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17 Jan 2013 16:41:36
Ed can you understand why O'neil won't give Whickham a chance up front with Wickham? {Ed024's Note - I'm guessing you mean up front with Fletcher - I think he's undecided if Fletcher & Wickham are a good fit. He does not have the luxury of a safe mid table position so he can give them a run of games together, so he's going with the formation he has most confidence in.}

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If the game plan was to start with fletcher and Whickham and one got injured early on you would need another similar player on the bench ( which SO FAR we do not ) otherwise you would have to change the plan which you had been working on in training all week.

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I don't know why MON is bothering looking for extra strikers.They won't get a game, he plays 1 up front all the time even against the bottom premiership teams and championship sides.Feel sorry for Fletcher running all over, getting to the ball, flicking the ball on-to nobody, cause there's no one else up front to support him, Sess just likes to go where he wants, and usually its no where near Fletcher to help

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It's called having cover in case one of ya strikers gets injured mate

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Sick of seeing 4-5-1 played everyweek.MON hasnt got a plan B

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Or the fact our centre of midfield is so poor that he puts another player in just to sure it up a bit, because Tbh, I don't think Larsson or colback are up to the job, Larsson just doesn't look like he is strong enough, colback although he works exceptionally hard passes the ball backwards or to the sides, would like another striker and another centre mid, just to be safe

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I think if you polled sunderland supporterd on whether theyed want 4-4-2 and 2 up front i'd say 90% would say yes...Sess is never a play him in a forward roaming midfiled position behind the 2 strikers..the present system isnt working and its boring to watch !

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4-4-2 is humpcastles style and look where they are its rigid inflexible and looses you contol of the midfield its the reason england are cack and no 90% do not want to see this

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17 Jan 2013 16:24:27
See we've just put a bid in for Danny Graham ..dunno what price ..but Stoke turned down a bid of £3million for Jones from Swansea !....

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Not sure why Graham is a priority. Given we only play one striker, he is only going to be cover for Fletcher. If we are going to change the formation- which would be a welcome indication that mental activity still occasionally takes place in the O'Neill brain- surely Wickham deserves his chance? And from Graham's viewpoint, why is being cover for Fletcher any better than being second fiddle to Michu?
He doesn't seem likely to solve our immediate problems and we don't seem mlikely to meet his needs, so what is this deal about? Defenders with positional sense, pace and discipline, yes please. A midfielder who can beat his man and disrupt opponents most welcome. A winger who stays wide and crosses accurately from the deep in the opponents half- fantastic. But someone to warm the bench and push Wickham down the queue- is this really going to improve the very poor performances we have witnessed this season? {Ed024's Note - I think we have to believe that if MON brings in another front man he has to be thinking 442 - at least for the home games. You also need to consider if Fletcher picks up a knock - would Wickham on his own up front be a realistic option - after being initially sceptical I can see why Graham is on his radar - however after the way Steve Bruce was treated by some groups of supporters (and I'm sure Graham will be aware) he will be showing a lot of bottle if he decides to come}

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Yipee norwich have bid 5m for graham hope he chooses them {Ed024's Note - does that mean MON is after Holt ?}

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Any one coming in will be on the bench

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You Seriousley doubt it ed, holt is very similar to wickham and fletcher as all three are strong target men. In my opinion we need a poacher up front like bent but without the ego {Ed024's Note - On that point do you think the Sunderland fans would welcome Bent back ? He left for more money and made up some bs story about thinking he was more likely to win something with Villa ! But if he started banging them in for us ................}

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I know for a fact Bent left because of personal reasons to do with Bruce, it just so happens he was offered more money at Villa. Had Bent stayed and been happy under Bruce he would have been able to negotiate a contract equal to Villa, s. if we could get him back at say 10million, it would be great business for the club and fletcher bent sounds a great combination. Would have to work hard to win back I trust though .... {Ed024's Note - To gain the trust I think he would have to come clean for his reasons for going - what he said at the time made it look as though it was 's - but if the fans hear a different story and he hits form, I find it hard to disagree with you, could be a lethal combination}

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Whickham got to be more to it does MON like the lad, because Danny Graham is a clone of Whickham so can't see why he don't just sell the lad
because at our club he's got no future

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I've got a mate at SOL and he tells me that MON has agreed to pay for Graham's bus ticket - nowt else mind - on the hope that Pardew steals him from under our noses!

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17 Jan 2013 15:48:26
just a quick question ed are we being linked with any other strikers than graham? i was thinking along the lines of jelle vossen at genk {Ed024's Note - We have been linked Vossen on and off since October - he plays with Mingolet for Belgium so will likely know all about Sunderland and the EPL. I think he'd jump at the chance of coming - but think if a deal was going to be done it would be done by now.

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So not likely then which is a shame, seems a good goalscorer and maybe what we need to support fletcher

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17 Jan 2013 12:05:08
what exactly will graham bring to Sunderland, he'll warm the bench just like Campbell did!

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Fletcher and Graeme. You don't think they would be a right handful ?
I do

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O'neil put the bottle of wine down and give your head a shake before withdrawing our reported offer for graham. below Average at best and we have already been here with chopra

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Another fluffed shot against the mags!!!

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Is this really all we can attract to our club Martin a swans outcast have we really fall that far back since their thinking of replacing him with kenwyne i know he has scored a couple in recent games but hardly been prolific for lower level teams and lacks a good yard of pace no disrespect to any swans fans reading this but he has never played for a demanding club

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We could have van persie but without anybody capable of putting decent crosses in (johnson cannot cross with right foot need him left wing play sess are wing) we will struggle to score goals, 4411 DOES NOT work mon. Sort it

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Chopra had issues plus his family were under threat so discount him and think don hutchison

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It turns my stomach when the mags are putting an offer in for the ajax captain with 13 goals to his name and we are putting an offer on a self proclaimed mag who said he would stay as far away from s/land as he could and what's worse is he can't even get a game at swans jesus cmon martin

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Nothing hope we don't sign him ffs O'neil please play Whickham and Fletcher TOGETHER yes he struggled other night but had no service

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I remember don hutchison lifelong mag kissing the badge after netting against the skunks

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17 Jan 2013 11:05:51
So Campbell has pretty much gone to Cardiff according to kilgallons instagram, must mean we have a striker in the pipeline because we only have Fletcher and Wickham now!

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Yeah, Laudrup would not be drawn on Kenwyn last night night, so my monies on Graham obviously.

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Danny graham will be signed for 4.5 - 5mill by the end of next week. Watch this space.

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Can someone tell me and how to understand MONs mind in recalling Elmop short term ...i just don't understand this manager and how after selling Meyler he recalls Elmo how can he improve the team ? rather bring in the yougsters like Knott etc ..baffled ?

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He is back to force hull into buying him

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He's trying to force Hulls hand so the sign him on a permanent deal. We must need the Money haha!!

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Sunderland have made a bid for danny graham

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He'll be playing rb on saturday.

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Elmo has been recalled as we only named six subs against Bolton I believe. I did rate meyler as he gave his all but he was never going to get ahead of sess, cats or Gardner was he. May aswell sell him and use the money towards somebody else

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17 Jan 2013 08:40:58
This is what I have heard by the end of the year these players would of moved on.

Louis Saha
Carlos Cuellar
Dong-Won Ji
Ahmed El Mohammadi
John O'Shea
Wes Brown
Titus Bramble
Fraizer Campbell
Matthew Kilgallon.

Not even going to say what players are coming in because Louis everyone would be guess work. But I believe we need some fresh faces and a new start. Need more height, strength, speed and inspiration.

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Bet that's not what you were saying last Saturday, or on Boxing night !

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17 Jan 2013 08:20:37
I think we should try and do these transfers over the next couple of seasons:

John Stones-RB
Alou Diarra-CB
Michael Dawson-CB
Brede Hangeland-CB
Luke Shaw-LB
Danny Rose (permanent)-LB
Stewart Downing-RW
Moussa Sissoko-CM
Mohamed Diame-CM
John Guidetti-CF
Gary Hooper-CF

Phil Bardsley
Titus Bramble
Wes Brown
Matt Kilgallon
Seb Larsson
David Vaughan
Ji Dong Won
Frazier Campbell
James McFadden
Louis Saha

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Dawson injury prone hangalaand slower than oshae downing no better than mcclean agree with the rest

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17 Jan 2013 07:54:49
why don't we stick a cheeky 9.5 million bid in for
alex di jong from ajax im sure the mags won't mind 13 goals so far !!

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Why pay 9.5m for a sub? We only play 1nup front

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