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17 Aug 2012 23:00:42
Sunderland line up 6 mill bid for Guidetti.

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Yes please

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17 Aug 2012 22:13:18
I have no source but facts I think we will get Defoe and johnson their odds on sky have been made favourites and usually they do that before they announce interest to stop people from making a lot of money and them losing it big Zach mac

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17 Aug 2012 21:42:06
adam johnson to sign by end of next week. His agent is in talks to sign deal I

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Spurs are interested in Johnson, so we've had it.

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Man city not happy with spurs for dumping adebayour back on them

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Johnson would be an amazing to player to have in the team.

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Nothing to do with spurs its the player wanting the 5 million fee paid to him for taking a wage drop....

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17 Aug 2012 21:21:00
I know this is a rumours page but i wish everyone would calm down and have faith in MON. The man is a WORLD CLASS manager and players will come here and play for HIM be patient and when we sign players that are being bantered about on here and better ones that we know nothing about then we can stick it up the mags that come on here and dirty our page,rant over,season starts have faith in MON but dont want Fletcher for more than £10mil.Good luck for the season boys {Ed057's Note - couldn't agree more wish their we're more fans like you big Zach mac

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World Class manager? Whats he ever done apart from win a few pots in the Scottish Sunday League? Give your little head a shake son!!!

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He won things at Celtic had Leicester constantly in top half of premier league as well as league cup victorys at wembly and villa top 6 for 3 seasons apart from Celtic those other 2 teams have done nothing since he left his cv is a dam site better than pardew one good season and all the mags hated him this time last year how fickle the mags can be

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I couldnt agree more lets get behind the club and manager at least someone is a genuine fan unlike this tool above who knows nothing!

Dave the mackem

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17 Aug 2012 17:55:41
Sunderland to sign Defoe, Adam Johnson, Martin Olsson and Scott Dann.

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Heard this on talk sport mon said new faces over the next 2 wks happy days.

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17 Aug 2012 17:27:07
Mon told ssn more players will sign in the next 10 days.safc93

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Yes but,WHO ARE THEY???

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Emile Heskey and any other washed up old player to go with saha and cueller.

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MoN won't say who they are so other clubs won't decide to step in. Tactics.

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I think the simple answer is, to the who are they? squad, we have a well respected manager and international player who got to quarter finals of world cup with NI, won league as a player 2 european cups, played under clough, knows how to spot a player that wont make the back page on transfer day, but will be buy of the season, mon will not want loan deals he will want agreed price at end of loan, the player will have decide if money is more than regular football,as he has earnt more in last year than his career, so if not willing to come for less and play week in week out, mon will not sign, the club will not loan to clubs who are in europe, they will to a club who cant affect them but will take points of others, martin oneil got celtic to a uefa final not long ago,and thats a scottish team that play crap week in week out, and still made it to a final with players who arent as good as safc, man utd ,man city,tottenham, all with strong teams could not get to uefa cup final, simple fact tactics, very little change in squad, and youth players brought through ranks,has achieved at every level as a manager,wycombe,Leicster,celtic villa, with no big spending, he took over villa and kept them up then 3 top 6 finishes,spent money but villa made 60-70 million back off milner,downing and young. he came to safc knowing he had to work with little money after bruce and keane, and get the best he could in a short time,to enable consolidation, he wont buy for the sake of it, as its false economy. so give him a chance as his C.V. speaks for itself, mancini 2 1/2 years 500 million, plus 500 million in wages, Ill be happy with 2 players a year and a couple of free transfers, rather than 6 players released on top wages.

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How do we know MON came here with little or no money to spend? Maybe he had a brief to get rid of some players first , which is good buisiness. I honestly feel MON could ask for anyone he wants from the board if the right players came along. Tony SAFC

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17 Aug 2012 15:46:16
Sunderland to get:
Carlos Cuellar-free
Scott Dann-Titus Bramble swap + 1m
Aly Cissokho-5m
Adam Johnson-loan
Louis Saha-free
John Guidetti-6m
Hopefully another striker

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Would settle for that safc93

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I do not think we will get those players.

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Mon definetly after johnson on loan and heard a foreign player coming dont know who and hes after defoe this from someone who works for the club trv

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Wld luv to get those players, Johnson n guidetta possibly cissoko no chance far to good for Safc and I'm a Safc fan being realistic wld luv it thou

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City have proven in the past they wont sell to the obvious top four sides, Sunderland would be in with a good chance to sign from City. Tony SAFC

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17 Aug 2012 13:31:27
Sunderland will but in offers for Scott Dann, Martin Olsson and Steven N'zonzi with Titus Bramble go the other way.

Stephane Sessegnon is off to Spurs with Huddlestone has part of the deal.

Kieran Richardson off to WHUFC.

Elmohamady off to Brighton with painter has part of the deal.

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West ham may come in for rico after being baulked on jarvis bids, hope not tho

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Huddlestone is still injured ! He can't be moving, would fail medical !

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HOW did Saha pass a medical? Been injured for last 5 years.

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Sessegeon is going no where this season and why is everyone being negative towards Saha he will get the job done (princ£y)

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17 Aug 2012 11:57:03
Sunderland have made an offer to Manchester City for England winger Adam Johnson.

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Cuellar & Saha already in, if we were to get Johnson on loan and then buy Guidetta & Cissoko id be happy with that transfer activity...possibly nzonzi if we can afford

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I'd like that and a recognised left back

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Cissoko is a lefy back

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Please Mr Short push the boat out get these players plus fletcher and watch us go up that table,

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17 Aug 2012 10:38:38
Heard from a source at club that we are in negotiations with cisshoko?.

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Is this Ali Cissoko the left back who plays for lyonnais...if so absolute class left back... C'Mon Oneil get him and guidetta bagged

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Yea I heard this aswell and it is the left back

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It is I seen this on another site. Safc93

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Chairman of lyon has said only two clubs in for cissoko everton n valencia.

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Yeah im sure we have the 15 million plus euros lying around that we need to buy him

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Sunderland are every bit as attractive as Everton are to this player if rumour true....I think both clubs would struggle to compete against Valencia althought the lure of the prem could work although i think he would be away from both clubs within two seasons to the top 4

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Hes not over 30 and he didn't play for Man United... not going to sign.

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Only barca and the 2 madrid clubs and malaga can compete with the premier league regarding wages, he won't go to valencia

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Sunderland are bigger richer more well know club than everton

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Ask yourself how much everton paid for felianni and it was more than you have ever spent on a player.

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Ask yourself how much everton paid for felianni and it was more than you have ever spent on a player.


support everton do you?

and it was 15 million but i had to look that up seeing as im not obsessed with other clubs

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17 Aug 2012 10:34:19
Heard from manchester city insider that, Adam Johnson, will come to sunderland on season long loan.

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Yes please would take him on loan with view to buy next year and also the lad Guidetta

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17 Aug 2012 09:58:03
Rumour we have been given green light by Man City to talk to John Guidetti. Just watched his goals on loan in Dutch league last season. Yes please!

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If we get guidetta for the reported £6 million man city want this would be a great piece of business by messiah o'neill... the boy is class, my family is from sweeden and I saw him 5-6 yrs ago at under 18 game and u could tell he was miles ahead at that age.....C'mon Sunderland get him and give us something to be excited about

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