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17 Mar 2013 19:06:29
Sunderland officially sack Martin O'Neill, statement to come on the website soon (good source)

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Dont get me excited!. I've heard these rumours before!. usually the manager gets a vote of confidence!

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What a crock.

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I hope your right. We haven't improved since Bruce left. Should approach Moyes his contract runs out in summer and he has taken Everton as far as he can.

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Id take bruce back! its been that bad this season!

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Don't get your hopes up lads, he's probably a Mag.

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Moyes would never come to us.

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What is the point in sacking the manager we are not mags who else would we get this time in the season

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The point is; Only the lift of bringing in a new manager is going to stop us from going down!
Have you looked at our run-in. Tell me where we are going to pick up 9 points to guarentee safety?

Every season we finish with a wimper. Then in the summer all the 'rose tinted glasses brigade' come on here spouting off about us bringing in this player & that. What do we end up with. rubbish! Players who only come because there either finished at a higher level or because they've just been relegated. What sort of mentality do you expect a squad made up of this ilk to have. And to deepen the wound no decent player gives us the time of day when looking for a new club because we've aloud the stigma of being massive under achievers to firmly attach itself to our club for over a decade now!

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The problem is
Us sunderland fans expect too much of our players and expect to get into the top ten
How many years have we being saying that
It ain't gunna happen unless we change something
Pardew is getting all kinds of stick for buying so many French players but he is doing the right thing, building a squad with chemistry
Whilst we r only buying one player where we need to strengthen in depth
Not working now and will never work
The owner needs to recognise this and not let us down

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A mag coming in relative peace - I do not think the problem is MON. As a manager he can only do so much. Your scouting team need reassessing - Cuellar, O'Shea, Brown are not the signings any premier league team should be making.

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Finally agree with a mag! ^^ haha but in all he is right. Signing Kader Mangane who has been injured and has not played a game instead of signing a different CB which we know will play and play well at that. He does not know how to work his way around the market anymore. I think the players have been mediocre at best this season with Adam Johnson being a flop and a loan signing was our best player all year. Danny Rose is the best we have at the moment which is an incredible shame.

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Its the mag back again - totally agree with everything the poster below my comment said. Johnson has not lived up to expectation however I expect he will. Rose has looked very good - but I imagine tottenham will keep him.

Torn between wanting you relegated ;) and sticking around for the sake of the derby.

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17 Mar 2013 10:44:40
Sunderland have enquired about ghana forward Mahatma Otoo

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Right, that's it lads
We've had a good run but time is up
We will be relegated by the end
Chelsea, Man U, Newcastle, Everton and Tottenham
Got no chance

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I want o'neil gone
He ain't taking us places except the championship
Simple as that

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17 Mar 2013 07:44:19
Today's the day then - 9/1 to go down and it all rests on this game! As every Sunderland fan knows we ain't got another win in us this season so get to the cashpoint and do it because it is going to happen! Sami Diglit, Whitley Bay.

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Sami are you by any chance a mag posing as a Sunderland fan.

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Nope. i'm a Makum - I hate Newcastle but I've seen us for so long I can predict us - check out previous posts before games!

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