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19 Jan 2012 18:49:54
More rumours that Sess is off to PSG.

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Sess would fetch 10 mill today's market need to keep our best players and add striker mon playin is cards close to is chest

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See would cost more than 10m in todays market, if hendo was sold for 20m and Carroll for 35m then sess should be at least 25m, he is our best player, he won't go in jan, maybe the summer if his family does not settle

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I think 25 millions a little too much. Maybe 15

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Been honest I'd be happy with 20m if his family wants to go back to france, but should try and get more!

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Where is this all coming from??

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19 Jan 2012 12:43:45
Craig Gardner is going to Birmingham on a short loan

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No he isn't SGB

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He wants to return to the midlands can't settle up here.

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We will never accept a loan bid for him and he is starting to play regular and is playing good

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Starting to play regular? He was playin full back as we had no defenders.

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Played midfield at wigan and scored

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Thats what a squad is, if we had alot of injuries in defence he went to right back and was brilliant, he is starting to play regular

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Numptys what happened in the last game when we had 5 fit defenders? Dropped to the bench. Played full back against Wigan. Another arm chair supporter! If we get a left back Richardson will b pushed up there so might as well sell him so he's no longer home sick

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Club has stated,he is going nowhere in this window,maybe in summer then.

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19 Jan 2012 11:33:00
i would like to say to all you SGB that we we never put a bid in for cisse, juno's talking rubbish as per.

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Oh yes you did................and were snubbed

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Cisse was one Bruce was after, O'neill isn't speaking to short about transfers until this week, so yes Geordie you have made yourslef look a complete fool

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Plenty of your folk seem to think you had bid for Cisse. Easily denied when that's all you can do. You missed out and we didn't.

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If you are so pleased with your new signing bafoon fan!Why do you feel the need to convince your sad little self that he is the right one on our footy site!Keep to your own site www.muppets'r'

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The original poster obviously didnt read the post i put on yesterday abot eatin humble pie and admittin the mags hav made a gud signin etc etc ! you hav made yoursel and your fellow sunderland supporters look stupid , grow up and admit it !

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His agent put it about we were after him and the unwashed panicked and bought him

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Unwashed never got him, Toon did!!

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Cisse is no doubt a good player and most Sunderland fans know this , but the interest came from Bruce not MON ,no bid was made so how can Sunderland have been snubbed.
So Mags please calm down look at the facts.

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You Post a message to the Geordies on a makem page?

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Not a surprise as most mags spend more time on our pages than their own!

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Because they want to support the true top dogs sunderland but can't admit it

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Apparently Sunderland payed for his flight from the ACoN to the North-East only for him to snub them and join Newcastle.

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Do you really think that the billionaire ellis short would do that . give your head a shake

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