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15 Aug 2012 21:59:41
saha almost done fletcher deal is dead next is dempsey and trying for johnson loan trv

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Dempsey hope so 7 mil that would be the 1 to but a smile on most peoples faces

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Dempsey is a superb player,hope we get him,as for defoe weve no chance after tonights goal he scored for england.tk73

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If we all use common sense. Saha looks good. Defoe would be outstanding but I doubt it even though I have wanted him for 3 years. Adan Johnson would be the icing on the cake even on a loan. I cannot see all 3 for wages reason as we all know with wages we still need a left back.
I still harbour a lot of reserve with a 33 female as chief exec she may have negotiated the last 2 years transfers as club solicitor but we seem to missing Mr Quinn. Mr Short ! You now hold the baton, lead the club with some good signings and the fans will follow.

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Lots of top clubs after dempsey. we have ZERO chance of getting him

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Im sorry but we will not sign dempsey, that just isnt going to happen, in truth im surprised one of the bigger clubs didnt sign him a coouple seasons ago, same with cahill. in my opinion these good players who keep themselves to themselves and dont cause much of a fuss or get in any bother generally seem to stay put, where as the likes of balotelli who we all know to be the bit of a character gets himself on adverts, sponsorships and so on. but i do agree these are the players we need to look to!

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Please Dempsey sign for safc!

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15 Aug 2012 19:13:48
Just heard from mate who is a Spurs fan with connections to the club that Spurs have bid for Sess. He is not sure what the bid is but believes Huddlestone is part of the deal. Hope this is not true, we need to strengthen badly not weaken the team.

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Would love this to happen really would him and catts in the centre

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Would be good to see huddleston in centre with catts two good solid centre midds not frightened to takleand then we got vaughan an gardenerr, but I would want huddlestone if it meant losing sess

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15 Aug 2012 19:05:06
we have signed saha on 40k a week

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Woo hoo wonder how many seasons saha as scored 20 a season.....not many

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WHAT do you even watch football? hes free he wont score 20 a season keep him fit he will give 10 to 15 a season what would fletcher give you per season 12 for 15 mil, well done mon good TEAM player

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LOL he is 34.How many seasons will we get out of him ? if he stays fit , he likes the treatment room does our Louis.

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Saha scored 3 goals in 9 apps for spurs last season. 1 in 3. same average as fletcher but 15m cheaper.

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Doesn't really matter how many seasons we get out of Saha. He is to bring in an experienced premier league stiker. We have already have players for a longer term plan.


Fergie has reborn his teams so many times because he allows youth and experience to draw from each other. Yes we still probably need at least one more striker but this is certainly a move in the right direction.

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To the schoolboy second poster: will you please tell me how many strikers score 20 plus goals per season and what would those players cost if they were available?
Saha was free. Even if we get a season out of him, it was good business.


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15 Aug 2012 18:08:05
louis saha in talk with MON really like this lad

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Would have liked to have had him 10 yrs ago. this smacks of desperation, signing a 34yr old crock. who next heskey. looks like the season ticket holders have been short changed again

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15 Aug 2012 17:01:24
Word is that Saha has been spotted at the Sunderland academy. Presumingly we are rehashing our interest in Louis after he has been weighing up his potential options and that we have had a severe lack of signings thus far.

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Surely we must have other targets,if we get saha that is 2 freebies,wtf is going on at safc,all we need next is bambi on ice(heskey),get me an application form for the scouting network plz,cant do any worse.tk73

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Not exactly a marquee signing, but possibly a useful stand-in until one comes along. Just hope he is only on a six month contract- we know what happens when you tie up funds in players past their sell-by date....

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O my god this is not the news we want to hear,come on mon forget europe relagation fight on

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Really hope this is a wind up

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Saha is decent lads who else have we got? yeh we shud be buying better but give the lad a chance

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Saha will do a job for now till a decent striker comes available FOR THE RIGHT PRICE

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15 Aug 2012 16:50:14
The person mon is in talks with at the sol is louis saha

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Where is this rubbish coming from. Who says MON is in talks with someone

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This rubbish has come from sky sports news and the Sunderland echo's chief football writer

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Love it when they are shown up.


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15 Aug 2012 16:44:21
Saha to sign and make his debut v Arsenal on Saturday

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15 Aug 2012 15:24:53
saha at the sol

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15 Aug 2012 13:33:12
No signing this week. All speculation.

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No signings this week whatever in verge of signing saha and maybe someone else (winger or striker)

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Think we should wait for saha to sign before we pedict others

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I actually can't stop laughing^

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These done deals have been every day for the past 6 weeks.

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15 Aug 2012 12:54:13
15 Aug 2012 12:20:53
Fletcher off to Everton in 15M deal. Morgan and Moxey fed up with Sunderland dragging their heels. The lad will do well under Moyes.

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Best of luck to him

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Good let some1 else get ripped off

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No way will Everton pay 15 mill for Fletch

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Who cares about steven fletcher now, sunderland are gonna try and buy louis saha, who is way better than fletcher, there gonna try and make a suprise bid for milner as well

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Everton are signing Mirallas so why on earth would they want Fletcher? Mirallas is one third of what Wolves value Fletcher and is younger, has a better goal ratio and did I mention he's cheaper?

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Everton haven't got fifteen quid to spend Pienaar in the Rodwell money will prop up the wages for next 12months. Have acontact at Wolves he thinks 15mil won't be enough and the price Wolves want and won't budge on is 17mil. Like their CEO said we know the price and think we have to pay it, Wickham has been offered on a 12 month loan but wolves want the cash they need to rebuild after last seasons debacle.If we lose out on Fletcher hope we've got a plan b.

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Everton havent got 15m to spend

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Total male appendages that

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Take a wild guess how much everton paid for felianni....u will be shocked at what they can spend..

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Saha? He's looking for a last big pay day aint he? Lol. How many clubs he been 2 now? Yeah granted he's quality when he's fit. But will you get a full ssn out of him? Doubt it very much. Be lucky 2 get half a ssn.

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15 Aug 2012 11:22:52
Please let me know if i'm speaking out of turn, but after daily reading this page for many weeks now, and coming accross coments such as "deal agreed" "to sign on tuesday" and yet nothing has happened, its fair to say we all dont know whats going on! can honestly say i'm worried...even if we do sign somebody its highly unlikely they'll play on saturday and if they do, lets hope they make an impact


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It's one game that even with 4/5 decent signings there is every likelihood we would still loose. They only lost 3 game at home last season. So as long as we sign players before the window closes we will be fine. OK everyone wants to start well but if we loose away at Arsenal it won't exactly be a sign of how the season will go...

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14 Aug 2012 23:02:01
Note to all persons... WE HAVE NOT... I REPEAT... WE HAVE NOT AGREED A DEAL WITH WOLVES OVER FLETCHER. Mark my words. Your source is rubbish.

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You are right m8 fletcher is not coming !

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Fletcher deal is over no more bids mon will try for Clint Dempsey 8 mil no signings this week

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Hope so keep your pants up mr short anyway we should get jonesy back.

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Hope you are correct- on/off Fletcher deal distracting attention from wider needs. Of course a striker (or preferably two) remains a priority, but there are alternatives and after reading Moxey's self-righteous twaddle I would not buy a programme from Wolves let alone pay 15m for a player. So we need to look elsewhere, and also to turn attention back to the fact that with the squad sensibly reduced over the summer to a group of genuine PL quality, it is now worryingly small. Injuries to Bardsley, Sess and Vaughan, doubts about fitness of Brown, Ji not due back until three games in and Richardson possibly on his way- looks like we could be starting season only about 13 outfield players to pick from. Good as Colback and Gardner's performances were as emergency fullbacks last season I was not expecting to see them line up there in the first game. So forget Fletcher, and get on with re-building. At least four more players are needed to strengthen the squad, even when a key target man has been signed, so there is plenty to do.

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NOT YET! but we will you know where gunna give in and give them te extra few mill !

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You on the board then m8? How do you know whats going on?

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As a Cats fan what is going on? thinking of the new season just puts me about what the hell is happening to our great football club! I know that the players must not rule the roost with their wage demands but if Mon wants quality then for a few class signings then it must be broken I know that the flood gates could open with other players wanting more money at the club but they are getting the right money for what they do! I am sat at work doing what I do but I wish I got paid as much as my manager but I do not! That should happen at SAFC better players better money and then a good finish in the pl(top half) maybe europe!

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Who cares. Ha Way the lads

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This is not a reply to last post,echo,s graeme anderson has just left sol,mon is in talks now with potential signing.fingers crossed its not heskey.tk73

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No its Kevin Philips, lol! Don Goldman and Eric Gates come back.

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Who is don goldman

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