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17 May 2012 12:12:11
Rumours ive heard so far
W.Zaha (6mill)-not to keen on him
S.Pienaar (5mill)- yes definetly want him
K.Davies (free)-not to fussed
M.Owen (free)-yeah id take him for the experience etc

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Zaha piennar definately davies although old is themost fouled player in the prem. if he can get 4-5 free kicks a game around penaly area for larsson mcclean and co then it coul be worth a punt. No way for owen

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Zaha will cost far more than 6mil in a few years, he would be a great signing

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No chance on micheal owen harry rednapp wants him and he will be on 100k a week..

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I hope so we don't want him he's just as bad as heskey

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Guttierez is the most fouled player in the league on statistics. K davis is the one who commited most fould in previous 3 seasons but not this year

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Kevin Davies just signed new 1 year deal.

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I have just come on this page to see if there was any mention of my club everton as we have made an enquiry for richardson but this is hilarious you obviously think your team is much better than it actually is. Your second best to your rivals unlike us(pride of merseyside!) and you think you will get pienaar?! not a chance even if spurs accepted he would reject you it would be a massive step down in his career he has played for ajax,dortmund,everton and spurs all big clubs...who are sunderland?

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So you finish above Liverpool once and that makes you the "pride of merseyside", Deluded

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17 May 2012 10:41:06
brian woolnough off sunday supplement is saying liverpool are after mon

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Brian woolnough haha those lot on that supplement thing are such liars not one of them have ever kicked a ball in there lives they havnt got a clue about football MON going nowhere :)

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Moving to liverpool is becoming more and more of a sidewards step

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Liverpool are a poisoned chalice now, any manager wanting time to do the job and make their mark will avoid them

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17 May 2012 09:18:15
Sunderland are trying to tempt Shola Ameobi away from Newcastle.
Apparently have tried last summer and Jan and had agreed a fee but could not agree terms with the player, but now ready to pay him more money.
Agent Talk

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Absolute rubbish, Sheila ameoba couldnt score in a brothel with a fiver sticking out of his lughole,. Newcastle get 1 good game out of him in every 7-8 so why would we want him ???

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I do not believe for 1 second that a Mackem or a Geordie writ this, biggest bull Ive seen in my life, Shola would never go to Sunderland, he enjoys scoring against them too much

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Now even that is taking it just too far! atleast make them believable

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Ha ha ha ha. Think he is wasting his career at Newcastle sitting on the bench but doubt SAFC would touch him with a 100 ft bargepole. Better suited to Stoke.

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Same again! How boring it must be to a sgb little infantile that all these posts on our site, if I was in your position and going into europe as you keep banging on about I would be booking the plane tickets not slavering my gums on another site! If your team is so much better than the cats then why or why are you all constantly on our page spitting out your asda bullet baked beans talking absolute rubbish, is it not JAS time at the jobcentre or has the boarder agency not granted you a passprt for next season so you try and take it out on the superior Mackems from down the road! If you are not happy with your life then get a sex change and call your self Vera from Byker! All hail the mighty bafoon army going to the far parts of europe that they call home run down and dirty just like the Spewcastle!

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You say infantile then use insults like "Spewcastle" . How very mature and original of you.
Would also love to hear some facts that back up this notion that Sunderland are "superior"

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In other news, Fergie is set to take the vacant Liverpool job!

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The only thing I took from that boring long winded rant was Superior Sunderland. PMSL. Cheers for that.......As for the rest sounds like your life is a little mixed up. Vera. lol

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If you require facts I can give you them. In the history of the top flight Sunderland have won 6 titles, Newcastle 4 ! Sunderland have been runners up 5 times, Newcastle 2! Look on company check and you will find Newcastle owe 160 million ! Yes thats 160 Million, Sundrland owe 79 million. Demographics tell you there are more people live in the Borough of Sunderland than in the Newcastle area. So ..... We have more tiles, fans and money with a better owner ! matter closed

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Owe 160 million to who?? As for your history lesson you have gone back so far they most likely still lit the streets with candles.....More fans, if you say so. Where are they when you play at home?? You have more empty seats than fans. SMB.

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Haha, your 1st league title 1891 a year before newcastle was formed. 2nd one 1892 our 1st year as a club. sunderland would have to win their next 114 games and newcastle would have to loose all of theirs in order to accumalte more points than newcastle in the EPL. smaller poplulation (which has no bearing in this discusion) stil have 7000 more avearge attendace this season. newcastle cup total 11 sunderland 8. newcastle net loss 3,9m sunderland 29.1, think you need to check ur facts mate

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Sunderland bigger than Newcastle? Yes you have won more first divisions to be fair ( When we wernt even a club) However we have won 6 FA Cups while youve only won 2.... Since the premier league started weve competed in over 100 European games including the Champions League. We also have the best fans in England while you struggle to get 30,000 at home... Sundeland bigger? Dont mug me off

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Come on lads it not like a mackem to let bull***T to get in the way of facts. They have no banter after that season. Got to clutch to straws. SMB.

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And a quick note for you barcoded ones, your first kit was red and white stripes loaned from us! Only here cause we helped you, Fact!

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1st strip was completely red, and it was the strip of Newcastle east end so you are wrong on both accounts

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Competed over a hundred games in europe and apart from that plastic trophy you have won nowt?lol boroand fulham got to the final in just over ten games.

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YRight how do newcastle have the best fans in england?man utd get nearly 80k,liverpool fans are awesome,spurs have a season ticket waiting list of 40k,arsenal have always had huge support man city were getting over 30k in division 3.

Your nothing special you only sell out now because of Ashley's 100 season ticket deal.

Best fans lol.You really do believe that too that's the funny thing.

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Lol both of you are right in a way but i think it was newcastles first game at st james where they borrowed kit of sunderland as away team didnt have a spare kit either and they clashed

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Nufc had a 15000 ticket waiting list numptys before ashley came thats a fact on top of the 52,000 we where getting...ashley offered the remaining seats for 100 what was left which is roughly 2000 to 30000 thats a fact and that started this season theres another fact....another fact is a couple of seasons ago while playing fizzy pop league we averaged 47000 at sjp the 3rd highest in the uk among all leagues....another fact is safc offer schools free tickets to watch matches to try and get more fans but fact is obviously aint working as theres lots of empty seats when you see your home games in fact your ground looks a lot like the riverside in boro theres more lets see what crap and lies you come back with..

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Man city 30k fans div 3 how long ago was that as city have some decent heritage from winning cups back in the day....smb

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I can't believe the childish rubbish written here! I support Sunderland but whichever set of fans it is writing this rubbish needs to grow up! If you are kids fair enough but adults please stop it. It just looks ridiculous. Concentrate on your own team & have a joke between yourselves but at least try & act your ages. Hope both teams do well next season.

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And i think if you watch some nice attacking football with some tremendous goals might just stop u being a MR MELDEW.....

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Shall we go back 30 years, 50 years or 100 years ? All I deal with is facts. Newcastle are in huge debt and we both have wealthy owners. Sunderland own large assets in the ground and training ground, Newcastle own ........... nowt. I have no doubt at all the Martin o'neill will do well for us next season and Newcaslte must be petrified the French contingent will do a world war 2 and disappear and Sunderland will consolidate with an owner who wants to be in for the long term and a much better manager.
Pardew is poor at best and Newcastle have beennvery lucky with al 5 international signings.
In summary, anyone who thinks Newcastle will match or better themselves neatx season and Sunderland will not do a lot better should invest in Facebook and buy Greek bonds! Lets see what your like when Ashley sells Ba at cost and sells Tiote, Cabaye, Krul and coming to America Flo Glo Colocinni.
Look down boys because the Mackems are ascending !!!

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Really, both sunderland and newcastle are in huge amounts of debt, difference is where starting to make a profit now unlike yourselves. all this stuff about newcastle not owning the stadium is rubbish, it was barclays who took a morgage owt on st james ages ago and has since been paid off. ellis has been selling of his own shares in the club just to keep going, so he doesnt even have full ownership unlike ashley.
and have you learnt nowt our current transfer set up, even if these players you state go, replacements have already been lined up. you bang on about oneill yet while he did do well wehn he first came in hes been unable to sustain it for the rest of the season and ended up finishing further behind us than when bruce was in charge, mackems are acending you havn a laugh

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I came on here for transfer rumours not schoolkid mackem /geordie s**te. Yes Pardew is a prat,but he has done brilliantly this season,cant knock that.

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Nufc own there training ground numpty...and your ground is that f****** good why has it not been picked for olympics because omly the best grounds get much did it cost to buy nufc?...ashley never charged intrest every thing nufc belongs to him no bank nothing all ashleys personall much did short pay for safc then paying off all there debts etc etc...nufc are one of only 3 clubs on premier league that pay cash for players...safc dont....nufc is worth a lot more than safc...nufc make more profit than safc and allways have fact....another fact is ashley will sell if a massive fee gets bid as do any club but the scouting system at present are replacing them with a lot better players fact...and you are not replacing and cant wait to see all the star players coming to safc

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