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20 Jan 2012 19:31:09
MON apparently very keen on junior hoilett - as is half the premier league

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It is just agent slaver!or a sgb needing some interaction on a friday night cos no girl with any looks will give them a chance!hence the virgin on their bar code shirts.

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Better than walking round with bent on your shirt tho eh

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Why are you sad geordies obsessed with whats happening at sunderland?

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Cos they want to be a mackem!even if they have to have bent on their shirts!live the dream sgb you know the side is the red and white!

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I ll think you ll find if you look on our page their are plenty of comments from the SMB. also its a banter page. Don't give if if you can't take it.

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Why would i look at your page? and as much as i'd like to engage in a bit of banter with a sgb time is pressing so i'll have to dash as its 5-2!

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Just tried to change my facebook password to sgb defence but couldnt do it 'cos its too weak!

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20 Jan 2012 19:08:21
westwood loan deal imminent

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According to press its gordon on his way, which i think is a huge mistake as he's the best we got

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Westwood great keeper gordon injury prone get rid of him

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20 Jan 2012 17:32:31
bridge loan deal almost done, samba deal to follow and i'm hearing lots about the return of bent

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If this is true I'd be buzzing but can't see it happening like

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Wayne bridge? Please tell me your pulling my leg? O'neill would never be interested in him, and i think atleast 99% of sunderland fans wouldn't either, over rated rubbish.

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Absolute no chance on any of those. Can see why the geordies call us deluded. Grasping at straws.

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Not a chance of any of these utter rubbish we need striker time running out mart he gonna pull a big deal out in Mary we trust

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Smart money is on bridge joining the arse and samba off to spurs

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Sign bridge !! ..... Frankie sandford geeeeedup

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20 Jan 2012 17:07:40
oniell says he has no players in mind at the moment but if something materializes he will look at it

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20 Jan 2012 01:22:58
any news on arshavin or anybody else please

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We've got no chance to be fair, his wage demands would be far to much for ellis's likings.. and why would you want him anyway? his football in the EPL is appauling,

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After seeing arshavin today and the response he got from his own fans, i'd sooner we stick with what we've got

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What would arshavin bring to us? dont think he's mon's type of player,doesnt work hard for team.

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20 Jan 2012 00:18:14
Both Magpies and Black Cats to make 8m bid for Steve Morison- the figure known to activate his release clause.

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Double bollox

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Ultimate bollox

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Ultimate +1 b****cks

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