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19 Apr 2012 19:40:10
Will be sold end of season:


Pie Face-Shooters Hill

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Lynch (loan)
noble (loan)


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And sess

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No not sess SGBS

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Facts are sunderland do not need to sell we haven't spent anything in last 2 windows and will get more from sale of fringe players sess will only leave if HE really wants to. at the moment he is enjoying it here

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We need a good clear out and need to start buying foreign players

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We need a clear out but need to keep it UK based mainly but would still have a few good foreign players

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3/4 of the players leaving are the foreign s**te we have keep well clear from them

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19 Apr 2012 15:29:11
i dont know if anyone of yous have seen it.
but some one from witby has put a ton of money on oneill being the next english manager.
bookies have slashed the odds

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Boring, stop talking rubbish, will be redknapp!

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Why he,s s**te whats he you not know pardew will probably get manager of the year...numpty smb

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If pardew gets manager of the year he will set a new precedent as the only one to have won it by winning sweet fa and he must have a good chance of getting the england job cos his a yes man and the fa like those

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If pardew gets it it will be because what he,s achieved at newcastle with not spending much money and keep us in top 6 from start to finish...numty makem

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Would rather have Pardew than O Neil. Far superior on all levels. O Neil has one tactic, just knows park the bus home and away. Bet you cant wait for the summer window SMB.

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Leslie nielson manager of the year?thats a laugh

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Pardew has had one lucky season, O'neil has a proven track record...

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Proven where finished 7 twice or where abouts at villa ask most villa fans he spat his dummy out whe learner would,nt give more money and left..smb

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Lucky lucky, yes, ALL our points have been lucky. smb jealously bitter

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Alan daft pardew got sacked from southamton and he has had a lucky season this year, look at stoke last year,and look now thats what it will be like next year wen it all sinks in you sgb get off our banter site and your next doors internet connection u tramps. sfgb

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Fortune telling followed by insults. You are praying what happens to Stoke happens to us. But it has already be said we have a far superior squad to Stoke and will adding to it in the summer. Let us worry about our European adventures and you worry about your fight against relegation. SMB. P.S Sunderland has the highest number of people on benefits in the North east. Food for thought when calling people tramps.

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stoke got into europa via the cup which is exactly the same way you were trying to get in this season, were getting into europe based on a whole season worth of performance and we wont be making the same mistakes as stoke next year SMB

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Either he had luck last year or you,s where s**te as u finished just above us with no money spent..mmmm think it was both ...smb

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Tbf Stoke havent had a bad season they might finish in the top 10

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To all newcastle fans just look at pardew's record at west ham 10th 7th then got the sack when west ham where sitting 4th bottom.fact

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Look at AVB record at Chelsea, then compare the same record at Chelsea. Horses for courses. Being a manager is all about learning the lesson of before. Looks like we are reaping the rewards of mistakes Pardew may have made in the past.

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