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17 Jan 2012 13:55:27
Looks like seaway on is on his way to psg. He went to Paris yesterday. And the house he is renting is gonna go up for sale.

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I will be very disappointed if Sess leaves the Cats!Why can't players settle in the north east?I wish my job paid that much dosh, I would even contemplate moving to newcastle for that money well maybe not!

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How do we know he was in Paris!?

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Nufc fan

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I wish newcastle fans could stop making up lies and trash talk. FTM SGB

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Liar! because he is not renting a house he stays in a Durham hotel.His daughter was getting English lessons there until they returned to Paris, He is still there today!

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17 Jan 2012 13:39:01
Players Sunderland are linked with:

Papiss Cisse,
Ola Toivonen,
James Collins

these are the mean names going around at the present.

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Take Cisse off your list he is signing for Newcastle SMB.

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Youll never know who mon is after its all just guesswork

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Apparently he was never on our list,just a rumour left over from summer

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Thats what I would say if I was MON when he has just lots his top transfer target to his rivals. Switch on Lofty.

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Didnt come from mon,was a target for bruce,who cares anyway,win some and lose some,he still has to prove himself in prem!

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17 Jan 2012 09:03:40
According to the BBC website, Papiss Demba Cisse is 'flattered' by our interest

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Flattered usually means a polite NO!

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Yes, flattered means is there a bigger club, i.e champions league going to sign me if not I will listen to your offer!

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Check SSN hes in talks with the mighty toon.

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The bigger cluyb he is joining is Newcastle.

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I do not know what a cluyb is!just as dumb as the last post!Stick to your own sites toon window licker!

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As for the other joke of a post it is more like the mighty bafoon!

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No point in being bitter is there,we are the bigger club..

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You maybe a bigger club??? But your still a small minded person who is on a Sunderland site why is this is it because your worried by the fact we are on the way with a good manager fianical stability

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Your worried by the fact we are on the way with a good manager fianical stability

ERM snap.
we are marching on

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Bigger club that's finished below us like 3 years on the trot...... Yeah ok mate! Campbell's back anyway sooner have him any day

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No point in being bitter is there,we are the bigger club..

does the council not own your ground ?
if you are saying ash has more money than short then yous are skint m8

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Finished above us 3 years out of the last 20. Your chairman may have money but he is sick of spending it on crap. Think it would touch and go who has more money with Ashley or Short? Both billionaires.

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Does the years under reid not count but why go back 20 year if ye gonna do the job right go back to the begining and who has won the league the most

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All of you stop this crap, football has gone from been played has a hobby in the weekend on a local pitch to been run by businessmen has a hobby. Who have spoiled our game. I personally stopped going to games years ago, when I saw what was happening to out national sport. Get down to grass roots games. And stop these overpaid children getting your hard earned cash. Nothing wrong with going to see Blyth Spartens, Whitley Bay or some other club. At least you feel apart of the club.

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Bring on march 3rd! Unless Sunderland forfeit it;) Ba + Cisse ready to tear up the small club!

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Muppet saying he would rather have Campbell over cisse, haha don't make me laugh! Check their records out! This same mentality got Bruce the sack! Signing sh!t injury prone players. Mainly Man Utd rejects

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Cisse using newcastle as a stepping stone you watch

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Scumberland ain't even good enough for a stepping stone. SMB.

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Yeah would rather have a young English player mate, an as for injury prone players that are utd rejects........ Alan smith!! Oh and aren't Simpson and obertan utd rejects aswell? You made an absolute fool of yourself. MUPPET

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Calm down mate. Liverpool said the same thing about Carroll. Reference rejects both Simpson and Obertan are young and full of potential. O shea and Brown are over the hill and signed for a final payday. so you are the fool. Muppet!

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Smith doesn't even catch bench, yet your relying on Campbell to come back from a very serious injury and be your saviour! How many goals did he score before injury? Fact is the united rejects you signed, are past it big time yet we have potential in obertan n Simpson. If they do fail at least we can recoup the small transfer fees paid

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17 Jan 2012 07:26:10
sunderland will ake a 7.5million bid or chris samba after he handed in a transfer requestbut steve kean says hes not for sale

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Dream on muppet blackburn saying they want 15 million you got no chance..

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17 Jan 2012 07:24:04
james collins and stilliyan petrov linked with sunderland

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Villa rejects. Makes a change from Man u rejects.

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Dont think either would bring anything to the team,neither player better than we already have.

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Every player leaving a club is essentially a reject,the club no longer want the player,or the player rejects the club,doh

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Where did simpson come from...come on think geordie

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Simpson is the right side of 30. Didn't sign for a final payday like O shea and Brown.

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Oshea and brown in a back four that has conceded less than the skunks

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Reject just the same,and obertan,you have no arguament!

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Don't worry makems, Heskey is having a medical soon

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Soooooooooo boring! something new please,sgb

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