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15 Dec 2012 13:28:58
You are all day dreamers, all these players will never come to our club. No body wants to play in the North East and live there, The North East is a poor forgotten area of lost industrie, look around the area even the Sunderland town centre and the amount of empty shops.

75% of players want to play in London, 20% in Manchester and other 5% are the onces who know they will never play for a big club.

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We may not be the richest area of england but we have pride and we love our area. Tool. Safc93

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This maybe so and I salute you for your pride, but these players are prima donna's they want to say they live in London, goodness knows why, the last time I went their my wife lost 175 to a pick pocket

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You can keep London and Manchester ...they may have the money and riches but they will never have the down to earth pride and loyalty we have up here !..and something the southerns will never have thats respect for down to earth people !..and they talk funny aswell !..welcome to the north !

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Pointless post.At the end of the day these players only have to live up here for the length of their contracts 2-3 years and get paid top money for doing so.

Another thing why are people under the impression the northeast is beirut.The northeast is a beautiful area with great countryside,beaches and a great history and many castles etc.also newcastle has a great nightlife and shops. They have sportscars also so manchester is only an hours drive away in one of those and they can afford trips to london first class for shopping etc.

If the player is worth signing he will want to play in a passionate area with passionate fans not down south where its all about the money as if thats all that motivates him well he aint worth signing anyway.

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Manchester is only an hours drive in a sports car?? Please stop it!

The Northeast does have some fantastic area's but to know that you would have to live here. The simple fact of the matter is we are not a appealing club to play for. If you where a up and coming player with mid-table EPL teams courting your name would you choose SAFC, a club whose done nothing for 10 years. Your letting your heart rule your head because you have an affiliation with the region!

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Respect for your post, brave to state a fact on here. Footballers are not what they used to be, only interested in making money, The fans pay hard earned money to watch the teams that they love. Average wage in Sunderland is 13,000 to 17,000 a year.While a player earns that a week and more for some players. I am now in my 80s. And used to go to all games at Roker Park and watch them train has I lived down the road. You could talk and mix with the players and you fault apart of the club, now you can not watch them train and not been to a game for years has by budget does not streach that far sadly. I miss standing in the terraces talking to my fellow fans and taking in the atmosphere. I still watch football from the local playing fields, and I believe its not about watching the big teams, but about the compansionship of fellow fans. been able to talk to people with the same interests. Thank You for your time and I wish you all the best.

Old timer.

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Your missing the point mate, players have so much money now, and its a rep, all like to mix with the tuffs. And London is where it all happens. The North is a forgotten area. Yes northerns are friendly down to earth people, that courts for nothing now. Yes we have good countryside etc. Do you think overpaid children are interested in that. No way.These people take everything they have for granted, not interest in the fans, only interested in the money. We have seen how many Sunderland players have had they heads turned. And very all know who they are. Thats one of the reason I don't follow the big clubs any more, because it is out of control, and the standed of these professional boys has gone down. So many things need to be done to improve the relationship between the fans and clubs.

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I have drove from Middlesbrough to Manchester in 1 hour and 20 minutes before so an hour in a sportscar isnt unrealistic.I drove a Seat Ibiza sport in case your wondering what my ride was.

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Speed limit Please

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Well add another 40 mins onto that to get to Sunderland in A19 traffic. Thats 2 hours before you consider the speed limit. And dont get me started on the M62. Go back to playing on your scalextric's man!

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I thought they had withdrawn Concorde.


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I have driven from Sunderland to Manchester, took me 2hr 35mins. That was sticking to the speed limit. Car a have is Renault Clio 1.2 Panache.

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I drive from Manchester to Sunderland ever other day and it can take 3 hours I drive a Mondeo 1.8. Dream on 1 hour.

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15 Dec 2012 12:54:05
These should be the players to look at in January...

Rose - Permanent deal (Spurs)
Paulo Tavarez - Creative CM who is keen on joining Sunderland (Vitoria Setubal)
John Guidetti - ST (Man City)
Diame CM (West Ham) or Moussa Sissoko Strong, pacey CM (Toulouse)

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15 Dec 2012 12:08:08
Sunderland interested in Tim Cahill on a 2 month loan deal

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So is his former team Everton, who he pretains to love

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