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01 Nov 2012 19:14:35
See Wickham scored a brace for the u21 tonight, seems to be scoring quite frequently recently. Always thought he must be given a chance, now more than ever when his confidence will be high.


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Its evidence that when the seniors arnt doing it bring in the kids !

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Thing is we would probably drop fletcher if we called him up as they play in similar roles. Safc93

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Why not put the kid in along side Fletcher today. The squad is flat and its reflecting in there performances on the pitch. There's rumours the players arent happy with the fans starting to grumble about a lack of league wins? Your professional sportmen for christs sake. Come out fighting and prove to the fans you deserve to be on the pedestel the game has put you on! If the kid is full of cofidence and feels he has a point to prove then play him. Whats all this talk of players being to similar? What a crock...Quinn & Phillips was over a decade ago. The game has changed since! Both Fletcher & Whickam can play with the ball at there feet as to can Saha. Lets get the ball on the floor, raise the tempo of our passing and movement and have a fans thats all we ask.

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What rumours have you heard? this is a rumours sight, lets here them! Im based in Lancashire these days so any news from a genunie sorce is appriated.

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01 Nov 2012 15:22:29
In Jan window MON will turn it all around by signing Llorrente,Sturridge,Toure and Luiz. Then you will push for top four! WAKE UP and now realise that Martin O`neil is NOT a messiah and is an average manager who has lost touch with modern day football,hence the 6-3-1 formations even at home!! Yes wake up and look at the relegation battle you are about to enter.

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OK. And wouldn't you rather be on your own site celebrating YOUR teams success. Surely it's more entertaining for you if we remain deluded the shock of relegation would hurt even more. In other words get a life and worry about your own team

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We are in a bit of a rut but not so much that we need to really panic about relegation. Not right now anyway. It's only 8 games in for us. 30 more to go...

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8 games won 1 lost 1 drawn 6, not the end of the world is it if we had lost 6 then I'd be worried, points against arsenal,liverpool, newcastle, stoke, swansea n west ham away, beat wigan lost to man city away hows that a relegation battle, not to mention we have got them results playing players out of position coz of injuries and our better players not performing. Geordies stick to what you best at being deluded and talking sh*te!

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Finally, somebody with sense! We will not be in a relegation fight this season.

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I think they have enough worries of their own. Cabaye, Ba and Tiote all strongly linked with a move away from the Wongas.


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Oh, change the record. You said the same thing in Summer and the january window before that our players were leaving. It never happened did it. As for deluded. Who said they were going to qualify for Europ the last 2 season. Also who said they were buying Llorente,Nani, Gotze to name a few. Thats right the mackems did. Thats Deluded.

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Who mentioned all of those players like? Obviously the sgb are worried about losing their so called stars so trying to un-nerve us but failing miserably. Safc93

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Nobody is nervous at all. You are obviously blind to what is written. llorente, Nani and Gotze are written on your transfer page. Same names that were being branded around as nailed on signings in the summer. Again that is deluded.

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How would your totally wishful thinking signings un-nerve you? Just makes you look silly and deluded. Failing??

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Realistic players we should go for. Evans (6m), hooper or bent (5m), matty phillips (5m). I realise we probably wont spend 16m but 2 of those would do till the sumer preferably evans and a striker. Safc93

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Its not me who needs to change the record.
Do you read the newspapers ?
No smoke without fire SGB.


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