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01 Feb 2013 17:55:13
I'm going to support Danny graham hope he does well and I also hope no on boo's him just give him a chance

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I honestly think if we get right behind the lads like we can do. We will kick on and have a storming finish to the season. no team likes coming to sol when we are on song. sunderland till I die

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I for one will not be getting behind graham once a Geordie always a skunk have yous lot forgot what he said

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I'm quite undecided on the January transfer window
We have bought some descent players but I do not know if we will progress so much on these players we have got

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This guy above saying he will not get behind graham and saying he is a geordie skunk
YOU ARE A person
He chose to come to us
And is a good player
It is not his fault where he was born
You are not a Sunderland fan you pathetic critic

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Lets draw a line under this Danny Graham issue - lets check the facts -

1. He said some daft things in the past and knows this will cause him problems with the Sunderland fans - STILL HE WANTED TO COME TO SUNDERLAND.

2. He supported Newcastle as a kid - which he knows will not go down well in Sunderland - STILL HE WANTED TO COME TO SUNDERLAND.

3. He heard the boos when he came on for Swansea against Sunderland. STILL HE WANTED TO COME TO SUNDERLAND.

4. He had a chance to play in a Wembley final with a great chance of a winners medal. STILL HE WANTED TO COME TO SUNDERLAND.

I don't know about you lot, but for me his commitment to Sunderland is not in doubt.

If he's wearing red and white we support him, end of.

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Well said
One last thing on the graham matter though
You people choose to critisize graham saying he is not good enough
However he is more of a proved player than Mangane or N'Dayie so that just proves that the only reason you criticise him is because he was Gateshead born {Ed024's Note - We can't have that I was born in Gateshead !!)

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Well said Ed I live in gateshead and have supported Sunderland since 1482!. anyway what about Bramble? he palyed for Newcastle but the fans don't boo him! Strange!

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You lot who won't support graham are right ones he had a chance to get a wembley medal maybe win the trophy he gave up loads your not true fans if you don't support graham your fags if you don't support graham he made a good impact when he came on v reading so give him a chance

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Graham apologised for what he said only a bit of banter

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You shouldn't boo Bramble for having played for the Toon, you should boo him because he's totally terrible!

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Steve Howey and Barry Venison both sunderland fans but dit a great job for Newcastle

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And Chris Waddle is a SAFC supporter too!

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Overseas Toon Supporter in peace.
You mean to tell me if he starts scoring for fun (and I think he will do really well for your team) you guys are going to boo him off. that's piss poor.

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01 Feb 2013 10:17:45
No pleasing fans reading these comments.

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MON and Short have been very shrewd with the cash while trying to get rid of all the peripheral players and their wage bill. Focus has been slowly building up a core squad with a bench that offers real options

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Does the original post translate to - The club have NO money to strengthen the squad until they offload the rubbish?

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Means careful and cautious management and not squandering cash as happened under Keane and Bruce

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When Graham plays next at TSOL any fan that booes him should be banned for life. Pardew mocked him saying he wasnt Newcastles standard what a joke Pardew is. i'd love Graham to ram those words down his throat by scoring a hattrick against the mags in April!.

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Here here!

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Not squandering cash?
Graham cost over 5M and he is very average

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Pardew is right he is not Newcastle standard.
He would much prefer Shola would he?
What happened to their new 12m striker? Their fans fall for it every time.
I have said it before, it is all smoke and mirrors with Pardew and Ashley. They fool the fans every time. Brought in 5 untried players and they start talking Champions League. Priceless.
Mon has strengthened where we needed it most, lets look forward.
Give Graham a chance he could well turn out another buy like Fletcher.


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We are slowly getting rid of the crap, Bramble, Kilgallon, Elmohamady and injure prone Brown.

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Pardew is tactically clueless and this is off the father of one of his players he blamed the crowd last week so has signed a boat load of players to get back in their good books his time is coming to an end

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Pardew never said he wasn't newcastle standard, just that he doesn't think he is the same standard as Remy. He is entitled to an opinion. Very fickle you lot when half you don't want him either.

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22 goals in 18 months at £5 million is a bargain 1. graham will prove that. MON knows his stuff. look at Fletcher!

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Pardew did say not newcastle standard

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Pardew is a d**k
Not because he is Newcastle manager
Cos he is so far up his own arse
And thinks Newcastle deserve a player
Like Rooney or something
Ur crap!
When do you get the right to critisize players who actually are better than the majority of your team

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I hate pardew but he is doing something clever putting plenty of French players in the team to build the chemistry
Apparently they put a bid in to play in the french league

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Wait till the end of the season, newcastle will be above you. I'd rather be below you now and finish above you at the end. deluded mackems

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The lad above is obviously a clueless smoggy.

criticize us when you back in the prem.

If you get back in the prem

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Lol at this post now we are back rightfully ahead of you.

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