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16 Jan 2013 22:16:37
Alright ed, do you know much about this right back from Barnsley we are supposedly after? And if so how highly is he rated? Cheers ed
Safcdj {Ed024's Note - John Stones - very highly rated, just a young lad at 18 but he's played for about a season for Barnsley. He's got a bit of height at 6ft 2in. Fulham had a bid of about 1.75m knocked back - would probably take 2.5m for Barnsley to let him go - maybe a little less if we loaned him back to Barnsley until the end of the season. Not sure if he would go straight into the first team but certainly one for the future.}

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Alright nice one ed cheers

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16 Jan 2013 22:12:45
Question to all you na sayers when yous force out the man that every one of you wanted 12 month ago who do you want to force out next. When will people realise we are not a top 6 team we are a work in progress I blame the local media for our failure we could get 6 points off the mags and finish bottom and manager would be a legend, face the facts we can't get the best players around we can't get the second best players we get average players because that's what the club can attract if we uncover someone the national media start praising they want to leave for a bigger club fighting for silver let's face it not even money would get us a big player. Why don't you people just support man utd like everyone else who thinks supporting a team means wanting to win tropheys get behind the team and the manager win or lose do it for the club that you love. So what if you don't win every game or don't play samba football every week. Love show your love.

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Couldn't actually agree more with you matey, however we can always hope ;)

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Well said mate i think we will end up a decent top 10 side but we will never have the london factor yo attract established top players however we are in africa now so who knows what gems we might uncover

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Were you actually there on tuesday freezing your doodaas off watching absolute dross? No didn't think you were. Watch the garbage before spouting off. Ps im a season ticket holder. We play rubbish football because we have rubbish coaches. Waldridge guppy etc

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Well said mate i totally agree love the team for the team not the glory
i remember when keegan took over the odd lot they couldn't sell a cup of bovril let alone a season ticket yet now you have 50, 00 mags claiming they been there since birth ha

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16 Jan 2013 22:15:32
just heard by a very good source that by the end of the transfer window we will have signed stewart downing from liverpool and gary hooper from celtic

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Maybe downing but not hooper with graham offer put in

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16 Jan 2013 21:58:18
Any transfer news ED :) {Ed024's Note - Campbell may be off to Cardiff and with Saha released I would expect MON to have another forward lined up..... Hooper and Graham have been talked about for a couple of weeks now - so either are possible.}

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Okay thx

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Hope he's got another striker lined up as saha and fraizer campbell both look like their going and also dong wong gone on loan it leaves us very short up front and how long as james mcfadden got left as he only had a short term deal

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Whats the use of sigining another striker to sitsit on the bench. only likes to play with one upfront. {Ed024's Note - Fair point}

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Aye go 442 get over run in midfield and end up like hoofcastle that makes sense

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But what happens if fletch gets injured? Wickham isn't good enough yet, so who plays up front? O'neil knows what he's doing.(I hope)

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Mon only plays 1 up front because our midfield isnt strong enough

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16 Jan 2013 18:34:17
Sunderland to Sign Celtic Striker Gary hooper next week for a fee to be around £ 9.5 million

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I heard it was 7million

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Prolific in Scotland. Kris Boyd ring any bells? I know this kid has actually got talent but 9.5mill for an unproven player seems a very big risk. Rather him than Graham tho! I like the look of Guidetti, also unproven at 'TOP' level but alot lower risk

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Its the midfield that's the problem for heavens sake, Torres would struggle to get a goal with this lot, they go sideways or back, have you not noticed yet.

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Fletcher, jelavic ring any bells

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To be fair Torres struggles to score with Mata, hazard and lampard behind him..

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Not sure why torres was used as an example of a prolific scorer...

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9.5mill for Gary Hooper behave he is never worth that not even half!! FACT
John Guidetta on loan cld be shout with option to buy at end of season, try even getting Bent back
Another creative midfielder and sissoko i'd be happy so that wld be
centre back, 2 x centre mid, attacking mid & striker

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Did people not say Fletcher wasnt worth the money? Just a thought!

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He isnt!! {Ed024's Note - How much do you think he's worth ?}

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Double wot we paid

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16 Jan 2013 12:45:30
Danny graham wants to come to sunderland stoke after big k jones Danny fallen out with laudraup

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Why would stoke be after big k jones, they`ve already got him - loony tune.

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Bookmakers have Graham at 4 to1 on to sign for cats, also Downing at even money.Should be interesting in the next couple of weeks.

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16 Jan 2013 08:34:53
Danny graham looks set to sign after he's fallen out with landrup apparently not even in squad for the league cup tie with arsenal (princey1995)

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Let's hope so, I would still have Bent back especially after Saha just been released! Haway the lads

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Graham apparently wants to join us. Safc93

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Linked with hangeland and graham two players with no pace that's our problem now oshea, cueller, kilgallon, Gardner, Bardsley, Johnson, Larson, Vaughan, Saha, McFadden pace is a must in the premier lge so why add two more

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Do you really want a lifelong mag in the squad we'll be rubbishting bricks come derby day

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Personally I wouldn't take him I would rather have Titus bramble playing up front because Danny graham verbally quoted he dose not like Sunderland and would stay far always as possible from Sunderland (princey1995)

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Danny graham not starting tonight, well whos that upfront for Swansea.

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16 Jan 2013 04:58:22
any truth in the sissoko deal? heard from a good source its nailed on he signs? {Ed024's Note - I've heard Arsenal are his most likely destination - but he may not move until the Summer}

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Would he definately start at Arsenal, mind you these footballers all go for glory and cash rather than definately starting!!

Also after N'diaye doubt MON will bring in another centre mid {Ed024's Note - I'm not sure if he would start each game - but as Newcastle have just found there is a 'London' factor for foreign players. Have seen reports he might go to Villa but unless they've offer silly money wages, just cant see that.}

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I am not sure it was the London factor more the signs.

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