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20 Aug 2012 23:57:15
if we are willing to pay 12 mill for fletch and its who martin wants then whats a couple of mill cos there aint anyone else available out there unless he looks abroad given the proper service he ll be handfull for any back 4 along with a fit saha and sess and james mclean not abad front line if aj signs then play sess thru the middle mouth watering worth watching

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20 Aug 2012 23:17:56
Ed can you clear up any rumours about johnson berba or fletcher also what's happening with the young swedish lad a man city and if wolves are after cb give them 20 mil plus titus shambles that's there 15 mil asking price and 5 mil for taken titus everyone happy nothing on spurs page about johnson so figers toes and eyes crossed he joins us {Ed024's Note - My info is that 5 Premier League clubs enquired about Johnson - he turned down two without speaking to them and will speak to the other 3 as I understand those 3 are Liverpool, Tottenham and Sunderland - its now down to him to choose. Berbatov - not hearing much on this - I think its more supporters putting 2 and 2 together - we need a forward and Man Utd need rid of Berbatov. The Fletcher situation is a strange one - the price seems to be going up and up but still we persue him - Spurs may also be interested. Ref Guidetti - as we are talking to Man City about Johnson we may as well mention Guidetti so don't rule this one out. Bottom line is I think we will get Fletcher or Johnson but not both (the other will probably end up at Spurs). Don't see us getting Berbatov - don't think we really want him and I think he wouldn't come to us (Big Head). Guidetti - is a possible but I think he'll stay at Man City}

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Ed. sorry but i have to correct you, Johnson has rejected 2 clubs, and liverpool is one of them. Sunderland Spurs and Newcastle are the teams he wants to have a chat with. a chief news reported says so. {Ed024's Note - Hope your right - but I'm not hearing anything from my Newcastle sources. }

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I would love aj at sol but beleive he is a mag

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20 Aug 2012 23:34:14
Source - Telegraph, understands Jermaine Jenas & Danny Rose joining in loan by Wednesday. rose will be promising left back, but Jenas no longer the force he was. Even villa passed on chance to sign him

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Ha ha ha ha when was jenas EVER a force. was average now average and injury prone. not better than we already have

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20 Aug 2012 23:09:21
Jeans and rose from Spurs to sign season long loan deals - source daily telegraphy

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20 Aug 2012 23:01:41
Sunderland team after deadline imo:

Simon Mignolet-GK

Phil Bardsley-RFB
John O'shea-CB
Carlos Cuellar-CB
Martin Olssen-LFB

Adam Johnson-RW
Lee Cattermole-CDM
James McClean-LW

Stephane Sessegnon-AM

John Guidetti-CF
Steven Fletcher-CF

Kieren Westwood
Wes Brown
Seb Larsson
Jack Colback
Joao Caminata
Louis Saha
Dimitar Berbatov

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Oh dear.

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Why would we sign berbatov only to have him on the bench

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20 Aug 2012 22:55:57
Sunderland outs:
Craig Gordon-released
George McCartney-500k
Michael Turner-1m
Marcos Angeleiri-500k
Titus Bramble-1m
Kieran Richardson-5m
Ahmed Elmohamady-2m
David Vaughan-5m
Asamoah Gyan-7m
Conor Wickham-loan
Maybe Frazier Campbell-7m

Income: 29m

Carlos Cuellar-free
Martin Olssen-5m
Adam Johnson-10m
Joao Caminata-free
Louis Saha-free
John Guidetti-6m
Steven Fletcher-14m + Conor Wickham loan
Dimitar Berbatov-5m

Spend: 40m

Total Spend: 11m

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20 Aug 2012 22:38:52
Richardson WHU £500,000

Elmohamady Asante Kotoko £50.50p

Bramble Orduspor £250,000

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I could buy elmo for that price

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20 Aug 2012 22:02:38
Funny even our fans under value our players:

You value Elmohamady has £1m or under

and Richardson at £2m or under.

Just has well you are not running the club then.

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Think we are being linked with everyone at the moment hehe ..itll be an interesting last 10 days of the transfer window

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20 Aug 2012 19:58:52
I want heskey to sign for us for 20 million...pesos ;)

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If this happens I will come looking for you

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Spurs in talks with fletcher wolves want huddlestone on loan we are gonna lose out despite offering the asking price.

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Spurs are welcome to Fletcher - asking price is crazy. They won't but Fletcher and Johnson - does this leave the way clear for Johnson to sign for Sunderland. Much prefer Johnson at 11M than Fletcher for more than 13M.

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5million for Richo and 4million for Elmo ? id bite there hand off at those prices !

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That better be sarcasm

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From an lfc fan. Spurs will never buy a striker like fletcher as they will probably go for a higher class striker like llorente for a similar price.

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20 Aug 2012 17:46:41

Richardson £5m
Bramble used has part of blackburn player deal
Elmohamady - £4m undisclosed club


Fletcher £13m
Dann £5m
Olsson £6m
N'zonzi £6m
McGeady £10m
Guidatti £6m
Warnock £2.5m
Toivonen £11m
A.Johnson £11m
F.Johnson £3.5m
M.Johnson £2m
R.Johnson £3m
G.Johnson £8m
Alexander £4m
Hooper £6m

Mark Gibbon {Ed024's Note - what's with the Johnson fetish ? }

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Your either takin the Micky or you're delusional!

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You must be off your head. Where in the world would Sunderland get 91million from?! You are really crazy. Stop being so deluded. Doubt Short would want to spend even 30 million. Get over yourself.

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Elmo not worth 2m let alone 4m. How do you know weve made offers for all those players. Impossible.

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HAHA like it Ed, Think he did not know which one we where in for so he but them all down. Is it Adam, Michael, Glenn, Roger or Fabian. Or just but them all down.

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Haha 'Johnson fetish' ...creased

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Whos f johnson

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Press and reporters

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Thats a lot of johnsons ..sounds like a line of the Blazing Saddlles film where all the town were call johnson

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With 91 million we could sign CRISTIANO RONALDO and with just 16 million we could sign LIONEL MESSI

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16 million more

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20 Aug 2012 16:37:43
Fletch deal agreed with Wolves and AJ to decide by tomorrow which club he will join. If he rejects Sunderland MON will go for Downing.

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Fletcher deal all but done clubs will shake hands tonight 13.75 mil medical tomorrow should sign Wednesday.Think Wickham is going on loan til Xmas as part of the deal.

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Wolves pulled out of fletcher deal watch this space. In a Manchester hotel just heard a wolves guy phonin sayin deals dead.

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20 Aug 2012 15:50:46
Sunderland close to signing fletcher SS.

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Dont like fletcher but i rather have him than berbatov {Ed024's Note -

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20 Aug 2012 13:57:39
Just spoke to Adams mam so people stop guessing things sayin he is comin here goin there, he has said that sun, tott,qpr, and west ham have bid for him but no talks have been held yet. The only downfall of us gettin him is the size of the payout he will get by joinin us, but it's not ruled out yet as they haven't yet been in talks.

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20 Aug 2012 11:18:10
Odds have been cut on Johnson to join Spurs. Being in Europe & London will help his England career. It was always a long shot anyway. Defoe not leaving Spurs either. The list is getting smaller now.

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If this is true then this is a huge shame, but we really need to get another striker in and im still not convinced at our defence, even more so now richardson is leaving.


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Odds were slashed for redknapp to be the England manager but look what happened. Football is unpredictable and not even the bookies are right all of the time. Safc93

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20 Aug 2012 11:13:40
Apparently Spurs will not be selling Defoe in this transfer window. Strike that one off the list lads.

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20 Aug 2012 10:37:01
Adam Johnson will NOT be joining us. Five clubs have bid, he has turned down at least two. We are NOT one of the clubs turned down thus far however Spurs are leading the chase and can offer a higher level of football than us unfortunately.

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And how do you know this? Has he told you personally?

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Johnson to Liverpool ?

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Mate I'm Sunderland die-hard but you must be crazy to think we can match Tottenham.

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If johnson goes to liverpool or spurs he will get just as little game time for them as he did for man city himself and mancini both said thats why he wants to leave.why would city strengthen a possibe title rival.

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Match spurs for game time for johnson think we could mange that.

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Maybe a higher level of football but not week in week out football which is the reason he wants to leave man city in the fist place.

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Its on

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20 Aug 2012 10:24:39
Fletcher,johnson,guidetti,dann,olsson players i think will arrive. {Ed024's Note - That's about £35 Millions worth - do you think MON has that amount to spend ? Might get a few quid for Richardson but Short will have to stump up the rest}

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Short said he would back him

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Short will back him, Cuella ( free), Saha (free), Heskey (free) , wake up lad, Mon has very little to spend.

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Am i missing somethin 12 for fletcher 10 for johnson are you saying we are only going to bring in one player?

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When did heskey sign?? and he did say a couple of frees and some quality signings!

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Mag i think boys

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