Sunderland Rumours Archive March 17 2012


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17 Mar 2012 18:54:23
Thoughts are with Fabrice Muamba and his family, hope he is ok! I'm sure our geordie friends up the road will admit that all rivalry goes out the window when something like this happens. Get well Fabrice!

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Well said m8

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Was watching the match I thought he had died on the pitch till I heard the news he was stable, nice to see football fans come together shame it took a near tragedy for it to happen

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Well said mate. Homesick Mack'em. Is the Companion Club still going? used to really enjoy a cheap pint before the game and a chat with fellow fans.

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If you're trying to say Geordies are disrespectful, were not. well no doubt there is a small minority as there is everywhere in the world. but no one should disrespect muamba, hes only 23.

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17 Mar 2012 14:54:43
Home advantage us and hopefully a full squad, Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mignolet saved us but thats what he is paid to do. Sess and Catts back for the replay come on!

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Haha i love how the makem put 'mignolet saved us but thats what hes paid to do' shame you didnt realise thats what kruls job is to do too!

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Geordie Jealousy strikes again!who cares about krul! why don't you go on your own sad site you deluded geordie child and talk about your FA Cup quarter final, wait sorry I forgot BRIGHTON! love how the geordies said we a one man team in sess but we seem to be doing well without him and cattermole!

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Time wasting last 29 mins thought that was forbidden you said last week. Everyone win 2 nil

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Time wasting was kruls fault and thats why there was 5mins injury time, we didn't time waste much as there was only 3mins of injury time, doesn't matter in the semi final draw with Everton. how did you geordies do in the cup? SGBS

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Sorry who knocked youz out ov the carling cup . . . . . .oh yes brighton xxx

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