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19 May 2013 20:47:32
Paolo going off it about 7 players who he fined this week heard that bramble, kilgallon, bardsley, Vaughan, Westwood, brown and Gardner are the players. They will be a released or sold with 8 or more coming in. Roberge, diakite, el hadji ba, zarate will be all bosmans, also expect a couple of surprise signings that no one will see coming

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For me we will get the players on bosmans, Ba, Zarate, Roberge, Diakite
But I think we need to target top, top quality players such as
LB: Rose/8m
RB: Richards/7m
CM: Milner/8m
CF: Insigne/9m OR ST: Destro/7m

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Di Canio might be our key to signing top, top players, I can see him with a bit or Italian charm. or a good slap in the face could do it

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We will be getting quality and quantity.

some good bosmans knocking about too.

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We after Italian 20 year old stephan el sharaawy from AC Milan I heard

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El sharaawy? your either a geordie in disguise or clueless. he's a first team regular for milan so why would he come here?

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Good striker

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Don't think Vaughan was one of them or he wouldn't have played (and got sent off) yesterday?

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Don't see us getting Milner or Richards if I'm honest, Milner would certainly cost a lot more than 8 mil as well

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Think Gardner is one of the few players this season who has justified staying on

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The thing is with Milner is that he is looking for a move away because he never plays as much as he should, at most he would be 11m
If we can afford 50m for one player (Cavani). I can see 7 top class internationals heading our way

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I heard were after el shaawary it's just another cavani story

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What are bosmans?

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Insigne? He's one of the most promising players napoli are producing! Plus why would he come to sunderland, when he's got champions league football and playing for a top top club.

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Sunderland will have max 30m to spend. Roberge and diakite will be good signings, but they will be the sort of players that you will get.

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Why do people persist with this rubbish about Cavani? If we EVER pay £50m for one player I'll show my arse in the nearest Sports Direct shop!

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If we can afford 50m otherwise what would we bid for cavani 1p

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Insigne doesn't get first team
I think we'll get more than 30m because we were planning to spend 50m on ONE player (Cavani, don't worry, I know we have no chance of getting him)

I can see a few Italians heading our way due to the Di Canio link, for example insigne

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A lad called Cavani scored at the weekend.

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Sorry I meant to say I think we can afford cavani it's editing

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Anyone heard of andrea poli.

plays for sampdoria only young but better than gardner in cm

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Wont need him after you sign Cavani hahha

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Andrea poli is playing for AC milan next season

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Poli is too slow for the prem anyway

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20 May 2013 22:36:52
Has everyone forgot about Ji? The guy looks to have flourished for FC Augsburg (a struggling team fighting for relegation) 5 goals since january better than any of the rest of the lads. I hope Di Canio gives the lad a chance and doesn't just ship him out.

what do you think ed? {Ed024's Note - I think he's a squad player at best.}

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With ji I think auisberg are playing the lad in his right position out wide mate hope he is given a chance out on the wing

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I think ji is too weak for the premier league.

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Sessegnon to JI

That's all I remember of Ji

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Ji has played less games for sunderland than graham scored more and also cost less

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Ji has potencial he needs time and he would come good, I would rather have ji as backup than Graham.

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Ji for sale 2mil

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19 May 2013 10:22:38
Papers today are claiming we're close to signing diakite and west ham are after bardsley. Safc93

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19 May 2013 08:17:56
safc will try to hijak pdc former club,
lazio for modibo diake and valetin roberge

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Valetin roberge, has signed 4 sunderland. reports I heard.

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