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18 Aug 2012 23:34:53
Richardson waving bye to us at the emirates today. Gone by the end of the month

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I heard the same his celebrity girlfriend wants to stay in London and Kieran wants to spend has much time with his family has he can. Mind been very quite about which club he could be off too, but been told QPR would pay 5m, while WHU and Reading will pay 4m. We will see. Any one else heard anything more?

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I thought he played well tday as well,anyway have enjoyed his time on wearside(a goal from the heavens by kieron richardson)wont be forgotton..tk73

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Hope rico stays , what a freekick against the magies.

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18 Aug 2012 22:48:15
Source news now page Adam johnson in advanced talks with safc in an £11 million transfer

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Good signing. But we will see man.

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I wont hold my breath.tk73

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Mon was interviewd after todays game and sai there will be a player joining in the next few days and i personally believe it is adam johnson. Will take a pay cut for first team football and play for the team he supports. Also wud like to say were are all the people who called themselves fans now who slated mon for not signing players which they wanted but he didnt! Hes shut you all up with todays reult! In short and king martin we trust. Safc till i die!

Dave the mackem

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A nil nil is a result away againt arsenal, but this team wont keep us up u

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He supports the mags

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Another cert is he Dave, like Anita,Llorente,Defoe,? And baring in mind he is a Newcastle Fan as stated by himself, will he get same treatment as Bruce?

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Apparently it's a done deal I reported this 3 weeks ago

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He actually said in an interview that he supports Middlesbrough but has a "soft spot" for Sunderland as that's who his family supports

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All his family are sunderland fans but as a child he grows up a mag in the same household? NEVER gonna happen {Ed024's Note - It could hinge on the type of deal Man City want - Liverpool would prefer a loan deal but Sunderland would buy outright - with AVB stating that Defoe will not leave in the current window MON will be keen to get a quick answer so he can move on if Johnson chooses another club.

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18 Aug 2012 14:39:09
clint dempsy to sunderland by next friday

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A mag taking the p**s here I think!

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Why leave fulham for sunderland?

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Great result tday lads n lasses,but we seriously need some forward line....tk73

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After tdays result ill be very upset if mon sells sess,he was the only outlet who could more or less keep ball,and use it...tk73

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Dempsey wud join Sunderland because he said he will never play for fulham again and Martin jol said Liverpool lossed interest (MAD DOG)

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Jesus! after watching motd tonite i know why mon got rid of turner and didnt buy hoilett,thank u mon in u i trust,and so should all the doubters,the man knows believe.tk73

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I trust MON, but looks like he got no cash after keane and bruces waste ov cash. hope im wrong and he got tons ov cash. FTM

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Wish he would sign for some fecker iv him in my dream team need him

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I dont think MON would stay if he wasnt allowed to buy players and build HIS team. Tony SAFC

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18 Aug 2012 12:42:30
Express and star wolves owner steve morgan expecting sunderland to match 15m for fletcher

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Dont give them the money,make them sweat the persons.tk73

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Should just try and get berbatov or santa cruz and use some of the excess millions to hel p with theyre wages plus sign another player

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Berbatov aint going from champions league to bottom half league now get serious.

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Break our transfer record on a no name championship player?? we sold Bent, a proven goal scorer for less than that

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Don't want berbatov, too lazy player and in his 30's, think its tabloid trash, gudetti is close to signing I think

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18 Aug 2012 11:21:31
Richardson wants to a move to a London Club before the end of the month, wants to spend more time with his family and girlfriend only interested clubs are Reading, QPR and WHU.

Bramble is off to Blackburn has part of a move for one or two of they players.

Sessegnon is still been watched my Spurs and several French clubs.

Elmohamady has been told he can find a new club has not in MoN plans and has been linked with moves to Hull and Al Ahly.

Nothing of players coming in lads but been linked with loads: Dann, N'Zonzi, Olsson, Giudetti just too name a few.

MoN has said he is trying to bring in some new faces.

So will have everything crossed.


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18 Aug 2012 01:34:19
Sunderland are after croatian LB Ivan Strinic after a successful Euros...The price is said to be 7 mil euros

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