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18 Jan 2012 18:28:43
MoN on route to Germany to talk to Lucas Barrios who plays for Borussia Dortmund

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This should be on the banter page son, someone needs to have a word

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Hope so cause good player

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Hadnt heard of him till now good goal to game ratio but only striker oniell will bring in is heskey on loan till summer

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No players coming this transfer window

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Lucas WHO????

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So he's going to go from travelling Europe with his team to... Well going to the local upside down park in pennywell?

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What! your comment makes no sense,you have no sense.

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18 Jan 2012 16:38:24
Mon will bring in a striker in v summer he is not making any major moves yet even though Ellis has said funds are available he is reviewing his options and then buying in summer risky move but makes Sence but I still like to see a temporary striker come in to v sol ftm

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Could be to late by then. Reading between the lines that means no one wants to come.

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Basically cos no top player wants to come to north-east and wen the do the leave straight away if Sunderland were in London area or middle of country we be v top team in league

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EH, players dont like coming up here what utter tosh..

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Close family friend works at the stadium and told me mon is waiting til the end of jan do get his players

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End of jan too late decent players all gone unless he waiting for heskey injury to heal then bring him on loan

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EH, players dont like coming up here what utter tosh..

fact M8 and if you think other wise then you are thick you not a mag are you ? that would explain the answer

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I think he meant players don't like coming to Sunderland unless for a final big pay day. what you think?

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Garbage,thats what i think,is this about two ex man utd players?

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18 Jan 2012 11:43:55
ryan noble off to derby for a month wonder if this means we are on verge of bringin a striker in ?

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Any chance you could give a reason for your disagree vote or are you just a mag tryin to stir it and have difficulty stringing words together !

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Doubt it. Just seen sense and leaving a sinking ship.

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You doubt it an were a sinking ship? Your an absolute weapon mate

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Sinking ship ? what sinking ship under fat boy yes under mon dont think so, lets face it what do you know about football after watch s**t at nufc for years

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When did Sunderland last play any champaign football? Haha

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When did you decide you didn't need to learn how to spell? We played Champagne football against Chelsea when we beat them 3-0 at home. And numerous times since. And there's more to come. FTM.

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Oh yeah under Bruce the manager that apparently had no clue. If I thought Subderland were a gd team playing gd football I'd hold my hands up abd admit it but you arnt mate.

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