Sunderland Rumours Archive January 01 2013


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01 Jan 2013 23:27:22
Martin o'neill looking at Carlisle's brad Potts, Dave symington and mark beck all of these are teens and brad Potts to sign within the next 72 hours

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Has MON gone Potty ! ??

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01 Jan 2013 21:20:33
Sunderland to sign Diame for £3.5m
Tim Cahill on loan, John Guedetti on loan

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Diame cannot register for more than 2 pl teams in a season so that aint going to happen

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I doubt this will happen but he wasn't registered with Wigan, went before registration was confirmed if I'm informed correctly


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John guedetti does not want to come to the north east :(

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John guedetti wouldn't want to move because hi is gettin 15, 000 a week and is meant to be the replacement for balotelli if he leaves

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01 Jan 2013 16:59:05
Ji joins augsburg till end of season.

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Why are you disagreeing? he has gone you muppets.

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He should of never have been loaned out to a german club he needs to get used to the english football not going to go to a different contrey

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01 Jan 2013 16:26:49
MON trying to sign Jenkinson on loan from Arsenal and Hangeland from Fulham to shore up the defence. Other targets are Huddlestone, Guidetti and Cahill. Heard this from a source within the club and have no reason to doubt him.

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Jenkinson not in tonights squad for Arsenal!!

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01 Jan 2013 15:55:52
has a fee been agreed for meyler i think we should keep him

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Hes gone for 1, 5 million ...worth much more than that !

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01 Jan 2013 01:00:37
I've just heard from a very good sorce that Darren fletcher is about to sign for us on a five year deal. Hope it's not a massive fee and it could be a good deal

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He's ill what's the point?

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He's not I'll he's fit and well again recovered ages ago mate

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If he was 100% then fergie wouldnt sell him. Besides hes not the type of player we need right now. We need cb r winger playmaker and striker

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This was my post .... Fletcher (if fit and healthy) is just the sort of player we are looking for a creative midfielder

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He would be a great signing but can't see him coming. Should go all out and get Dawson and Huddleston from spurs and take a chance on Charlie Austin

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As I have said a hundred times on this post... PAULO TAVAREZ is who we need. Search him in google and type sunderland at the end of his name and see what comes up.

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Why would Fletcher leave Man u First team to join Man u third team?

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Are you Mags saying that you are their second team?
I would rate Brown and Oshea higher than Simmo and Obertan.
The stone is lonely go back under it.


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We need a cm ATM but very un realistic larsson and colback are pretty crap plus how are the mags saying that there man us second team coz when it comes down to the league table and north east teams vs Manchester teams they haven't got a pot to piss in

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