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16 May 2012 19:58:29
heard mon transfer listed a first team player after he turned up late for the bus on sunday trying to think only one I can come up with is kilgallon as he wasnt on the subs bench even unless he was injured

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It was Bendtner that missed the bus, that's why he wasn't it the match squad..

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It was Bendtner that missed the bus!!!

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It was Bendtner

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Cant transfer list someone you dont own

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It was bentner

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16 May 2012 07:52:57
adam said he wish he come to sunderland sooner to further his chances of playing for england as you all no he never gets enough playing time at man city,so he will be comin on loan for the season to buy at the end when o neil works his magic and pushes us further up the table. and carnt wait tbh we will see if the geordies can replace 5th spot haha not a chance they will be 10th at thr most

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Nah credit to the toon this year they've done amazing, although I think they will struggle to keep there players and add quality to it to compete in both competitions they wont finish as high as 5th but defo top 8

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Of course he did. LOL

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Mon is unreal he got villa 6th for 5 season is a row and we have much more money and nufc will not fin higher than 5 euro place mybe but mon is wanting to fin in the top 6 aslo i think we will get the ivory coast striker for 1.5mil its a risk but he look mint also holliet and johnson on loan but mon will work his magic like at villa

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Fortune telling again? You said we would get relegated and we didn't, you said you would finish in the top 6 and qualify for Europe and you didn't. Adam Johnson, no chance not even on loan, holliet on loan. He is a free agent. O Neil is unreal? SMB.

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Footy knowledge there from the unwashed holliet on loan ha he,s free u muppet.....smb

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Got to give newcastle credit, would be extremely happy if we did that well. just unlucky we had bruce because o'neill is a really good manager just look at his record. newcastle will be in top 8 and if o'neill gets transfer backing then we will be up there aswell.

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MON did not get Aston Villa Top Six Five times in a row. Do your research please

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Newcastle fans commenting on our page and they can't even read correctly trying to make people look to be stupid when it is they. The guy said Hoillet and Johnson on loan, just because he missed out a comma all the newcastle fans are jumping on his back. FTM

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You are missing the point its not the comma that is missing......Its the fact that Hoillet is a free agent in the summer. That is why we are laughing. PS no need for comma he uses AND. English not your strong point?

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But Martin O'neill did get them top 6 3 times in a row though!

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If he uses a comma then the whole structure of the sentence changes. "Hoillet and Johnson on loan" to "Hoillet, and Johnson on loan". Similar to "Let's eat Grandma" is a completely different sentence to "Let's eat, Grandma". Obviously English is not your strong point.

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English not my strong point? You don't put "and" after a comma. Re-think that statement. SMB.

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Apparently yakuba+adam johnson wants to come to the north east lets have ya's, oneil needs to change and strenghthing the squad!

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