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17 Jun 2013 23:15:48
Funny thing is every forward we have been linked with Bar one none are over 25 years old. And I mean Linked we won't get Insigne for example.

Hernandez - 22
Dost - 23
Leandro - 19
Rossi - 24
Aubameyang - 23
Zarate - 25
Insigne - 19
Figabogson - 23
Hooper - 24

I can't see Sunderland ever buying anyone over 25 again. Buy them young on the cheap sell them on at a profit. And if Sunderland can maintain top flight football doing this then the club will always make a profit and never really spend any money on players. Makes sense with the new fair play rules.


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Paulinho 27
hooper 25
insigne 22
fina 24
leandro 28
rossi 26
dost 24

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The first post has more ages wrong than right. Which is a bit of an issue when your entire point is about age. Embarrassing.

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Leandro we are intrested in is 19 not 28

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You've got the wrong Leandro mate.
Hernandez - 22
Dost - 24
Leandro - 19
Rossi - 25
Aubameyang - 23
Zarate - 25
Insigne - 21
Finnbogason - 24
Hooper - 25

These are all correct.

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We're linked with Kevin Davis {Ed024's Note - This is an old rumour}

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I last heard the Kevin Davais rumour like 3 days ago

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Kevin Davies rumour is from when O'Neil was in charge

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17 Jun 2013 23:07:28
Zoet looks set for a move to Sunderland this week. If Liverpool can't agree a fee with Sunderland for mignolet then Westwood will be leaving to gain first team football. Either way we are loosing a keeper and Zoet is coming into the side.

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Be suprised if MIGS is staying as according to his agent he's pushing for him to move saying many other clubs are interested!

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17 Jun 2013 22:10:51
GK- Westwood
RB- Cavanda/2m-4.5m
CB- Diakite
CB- O'Shea
LB- Orban/4m-6.5m
CM- N'Daiye or Cattermole
CM- Duncan/8m-9.5m
RM- Johnson
LM- Zarate/free
ST- Fletcher
ST- dunno/13m-15m

TOTAL SPENT = around 30million

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Is dunno a Brazilian

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People keep putting Cattermole in their squad predictions and I have to wonder, why?
He isn't good enough for what we are aiming for, he will be suspended more that any other player next season and can't have a decent crack on goal. Never really rated him. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I highly doubt it. N'diaye is way better in my opinion.


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Totally agree with that.

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For some reason Cattermole gets a lot of support from people and for what, being a poor aggressive tackler. Overrated and a liability, N'diaye everyday.

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Cattermole is good, he isn't in the squad to score goals, his job is to break up the play and help us get further up the pitch, which he does extremely well

Yes, his suspensions are a bit of an issue, but with Di Canio's strictness he will sort that out in a second
Results are proven to be better when Cattermole is on the pitch, he will play a vital role for the club if the want to progress in the league

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4th post

Who are you agreeing with, original post or the bitc*hing about Catts

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All you need to do is look at the win ratio with Catts in the side compared to out of it! It's a no brainer that we are a better side with him. Yes he's a loose canon at times but hopefully PDC won't be like Bruce and MON and tip toe aroun the issue!

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Catts is an excellent player on his day and certainly plays his heart out for the team. However, I feel N'diaye offers more physicality, more attacking threat, has greater potential to develop and won't be injured or suspended 90% of the time.

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17 Jun 2013 21:31:38
got this on good word ross turnbull was due to sign for everton deal agreed until moyes went to Manchester United moyes shook his hand and apologised, ross agent has spoke to sunderland and hull but it looks like he could be signing for Norwich as ross reckons that ruddy is going to villa

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God that was like a delia smith speech. Pointless and annoying.

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Its come from the horses mouth as they say why would the lad lie
not like some of the s**** getting put on here some of the posts regarding players supposedly signing for us are making some sunderland fans more deluded than the daft lads from the toon

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17 Jun 2013 19:34:24
Ed: Do you Ed's still have group meetings at the Mountain Daisy or was that a one off? {Ed024's Note - Think you might have mixed us up with another group ?}

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17 Jun 2013 21:17:12
I know we already have
Diakite, O'Shea, Roberge, Brown, Cueller as centre halfs but does anyone think we could do with another solid centre back who isn't completely useless

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Is it just me or is there a faint whiff of the Tyne in this post, anyone decsribing John O'shea as useless has no idea about football. Sounds like Tyneside 2d football thinking to me!

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Is that a silly post by a mag {Ed024's Note - I think they may be trying to divert attention from any talk of Directors of Football }

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Cabral the new signing can play at CB and so can Ndiaye

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I Think Roberge will be the suprise signing that will do well!

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17 Jun 2013 21:13:16

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17 Jun 2013 20:41:28
There's a lot of rumour about Duncan, I have no idea what he is like, can someone please do me a favour and answer these questions for me

•what position does he play?
•How old?
•More of an attacker or a defender?
•characteristics, e. g, strong and good tackler, small and creative?
•is he a goal scorer?
•Will he get first team?

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In order
tall and strong
more of a holding mid so expect a goal once in a while
9million euros
hes a bit like a tall version of cabral

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Cheers mate

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They say the transfer could be complicated so a loan deal may be the only option for us!. i'd take that!

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From Youtube it seemed he is strong, holding midfielder, likes long shots, nice passer, seems confident. still young but looks promising. he's movement reminded Diakite. like an elephant but get's the job done. he had some nice speed though when had a chance to go forward. looks like a good youngster for the future of our midfield or good business in 2-3 years time.

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17 Jun 2013 20:20:51
Sunderland are now linked to sign Leandro from brazil he
Has spent the last two seasons on loan and Sunderland are keen to sign the forward from Al-Sadd.

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Lack of goals was one of our main problems last season

We need to get good forwards who are experienced in top leagues, not players like him

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Don't worry about experience, I'm looking forward to going in with the element of surprise. I'm almost disappointed when I've heard of one of our targets, more exciting when they are totally unknown.

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More info on Leandro he is 19 years old from brazil. He scored 20goals in 30 games last season. He has lots of pace and skill. Not very tall at 5. 10 but does have an eye for goal and a nack of been in the right place at the right time. Don't think he would be in the starting team maby one for the future.

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17 Jun 2013 20:13:51
Anyone know any decent attacking Mids who can replace Sess if he leaves

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I would like us to go for Wolfsburg's playmaker Diego

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Diego your aiming abit high

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17 Jun 2013 19:24:32




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Write him off at your peril because N'Diaye's going to have a big season next year so I wouldn't expect that to be central midfield. Those that went to the game will have seen the biggest transformation ever known in a player once Di Canio took over.

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Love to sign duncan he's a big strong boy

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No need to say sorry mate, I just know press have suggested he was poor last season and very little recognition of his massive improvement but would those who see the full 90 agree that N'Diaye has huge potential? What about your thoughts Ed? {Ed024's Note - I think he was off the pace for a could of games but showed enough after those games to suggest he will do well.}

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He did not look to clever at the Villa game

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No one looked clever in the Villa game so that's invalid

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17 Jun 2013 19:04:16
Ed what's happening with frank tabanou {Ed024's Note - Not much ...Lille and Sunderland keen but no news yet.}

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17 Jun 2013 18:27:21
Everything so far on the Mignolet situation is just pure paper talk

Mignolet's agent has said there hasn't been any offers at all from any clubs for him

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17 Jun 2013 18:19:49
Ed, sky are reporting an unnamed premier league club have bid £8 million for Udinese striker matej vydra who was on loan at Watford last season. Have you heard anything to suggest that might be us? {Ed024's Note - No not heard anything - is more likely to be one of the promoted sides.}

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17 Jun 2013 13:10:23
Youve got to love mike ashleys humour
we sign one of the top scouts in europe and they sign joe kinnear might as well be roy kinnear.
Cant wait to see who he's after.
We might have got the hoppings but the real circus is still at sid james park.
What a carry on.

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17 Jun 2013 12:35:59
Looks like mignolet is off to Liverpool this week in a 10mil move. Sunderland are currently in talks to sign the 22 year old keeper Jeroen Zoet from PSV. He has been out on loan the last two seasons and only has 1 year left on his contract with PSV keen to cash in on the player to prevent him for going for free next year. Would expect Jeroen Zoet to sign pretty quick after the mignolet deal so Di Canio can take two keepers to his training camp in Italy.


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17 Jun 2013 11:14:49
Ed dunno if this is to spark up interest but apparantly sunderland are interested in scott parker, just wondering if there's anything happening with him? {Ed024's Note - I cant see much in this - he doesn't fit the profile in f the players we are after.}

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Parker was home sick at newcastle years ago. So now he's ready for the retirement home, he'll want to be near his family

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17 Jun 2013 10:41:05
Di Canio to replace mignolet with Holland U21 keeper Joroen Zoet.


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17 Jun 2013 08:50:20
Hi all, I'm a Liverpool fan and I was just wondering what your keeper is like I don't know much about him if he were to join us would he be a good signing? Please don't slate me for asking! {Ed024's Note - He's top notch my red friend - a little lacking in physical presence which can hinder him coming for crosses but other than that he 'll do a good job - what's happening to Reina?}

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His weakneses are his crossing and at times kicking good shot stopper uses his legs a lot!

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Apparently Liverpool have offered £7 million we want £10. feel we shudnt take less than £9 million. Westwood is going to be given a chance. and IMO he's not that far behind MIGS in ability!. remember that save Westwood made against was it Manchester United couple seasons ago?. brilliant!

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Of the shots at Mig, he punched 90% of the them straight back out. Flapped at crosses. £10 million, yes please

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U are getting a Brilliant GK

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17 Jun 2013 01:35:30
type in Diogo viana a on Google and it says exactly this:

Diogo Felipe guerreirro via a is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Sunderland as a right winger.

Try it. Are you getting the same? {Ed024's Note - That's off wikipedia - anyone can change wikipedia - do not trust it as a reliable source}

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(Ed)Don't trust wiki as a reliable source.
No sh** Sherlock, Ed (giraffe)the neck on you. Come on Ed, what makes you a reliable source, all you say is maybe or yes after the event, has mig been sold to LFC and who is your source. {Ed024's Note - The angry man is back - no not yet as he is on holiday in Caribbean its unlikely any deal will be finalised until he gets back. My source for that one is Thomas Cook}

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A remember last season llorente from bilbao's team was changed to sunderland and people were going mad thinkin we had signed him and it was just a hoax haha

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Whats with all the hatred for the ed? he is only doing his job and giving his opinion and no-one is forcing you to believe what he says. safc93

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I only belive stuff when the player wears a red and white shirt otherwise well all be beileving Elvis plays for Accrington Stanley!

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What, you mean Elvis doesn't play for Accrington Stanley, Oh! i'm upset now cause I thought he did. i'm sure he was a striker and he got opposing defenders "ALL SHOOK UP", Aha-har.

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17 Jun 2013 15:54:33

Ed, here's something to add to that post he may be right {Ed024's Note - I hear you but that article is 5 weeks old I would have thought we would have confirmation by now}

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17 Jun 2013 00:11:11

Mignolet - Arsenal - 10mil
Sessegnon - Marseille - 9m
Graham - Derby - 2m
Bardsley - Hull - 2.5m
Elmohamady - Hull - 2.5m
Brown - FC United of Manchester - 1 pound
Ji - Jeju - 2.5m
Cuellar - Alaves - 2m
Larsson - Lazio - 5m
McClean - Celtic - 2.5m

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Cardiff are prepared to pay 4m for Graham

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In order: partly, probably, hope so, too much, yes, lol, maybe, probs not, never get 5mil, yes or hooper swap

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Like it mate, you have a good sense of humour, I heard Brown was going to sign for the Mount Daisy. lol!

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I bet you Graham will score a lot of goals for Cardiff!. I think we should keep him as a squad player!

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