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18 Jun 2013 23:11:05
In response to the question am I sleeping with Mr Short the answer is no. I'm sleeping with Di Canio and I've got dirty knees.


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18 Jun 2013 22:58:19
About our Full back problems, we could get Lucas Digne or Georgiy Schennikov as LB and obvs Cavanda as RB

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Last season at full back we were weakest (apart from Rose ) so I hope PDC has backup for those positions!

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18 Jun 2013 21:40:56
19 year old Swedish player moberg Karlsson is reported to be having a medial at Sunderland tomorrow.


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Anyone know anything about him? Safc93 {Ed024's Note - Just that he hasnt palyed many games but is seen as someone with a lot of potential - not getting any confirmation from any other sources so its definately only at rumour stage currently.}

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SteSAFC mate, you sleeping with Ellis Short or something? How is it you know what nobody else does? {Ed024's Note - Ellis just isnt that sort of guy !! This rumour has come from another poster - I cant find confirmation but he fits the bill for the types of young and high potentail players we are after so I would not be surprised.}

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Ed type : david moberg karlsson sunderland : into google and it says it {Ed024's Note - Yes some foriegn sites are also claiming he's signed - some have only been updated in the last 30 mins so the original poster was very quick off the mark - well done.}}

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When I typed his name and sunderland into google a lot of foreign sites are linking it and a mate said msn today has confirmed he is having a medical. 19 years old and has a lot of potential, really quick too apparently. Safc93

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Its in the sweddish press that's where story started

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You can see what PDC is planning buying young highly rated players!. Zoet is highly rated by PSV so it will be interesting what fee they want for him!. and its not rocket science that they want Sess back so I wonder if a part exchange is on the cards!

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Ive never seen in the long history of this club so many players being linked with the club. all we need now Paulo is some signings!

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Yes he's due at Sunderland for a medical tommorrow he's a under 19 international Swede and is 5ft 10 ins and very very quick and one for the development squad, apparently our new scout is an expert in Scandinavian talent!, the fee I've read is about £1.5 million!

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So we get a Swede and the mags get a turnip in Kinnear lol

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Appantly they say he's got explosive pace and good technical ability and likened to Romedahl!

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Sess' old club is PSG NOT PSV, plus the lad is in his last year of his contract so I reckon around 2m

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My mistake. but Sess I feel will go to a european team and they are plenty of admirers!. i'm also suprised Arsenal aren't interested in him!

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Why he is nearly 30? And goes missing for large parts of the season.

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That was under mon looked more like the sess we know under pdc

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18 Jun 2013 21:24:16
French international goalkeeper Stephane Ruffier has been identified as a possibility to replace the departing Migs

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18 Jun 2013 20:08:48
Adel Hernandez has agreed a deal with Sunderland and will meet with them in next few days. Also as I said earlier today Zoet has also agreed a deal and will also meet with Sunderland. I would expect both to be announced in the next week or so.


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Adel Hernandez is currently in con fed cup action so can't see him signing this week

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I heard he was staying so its normal rumour mongering at this time of year!

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18 Jun 2013 20:07:24
Our chances of getting central Midfeilders Duncan and Guilavougi have been boosted as inter Milan are prepared to sell duncan to boost transfer funds and Saint Ettienne are looking a a few Central Midfeilders to replace Guilavougi

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18 Jun 2013 17:33:38
Ed, where is everyone hearing the leandro moura rumours from? {Ed024's Note - Dont know - I'm not hearing anything.}

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18 Jun 2013 17:02:51
Good thing I like about all theses players we are linked with true or false they all have pace. A super fit Sunderland team with pace is going to be deadly I can't wait

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If we get any I think we have been here and been linked with numerous decent players before and having to settle for what we get

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Weve struggled with pace for years will be nice to see some excitement for once we just need to get shot of captain slow john o'shea! Jonnysafc

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18 Jun 2013 15:56:41
Ed do we have a chance with zeot and leandro moura (is it the moura leondro were looking at) {Ed024's Note - Good chance of Zeot, head nothing on Leandro Moura}

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18 Jun 2013 14:49:06
Rumour has it we are at home to chelsea first game of season

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Just seen rumour we are away to west brom. who konw's, we'll find out the morn.

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Saw 1st fixture as away to WBA on this site a few days ago

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18 Jun 2013 13:59:54
Deal for Zoet is done he will be confirmed as a SAFC player soon and Pickford is to go out on loan.


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18 Jun 2013 07:27:20
Ed are theses rumours of leandro and zoet true is so we could have a great squad for the futre
Gk Westwood zoet isn't ready
Rb cavandra
Cb diakite / robarge
Cb oshea
Rm johnson
Cm guliviuon? don't have a clue about spelling
Cm Duncan / n'diaye
LM zarate
Cf fletcher

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17 Jun 2013 23:27:52
ed what you think of zoet do you think well get him {Ed002's Note - I am told that there is a good chance of a deal for Zoet to move to Sunderland. An enquiry was made regarding Emiliano Viviano when it seemed that Fiorentina would not take up there option, but he seems destined for Rome. Fraser Forster is potentially another option.}

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