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15 Jul 2012 23:04:15
Matt Philips a target for the Lads now. Has Steven Fletcher has priced himself out of a move.

The Prophet! {Ed046's Note - Everton in pole position

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Decent skillful hard working player,prefere him to johnson or mcgeady.

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Good player but would prefer johnson or forrest

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Who is this imposter calling himelf The!?

The Prophet

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15 Jul 2012 22:55:29
Jermain defo has been spotted In Sunderland enjoying a panda oriental buffet have a look on twitter

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Fake,the photo was taken in Hertfordshire

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Load of tosh! it was a chinese in london. Why would defoe go to such a place to eat.

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He will never leave London, don't think he would be seen dead in the Panda. These people r ever paid children, and would be seen in a place beneath him. Have u ever seen a millionaire eat at the Panda. Now if u said u saw Ricky Van Wolfswinkel at the Seaham Hall it would be more believable.

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More likely going to a London club. If u would leave London it would be to Reading.

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Wouldn't eat at the Panda. Have you seen the clip of Tottenham High Street, LOL

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I think someone missed the ironic humour! Lol!

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15 Jul 2012 22:30:00
Hear stoke might want rid of Kenwyne would anyone have him back?

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Definatly. Doesn't really work to hard but would work well with all our crosses.

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Hell yes

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Would get us just as many goals as fletcher for a third of his price.

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People say he was lazy but would you chase hoofed balls all over the place for ninety minutes bet messi rooney van persie tevez aguero wouldnt either get him in the box for the many crosses and there is your 15-20 goals a season

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15 Jul 2012 20:11:32
Sunderland to bid for two strikers Jermain Defoe and Steven Fletcher fee thought to be around 15 million. {Ed046's Note - each if so highly unlikely

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If we get both would both improve us and still think defoe could do a good job for a few seasons {Ed046's Note - thats a WASTE of 30 million with that i would buy Neil Taylor and Oscor Cardozo and Yohan Gourcuff after selling Gyan aswell and i know the mags will call me deluded

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He means combined fee {Ed046's Note - oh ok

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I wont fletcher is overpriced by 7 million and dont rate defoe at all.........k

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Does it not mean 15 mill for the two,Imo we could get them both for 8 mill each.

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Yes i would call you deluded {Ed046's Note - think Cardozo is linked to Everton,not the richest club Taylor would only be 6-8 million and Gourcuff has dropped down national and club pecking order

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15 Jul 2012 13:41:09
safc,s intrest in anita is just talk at the moment the only team who have bis any bid for him is nufc and he is very keen to come to sjp...

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MON needs to start signing big!

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On sky sports that only nufc have made a bid..........

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No easy tho

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U mean the sports direct arena lol

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We need to trust oneil

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City centre signs still say st james park ans all sports direct arena signs have been removed for olympics...but SOL was not big enough or good enough for olympics was it...... {Ed046's Note - who honestly cares about the olympics

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Call it what you want but he don't want to go to sunderland..Who does? {Ed046's Note - well your "wasting" your time talking about us and targets and i think you will find Gabriel Oberton was not the best signing

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We are having new turf layed after concerts.


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Weird one this fellas,Carroll to nufc loan with view to buy..your thoughts people?

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Now now ed keane was not either or agent bruce...150 million and still counting....that 1 bad signing you just named......... {Ed046's Note - as i agree Newcastle have made some good transfers i think we [Sunderland] can also be very good in the transfer market mate

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Was down to transport links and mainly accommodation on the picking for olympics, but anyway Huddlestone is a far more likely candidate for us.

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Will be third striker behind Cisse and Ba.

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The reason the arean has the Olympics is due to the fact that they rent the ground from the council and the Olympic committe don't have to invest to get the venue fact! Also the sol is a higher standard groud by FIFA and uefa check the net before you spout off my bar coded friend ftm {Ed046's Note - bar coded freind lol

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Jizz is back............... {Ed046's Note - he is

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My thoughts on Carrol to NUFC is I don't care... this is a Sunderland page... not a Magpie page. If you want to talk about newcastle signings then find their page. {Ed046's Note - calm down and tbh theres more mags on our page than their own

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More makems in sjp now than on here lol.......k

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Olympics at St James is due to us renting our ground. What a load of rubbish. The committee would have to contribute to both arenas to hold events at them. It down to us having a bigger and better arena with easier links to St James, ie trains, both metro and main line and all other modes of transport FACT. My tombola friend.

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Why still go on about the Olympics, who honestly cares? My virgin friend

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Might want to check your fact .com fan, you do pay rent at the wan,er dome. And check the fact that the sol has had a number of concerts that have been a success. Keep paying your rent at the biggest council house in the uk! FTm

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Due to the concerts at the stadium sunderland didnt apply to hold games thats why boro have some

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Didnt know exeter city were having olympics at their ground (sjp)

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Whoop dee doo sports direct going to host olympic events are any of those events going to be football by any chance might give those Geordies a chance to watch a proper game not the s***e that gets served up for them on a weekend

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S***E thats get served up at SJP???........LMAO. Sunderland park the bus all game every game home or away. You obviously dont attend with a statement like that. SMB. {Ed046's Note - how do you know

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None of you mackems have a clue, 'the olympic games are better than s***e served up on a weekend, haha?!; just remind me, where did the toon finish, and where did you's finish?, it's quite funny really. {Ed046's Note - please go away

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ED.. I know because my dad is a mackem, MOTD and SKY show games also. Add to the fact Sunderland fans come on here and like other forums saying as much.

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Sports direct arena got the games because safc didnt apply ,after the concerts the pitch gets relayed.FACT.anyway sports direct will only get around 10 to 15 thousand at the games because nobody is buying tickets(on the news last night,so dont pipe up please,just keep on paying your rent)tk73

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