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19 Jan 2013 21:58:17
Ed what is latest transfer gossip other than graham and downing mon has said he is look at a few options any idea who these might be and do you think it would make more sense to loan a striker posibley spend money we may have in midfield and def surely we have to put all eggs in 1 basket a get rose signed can't think of anyone better at lb other than cole and baines got to be good buisness for both parties if we offered 10 mill {Ed024's Note - Apart from Graham, Hooper from Celtic has been mentioned, Guidetti (who would probably be a loan deal), Vossen from Genk and Carlton Cole. For Midfield - Milner was mentioned a couple of weeks ago but that looks less and less likely, the Cissoko talk seems to have gone cold. Defensively not hearing anything at the minute.}

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Sunderland looking at mauro zarate from lazio.

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19 Jan 2013 19:07:32
I think we should go for Adam le fondre

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Cracking post young man

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Just because he scored twice against the mags ?

{Ed024's Note - I think the post was in jest - yes - just cos he scored twice against Newcastle.}

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Hahha I thought he was being serious for a sec haha

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Hahha I thought he was being serious for a sec haha

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Give me strength

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Good to see a kid from league2 making an impact tho

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Next one will be naki wells could be worth a punt for 500k

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19 Jan 2013 13:04:47
Just read mon interview in local paper and he has confirmed he has other deals in place if we don't get graham. Interesting few weeks ahead. Safc93

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19 Jan 2013 12:31:33
why not try get Andrey Arshavin to come er sure if we put a good bid in he would still a good player

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Ed what chances Downing or even Milner, who O'Neil had at Villa? {Ed024's Note - Love to see Milner at SOL but he's is tipped for Liverpool, Downing deal - could depend on Milner going to Liverpool !
Priority is a forward, Graham, Hooper, Cole all getting mentioned.}

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19 Jan 2013 12:07:09
Pleased MON says he has 'several irons in the fire' for upfront, not just Graham, but am equally if not more concerned about defence. Bards not the same since injury, Rose likely to return after loan and left with several old crocks at centre half. Is it enough for rest of season? Surely there is monumental rebuilding needed.

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Agree tottally with that despite our recent form our team is being undermined by the shambolic defending love to see another top defender in !

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19 Jan 2013 07:23:56
Sunderland have lost out on Danny Graham and Gary Hooper is not leaving Celtic.

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Didnt want graham anyway get somebody on loan for now then sign a great striker in the summer

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Bl and we all know it why even think of trying to sign him, have you all forgotten what choppra done leave well alone

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Hooper is the one to go after he's a natural finisher and with a stone off he will fit right in

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Good don't want him here, will only end in tears and controversy 100% Newcastle fan who has slagged us off

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