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15 Jun 2013 23:10:07
I hope this happens this summer

Outs: 37m
Mignolet. (10m)
Bardsley. (2.2m)
Gardner. (4m)
Sessegnon. (9m)
McClean. (2.3m)
Graham. (4m)
Ji. (2.5m)
El. (2.5m)

Ins: 30m
Cavanda. (3m)
Diakite. (Free)
Roberge. (Free)
Rose. (8m)
Cabral. (Free)
Guilavougi. (7m)
Zarate. (Free)
Aubemeyang. (12m)
El Haji Ba. (Free)




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Your valuations of the sunderland players are v innacurate. Will get 1mill max for bardsley, 6m sessegnon, 3m gardner, 2m mcclean, 2.5m graham. If we hold out for more than that then they will be sunderland players next season.

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Would love that team

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It was meant to be 1.2m for Bardsley

Sunderland want 8-9m for Sess, with marseille willing to pay around that amount
Don't forget how good Gardner has been for us this season, his only down point is the red card which looks costly as Di Canio is wanting him out because of that
Celtic have been linked with a 2.5m move for McClean, they want him
Cardiff are willing to pay 4m for Graham

There is my backup

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Gardner has NOT been good this season. His ability on the ball is dreadful. His saving grace is his ability to take a top drawer penalty and his work ethic but as a premier league footballer he is very poor and you can not play him in midfield otherwise you get overrun. His goalscoring stats hide that. For £6 million quid he has proven an awful purchase and highlights why I was ecstatic when we gambled on Di Canio because I knew he'd see through this kind of thing.

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I agree with pretty much all of that, but it looks like Parker is heading our way

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Not in a million years will sunderland get aubameyang.

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We have enquired about Aubemeyang, if Di Canio really wants him, we have a decent chance of getting him.

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I would rather keep Gardner than sign a 32 year old Parker, that would most definitely going backover.

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He's 34! {Ed024's Note - No he's 32 born 13.10.1980}

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15 Jun 2013 22:08:08
For the departing Migs and Sess
I would like us to target

GK: Kevin Trapp (22) from Frankfurt, he's had an excellent season and would cost around 6m-7m

LW: Adem Ljajić (21) from Fiorentina, again had a brilliant season, he can cross, pass, dribble, shoot outside the box and is a great chance creator, there is a little interest from Chelsea but he won't get into the first team, he would cost around 11m

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Ed are we interested and what's the chances {Ed024's Note - just a fans opinion}

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15 Jun 2013 21:18:33
Who would people have as Migs replacement

Because if everything goes belly up again and we need to rely on our goalkeeper to save us again, I don't think Westwood could do it

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MIGS sale will be good for the club if we get the reported 9-10 mill for him!

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Agree not a lot of differance between them!.

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Some of the players on here mentioned would never come to Sunderland because of wages and Champions league ambitions! we need to be realistic after finishing 4th bottom!

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Little bit of Italian charm might do a trick

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Schwarzer (spelling)

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Not sure if it's entirely realistic, but Ter Stegen at Monchengladbach?

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If we get schwarzer
Want him for less than 1m, he's fuc*ing 40
Barely got a year left in him

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Alternatively, Kevin Trapp sounds like a good option (admittedly, I only head of him yesterday)

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I think Westwood would do a good job as our number one as he will be fighting to get his number one spot in goal for Ireland.

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Hasn't Schwarzer been released?


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Schawzer will be on a free

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I am surprised Sunderland are not looking at Kasper Schmeichel.

He will only get better with age, he is still a pup in goalkeeper years but about ready for the step up.

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Westwood would be as good a replacement for anyone. when he slotted in for mignolet the lad did nothing wrong. hopefully he will become our number 1 with somebody like ross turnbull coming in as cover on a free good deal.

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As my comment of Mark shwarchzer didn't go down to well yesterday how about a name that's been thrown around a bit on here, Forster? He's had a great season with Celtic. Admittedly Neil Lennon won't be looking to sell at all but if not him then as somebody posted up there ^ a bit of Italian magic? But which Italian keeper will PDC be interested in?

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15 Jun 2013 20:58:22
Been watching the Brazil v Japan game and Honda is great player!

You might say we have no chance with him but there's no harm in trying

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He's not a free agent until january.

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Agree but I reckon 100k plus a week

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20k-25k a week

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15 Jun 2013 20:38:37
Ed, is it true that we are in talks with saint ethienne over aubameyang and are we favourites to sign him {Ed024's Note - Dont know if we are favs to sign but we've made an enquiry.}

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Be a great signing
Great pace

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Has'nt someone offered 20 plus million? if so can you see him here? {Ed024's Note - no one has bid that amount.....not sure if anyone will.}

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Anzhi were supposedly going to offer 25m but that was soon squashed, just a way of scaring other clubs off, and he doesn't want to move to Russia

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If Di Canio really wants him, he will do his very best to get him

It would be a very smart buy, young, very quick and sure as hell can find the back of the net

12-14 million
Sessegnon +3.5m in exchange for him

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You won't get aubameyang.

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It's funny how jealous mags can get

They bang on for months how they're red hot favourites to get him whilst the club didn't show any interest, then we come along and enquire about him and still they think he will go to them

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15 Jun 2013 20:16:39
Heard that we are in talks with AS saint ettienne over the possibility of signing Aubemeyang and Guilavougi

Anyone know if this is true

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Where did you here this because I can't find a thing that we are in talks with them

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Yes for guilavogui but not aubameyang

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A mate who's dad has something to do with the club

I didn't know if he was bullsh*tting me or not

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15 Jun 2013 19:34:26
Migs to Liverpool for 4.5 million and Stewart Downing p/x

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Oh hells no!

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No no no no

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Brendon rogers doesn't let players go who he rates and downing is a regular in his team so that's a no go mate

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Erm no thanks

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15 Jun 2013 19:19:31
Liverpool to sign Migs for 9.5 mill. Deal will be confirmed tomorrow. PDC to add this to transfer pot and try to secure the signings of Bas Dost, Fraser Foster, Alfred Duncan and Rossina.

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People might disagree with me here but if we're prepared to sell our star players in Migs and Sess, we need to get better players than Rosina etc, other wise we are not showing any ambition and not becoming a better club {Ed024's Note - Sess wasn't anywhere near one of our best players for large parts of last season - a couple of goals before he got himself suspended doesnt paper over the cracks}

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No but it does show what he could be like under Di Canio

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Agree with the ED on Sess! he's too inconsistant and if we got £10 million for him I think that would be good buisness! {Ed024's Note - Not sure if we'll get that much.}

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OK ed how much do you think Sess would sell for? {Ed024's Note - I'd say closer to £6M - he is 29 so prob has 2 top years left in him, no real sell on value when he's 31.}

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Think the world of Sess!. especially after his class goal at Wongaworld, but if he wants away, and we get a decent fee, 8mil maybe. Then he can be replaced with a younger player with a better goal scoring record. Sess just didn't score enough for me.

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15 Jun 2013 19:12:44
Lazio striker Mauro Zarate has made a 'come and get me' plea to Sunderland boss Paolo di Canio. Zarate would be interested in a move to the Black Cats, according to his agent. Luis Ruzzi said: "Sunderland would be a viable solution because they are a great club and the Premier League is an attractive option. "

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He is actually good on the ball and wed get 3 seasons out of him

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Wouldnt pay £5 million for him though!

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He's a free agent come 10th July

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Clever skillfull player

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Rather see him come on instead of wickham! I know he's meant to be full of potential but I haven't seen it. And I do want to like the lad! But Zarate on a free would be well worth it!

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He is seeming more likely to go to his first ever club and Sunderland will be his second option.

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15 Jun 2013 17:13:23
Looks like £8 million for Mignolet. Not as much as the £10 million hoped for. £2 million now, £6 million over 3 years. Fairly typical deal construct but I understand Sunderland insisted on a pay-on clause of 12. 5 % as well {Ed024's Note - £2M now and £6M over 3 years - why would Sunderland accept that ?}

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Dont be so daft like that's going to happen marra

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I agree with ED PDC wants the money now to buy new players


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6. 5 rising to 10 on appearances why won't you listen

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Ed - that's how most transfers are conducted. Remember the Bent deal?. most of the money went to Spurs from Villa because Sunderland hadnt finished paying for him. Because Sunderland were paying Spurs over a period of years. {Ed024's Note - There's no way Sunderland would take the money over 3 years - if the worst happens what good is getting half the money when your in the Championship, Short is not daft.}

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Ed - it's how transfers are conducted. This isn't Champ Manager.
Don't forget: when Sunderland buy a player, the same happens.
All clubs do the same thing {Ed024's Note - I whole heartedly disagree - clubs could go bust waiting for the cash!!!!}

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My take on this is why sell him at all. When you get a top class keeper, hang on to him, it would cost a fortune to replace him. No amount of money can buy keepers like Mig, its like selling the crown jewels. None of the top prem teams would sell their biggest asset, so I don't care who comes knocking, I thought the idea was to build. Chris-s. {Ed024's Note - What do you do if the player wants to go ?}

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More like £5 million now another £4 million on credit!

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I've never heard anything so stupid in my life than paying for a player over 3 years. If the fee is 10mil they will pay 10mill up front and it might rise if there's an appearance clause. Where once he plays 40 games for Liverpool we get another 2mill which would mean we have been payed 12mil. We did this with bent we got 18mil upfront and once he played so many games we got another 4mil. No club in there right mind would sell a player for 10mil and say give us 3.3mil a year.

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If you really want to know clubs take bank loans to pay for players Liverpool will pay 10mil upfront to us. They then lend 10mil off the bank and pay it off over time so the outlay is small and then settle the debt when they sell the player. That's why clubs who buy players for over the odds prices end up in debt as when they sell the player they don't have enough from the sale to settle the debt so are still paying for a player they don't even have anymore. That's why Sunderland want to buy cheap young players and sell them for profit so your not actually spending any money and are making profit which is what all the fair play rules are about. Rant over

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Another loan from Wonga then lol!

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15 Jun 2013 14:25:33
GK-Marchetti (10m)

LB-Rose (8m)
RB-Cavandra (3m)

LM-Zarate (free)
CM-Guilavoigui (7m)

ST-Hernandez (7m)

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Agree with that lot apart from the keeper!

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Never know
Might be attracted to premier league

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15 Jun 2013 12:26:54
If Mignolet leaves I think we should go for Lazios goalie Federico Marchertti (29), he is a fantastic keeper and will cost around 10m
He is better than Mignolet, and I think we should go for him

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Good luck to migs if he goes we have westwood who is a great replacement for migs

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I'm sceptical that there's a keeper in world football better than migs that I haven't heard of

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The one on 1st post

He is brilliant

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Well lads already know the next goal keeper he is kasper schmeichel don't laugh it is 4 mil

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Come on MIGS is a good keeper but NEVER world class. he's still suspect at crosses . there's are keepers as good for half that price! be realistic!

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I doubt PDC will sell one keeper for £10 million and buy another for the same price?. rubbish!.

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Would anyone on here swap MIGS with Henderson?

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If he does go then PDC should go to Germany for either

marc-andre ter stegen - gladbach
bernd leno - leverkusen
kevin trapp - frankfurt

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Rene Adler from Hamburger SV

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In wolsingham a few days ago was Jim Montgomery. Had a few pics with him and then started talking about football and he says migs looks certain to leave. If he's right, I think Westwood is a good replacement and would rather see MIGs at arsenal than Liverpool. Arsene Wenger would do a much better job than Rodgers IMO.

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What about Mitch Langerak Aussie keeper back up at Dortmund? Massive wraps on him {Ed024's Note - He needs a few more games under his belt}

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15 Jun 2013 12:09:44
Anyone else think we should go for florent malouda he's a free agent and I think he would make a decent replacement for sessegnon I know he's in his 30's now but he will have a lot to give I think

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He'd be a mercenary after a final pay day. Wouldn't fit into the new set up.

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Hmmmm, an ages midfielder who hasn't played since for a year, wants no less than 80k a week, wasn't that great when he did play, and is overrated?

I'ma go ahead and say no to that one.


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15 Jun 2013 11:31:15
Just a thought if we sell Ming what about Westwood as first choice and shwarzer on a free would be good competition not sure if he would come but surely worth a punt for a season or two

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I was thinking along the lines of Schwarzer as they have just signed Stekelenburg so first team football isn't guaranteed for him there anymore. He'd get ahead of Westwood but I think if Migs leaves before pre-season games then give Westwood a chance to prove himself until the new league season starts.

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We'll just go up the road and take Krul. He said he always wanted to play for a top team. So no problem there

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15 Jun 2013 11:11:04
What's this Abel Hernandez like?

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22 years old, knows where to slot the ball. Pacey, Strong and has good positioning on the pitch. Might stay with Palermo, might go to Parma, might come to us. Here's hoping he comes here!

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His agent confirmed that he will leave his current club and would love to play in england

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15 Jun 2013 10:49:55
I know this might be a complete long shot and many people would call me deluded but I think we should go for Giampaolo Pazzini, he is a great all round striker but cannot get into the Milan team due to Balotelli
9m? {Ed024's Note - Good player but is he not out until Xmas with a cruitate ligament ??}

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Or well,

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15 Jun 2013 10:41:42
We have been linked with Toulouse LM
Frank Tabanou he is 24 for France, he has got a super shot on him and has great crosses {Ed024's Note - Doesn't score enough for me.}

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15 Jun 2013 09:18:14
Reported by the Daily Mirror
Paolo Di Canio wants to buy 10 new players in a major shake-up at Sunderland.

The Wearside club's new director of football, former agent Roberto Di Fanti, is juggling a host of possible deals as Ellis Short bets everything on Di Canio getting it right.

Sunderland are ripping up the squad that almost got relegated last season and ready to make an increased offer for Inter Milan midfielder Alfred Duncan, after a £5million bid for the 20-year-old Ghanaian was turned down.

Others on the radar include Livorno striker Paulinho, Lazio right-back Luis Pedro Cavanda, and St Etienne midfielder Joshua Guilavogui.

Sunderland have already landed centre-backs Modibo Diakite (Lazio) and Valentin Roberge (Maritimo) and Basel midfielder Cabral on free transfers.

Di Canio's clear-out will include unsettled Stephane Sessegnon, who is available for £6million, and, reluctantly, keeper Simon Mignolet, who has a £9m price-tag and has been linked with Liverpool and Arsenal.

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Obviously the new scout really rates duncan heres hoping

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