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18 Jan 2013 22:23:00
Heard from a good source in the club that sissoko is to sign for marsiie graham to nowrich and hooper to sign for SAFC

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Fletcher and hooper sounds like a gud partneship if gaffer plays 2 up top

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A good source that knows who marseille and norwich are going to sign? Why waste time in posting such rubbish! I would prefer hooper to graham although he would need a month fitness training coz he is overweight. Has massive potential to be a goalscorer like super kev tho!

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Hooper could never tie kev phillips boot laces have you ever been to watch a game in scotland

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I'm a rangers fan but live in Sunderland hooper wld be a good signing if the price is not silly he's a defo finisher and not another kris Boyd he is got quality for sure o

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Yes I watch a lot of celtic games and was there in december so I watch a lot more than you! Have you been to a game in scotland? You probabky don't even go to sunderland games

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Double bid hooper and wanyama that's what we want, I'd also get the young 23yr old defender from montpelier that the mags want just so they can see another signing disappear

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Hooper and Wanyama together will cost around 20m I think {Ed024's Note - I think you think wrong - closer to 12 realistically - both would be a gamble in the EPL}

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Been to ibrox a couple of times and to berwick and hampden on a few occasions also to wales and amsterdam with scotland and to say its good football would be better watching darlo in northern league and as for following sunderland have visited over 60 grounds over the years so yes I have folowed sunderland for quiet a while through thick and thin and my all time fav player would be a celt in dalglish

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18 Jan 2013 15:51:58
Ed thank you for explaing the lack of the Wickham/ Fletcher partnership but why do you think Sunderland are going after Danny Graham a renowned Mag {Ed024's Note - I think MON is bidding for a player he thinks will fit into the team he is building - I dont think he considers the club Graham used to support as an issue. Graham is no idiot - he knows if he comes to Sunderland and doesn't perform his geordie roots will be thrown at him. It's just a question whether he is confident enough in his own ability to put that issue to one side. I'm not sure if he is the striker for Sunderland - but if he does come I would have to respect his bottle.}

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About the best reply put on this site by any ed if mon thinks graham will do the job that's good enough for me just hope the newcastle connection doesn't go against him as that could see the end of mon as our manager

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18 Jan 2013 14:40:45
MON wants Hooper and Flech up front but Hooper won't go for less than 8mill great to see it happen what do you think Ed {Ed024's Note - I think Graham is more likely than Hooper - especially given MON's interview in which he was at pains to point out he thought a player with Newcastle roots could do well for Sunderland.)

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18 Jan 2013 17:44:06
Heard from a reliable source within the club that Luciano Becchio offer has been made, only 18 months left on contract so will be on the cheap.

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18 Jan 2013 13:32:43
i heard (whether its true or not) that Norwich had puta 10 million double bid for Hooper and Graham ! if that's true it shows more ambition than we have done this season...and at £5million for Graham its above our bid !...(what do you think ed ?)

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You seem to be forgetting the fact we spent 22 million on Fletcher and Johnson. Too many people on here always putting us down. Graham is average, Hooper unproven!

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More ambition?
So the 20m we spent on Johnson and Fletcher in the summer has been forgotten already!

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Hope they win don't want him here

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Graham same type player as fletcher also would you want a geordie in your team against newcastle at sid james park remember the michael chopra debarcle

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So !0 million from a small club like Norwhich is better than Sunderland !?..Delia must have sold a lot of Books at Christmas !

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18 Jan 2013 13:21:44
im just wondering how we sell a player we bought for nearly 3mill and who warms the bench (not given much of a chance to play bit like meyler to prove themselves after injury) to cardiff for 650k (reported) the same player who after a serious injury came back scored a goal and was then called up to the england squad and we are now going to replace him with another player who has warmed the bench this season for a reported 5mill I just can't see any logic in this cardiff must be laughing their tits off

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Frazer campbell hasnt been the player he was recently probably due to 2 serious injuries,,, when he comes on as a sub he makes no impact at all,,, lets give Danny graham a chance o, niels scouts have seen more of the lad than we have

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And his contract is up at end of the season

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