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17 Jul 2012 23:38:40
Kuban Krasnador have signed Ibrahima Baldé
from Osasuna to replace Lacina Traoré who will sign for Sunderland next week. Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Jorge Fucile have already signed and wil be announced next week too.

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Everyone there have just signed for new clubs apart from ricky van wolfswinkel

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Lacina traore has joined anzhi, and as much as I would like it, I somehow doubt van wolfswinkel will be joining us

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17 Jul 2012 20:34:51
just spoke to my son who says everything at the sol is quiet on the transfer front he usually gets to know a thing or 2. even said the usual banter/rumours are very quiet. dont think anything will happen till mon returns from korea lads

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Havin to wait even longer for a quality signing

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I reckon safc will end up with the dregs and hasbeens this transfer window,why is mon taking this long,i wonder?hope he has something either in place and keeping quiet or hes not panicking,i know i am.just heard safc have sold more season tickets than the last 3 years,i bet they are sweating as well.tk73

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MON always takes ages to sign players. Expect the majority of our business to happen after the season starts

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20,000 tickets this some to bragg about its players that need to arive and think personally mon aint got as much as fans think...maybe 1 half decent signing and freebies.etc

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Mag alert ^

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MON does take ages to sign players he generally has to wait til they are 34+ at least

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So how many players have we got 34 or over? Atleast think of something constructive to say ya muppet

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No teams of note have signed any body of note since before the euros. Dont panic the irons are in the fire and negotiations are under way. Remember its quality not quality we need

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Chelsea,united etc....

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17 Jul 2012 16:29:59
heard from an old watford and qpr scout whos a good friend of mine that the spurs lads are talking a lot about defoe and huddlestone comin to sunderland with sess going the other way, no ideas of money involved tho but bookies seem to have picked up on this, stripey

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Cant see mon letting sess go anywhere

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Wouldnt mind seeing Huddlestone cumin here

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17 Jul 2012 15:22:29
Sunderland ins:
Ivan Ramis-4m
Carlos Cuellar-free
Martin Olsson-3m
Steven NZonzi-5m
Adam Johnson-loan
Jermaine Defoe-7m
Kenwyne Jones-4m
Louis Saha-free

Sunderland outs:
Titus Bramble:1m
Marcos Angeleiri-500k
Nyron Nosworthy-1m
George McCartney
Davis Meyler-1m
Christian Riveros-1m
Ahmed Elmohammody-2m
Kieran Richardson-3m
David Vaughan-4m
Asamoah Gyan-7m
Conor Wickham-loan {Ed046's Note - that would do me

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Be happy with that for sure , but carnt see it happing

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Johnson and defoe are not happening....qpr fancy defoe.....LFC thinking about sess as br likes fast attacking players....£9.5 million..

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Nos went at Xmas, Meyer loan. Won't have 8 in more like 4. Ftm

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Sounds good enough for me that

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I wasn't aware Sunderland had re-signed Nosworthy and Riveros recently only to sell them back on again.Absoloute TOSH that last posting.Oh Yeah I nearly forgot to mention that Andy Carroll will join next week when he returns from holiday.Come's as plausible as the original post.

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Ha lol comment about andy :)

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17 Jul 2012 11:43:33
Richardson heading to everton for talks with moyes when safc return from peace cup

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Would be happy about this, means we may be forced to actually bring in a natural left back instead of relying on backup cover.

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Yea but I like richardson

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Hes commited his future to sunderland.

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Rico would be a big loss to the squad as we stand now, before we even think about loosing him we should be thinking of ditching vaughan and meyler even gardner moyes prob sees rico as a replacement full back who can fill in up front too, mac the hat

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Yep think there is others to get rid off first instead of richardson

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Richardson always brings energy to the team,and one of the few players we have with genuine pace. i agree there are others to go before him!

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17 Jul 2012 10:19:05
Latest I hear from a club official is that Defoe wouldn't particularly want to move up here, but 1st team football might just see the deal happen, plus a return for Kenwynne Jones for a cut-price 7 million.

Wolves want far too much for Fletcher, and I think the above two are better anyway.

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That might be true, but i wouldnt be paying 7mil for kenwyn. he hasnt exactly been a hit at stoke either. we should be aiming for 4mil if thats what we are going for. but ive never been a fan of clubs who go back for the same player

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Shock...Defoe doesn't ant to leave London. How many times..

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I dont think defoe will want come to us but never thought bent would of come either so could happen

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Dont stoke still owe money for jones {Ed046's Note - not that i know of

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Bent came as a stepping stone for bigger club...where can defoe step to..............

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What Villa ffs!

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Kenwyne jones deal was done over 3 years

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Yes ffs villa have you read any where bent wants to leave villa??? NO

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Bent will leave Villa for sure! Problem is noone wants him anymore! I would have him back at SAFC though

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