 million berbatov........probably 1ook a week in wages thats 50k above your budget........

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Hmmm considering we have a higher wage cap than the mags.. i love how mags cum on here talk s*** think there the best club ever off one lucky season but who has a better history of top division wins an...
oh sunderland afc so ftm!!

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Better history of to division wins u have only been higher than us roughlt 5 times in 30 years 3 of them are in epl.......and your wage capp is higher i think not i think its roughly the same but guess what we are putting bids on for players like de jong,debuchy,douglas and the ajax defender wheres as you,s are getting 30 year olds for free and then giving them 4 or 5 year contracts....and dreaming of johnson,downing coming on loan.... {Ed046's Note - downing is a nightmare

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Yeh higher finishes but when was the last time yous won anything? nd de jong wouldnt go to yous in a million years pal

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But we still offered cash for him thats the point...safc supose to have a giant warchest to spend as i kept reading over the past 4 months yet no one has arived except your 30 year old freebie...........

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Yes bids HALF the value of players so they dont have to sign them but it keeps the silly sgb happy coo look who we bid for

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You all go on about how you have the most wins in the first division in the past, but if we bring up the 5-1 win, it's all just " it's just history, doesn't mean anything", it works both ways, SMB's!

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Worked with tiote,cabaye,ben arfa,cisse,santon and looking like debuchy....never worked with de jong but guess what all them players could sell for profit...unlike gyan............

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14 Jul 2012 18:49:52
Fletcher to sunderland almost a done deal,player has agreed terms but clubs have yet to agree a fee,expect announcement when club returns from peace cup.

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Personal terms cannot be discussed until the 2 clubs agree a fee, who are you trying to kid mate?

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Am I the only 1 who doesn't want us to go for Fletcher he's average he is not the striker who will take us to the next level .the prices wolves are talking they can keep hin

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Personal terms can be discussed between the buying club and the player's agent who will undoubtedly inform his client what is being offered.

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Hope not , he's utter garbage , this type of money for a player of such low quailty is this the way we are heading

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If you guys do manage to get Fletcher i think you will be suprise at just how good he is. Double figures 3 years on the trot in prem, with 2 relegate teams and 4th bottom finish. 5th highest shot per goal ratio in top flight european football. He is a target man who holds the ball up, wins his headers and chips in with goals. In a better team than wolves creating more chances he should be looking for 20 goals. As a wolves fan can assure you lot your getting a bargain in todays climate for 10 million.

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Problems is the fee is 15 million...... {Ed046's Note - EXACTLY

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Where all slaging fletcher off now but we wont if he gets us alot of goals will we yes 15mil is alot but am sure oneil knows what he is doing unlike keane and bruce

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14 Jul 2012 09:59:42
MON has said himself that he will not be signing anyone till he returns from the tournament were playing in. He said he wants quality not quantity so looks like promising times ahead. Safc93

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More like theres no money and he will pick through the dregs thats left when everyone has done their business.

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In reality no-one other than MON and Short know the money we have for players! At least this season there are no stupid expectations and we can relax about who we sign!

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God there is some pessimists on this page. In MON we trust.
100% mackem

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They have stated they are NOT doing a bruce or keane and signing players just for the sake of it. we will sign quality where needed and short will provide the funding however much or little as it takes mad max

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