Sunderland Rumours Archive April 16 2012


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16 Apr 2012 18:50:58
Ed001 has gyan been released by us as I was reading on sky sports earlier today and it said he had been sent to unsigned players (PrinceySAFC) {Ed001's Note - no, he is contracted until 2014 still, I don't know what Sky said, but they either made a mistake or you misread it.}

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I it defo says unsigned players cheers anyway ed bud (PrinceySAFC) {Ed001's Note - I don't know how it can be, strange one that, probably an error, unless they know something.}

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The only way he could be released by us is if he bought out his own contract I would imagine. Seems odd though.

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16 Apr 2012 18:49:01
Just had a short chat on twitter with Elmohamadey on twitter and apparently their is going to be mass intrest for colback,sessegeon and McClean

Apparently McClean and colback are being looked at by man united and sessegeon is being looked at by man city arsenal and psg I hope they don't go but if they choose to go I hope we get big money for them all. (PrinceySAFC)

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It's only natural that your better players will leave. They don't want to hang around mid table or relegation next season. Find it hard to believe that Man U are looking at Colback.

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Find it hard that man u are intrested in mclean aswell...

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I think he means they are looking at them on his champ manager game.

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Man U are not looking at Colback or McClean.The only player in the NE we are after is Tiotte.I work as a scout in the NE region for Man u,watching the pro NE clubs and the youngsters in ur region

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Rubbish !!

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Are you for real ?!

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Yes, of course you are scout. LOL. You wouldn't need to be to say that Man U are not looking at Colback. He is Dog S**T. SMB.

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You might to scout how to spell his name. Sir Alex Ferguson will give you the hairdryer treatment if you get the wrong player. SMB.

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Why would you come on a Sunderland page to tell us that you are after Tiote. Are you sure you are watching the right club and players. We are up the road. The ground that is packed out every other week. SMB.

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I think the lads should get:

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