Sunderland Rumours Archive January 20 2013


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20 Jan 2013 21:49:39
Hooper available for 8m dunno if he worth it tho. Apparantly mon wants to be kept informed on his situation

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MON says he has several irons in the fire for strikers etc so who is it Hooper Graham Zarate Holt Bent ..also would love an attacking midfielder like Sissiko ...should be an interesting next 10 days at the Stadium OF Light !

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20 Jan 2013 20:08:03
Ed I know you really want to see downing come to us I don't think he's any better than what we have got should we not be looking at someone on the right just to come on and fresh things up when larsson tired here's my thoughts arshavin rosicky or even mon could give his pals at celtic 12 mill for a double swoop hooper and commons {Ed024's Note - Arshavin plays a little further forward than Larsson but certainly Rosicky could do a job - he's a bit busier than Larsson so would give us a different option. Not sure Celtic would let Commons go but he would be a cheaper option (that last comment could result in a few complaints north of the border !!!}

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Rosisky is super ugly

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If messi was ugly would you want him at the sol

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20 Jan 2013 20:20:35
just been on the celtic web and mon has told them to be kept upto date on hooper they really rate him highly

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Hi Sunderland fans Celtic fan here. I do not want Hooper to leave but if he does I wouldn't be unhappy to see him at Sunderland.

Keep of though lol.

Good luck for rest of the season


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Good luck to youz 2 hope you thrash rangers

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They don't play rangers..

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Thanks, and good luck to Celtic. I watched them win the European Cup on telly years ago and I followed your results ever since, one of these days I'm going to come and see a game at Celtic park.

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20 Jan 2013 16:34:43
why the hell are we not jumping through hoops to get gary hooper (celtic). Fletcher is the new Quinny. Hooper could be the new super kev

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Go on Gary hooper's official web site and see what excellent clubs he's played.

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I honestly reckon he won't come in January, maybe the summer, why would he leave in January when he is playing the champions league still?

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Celtic fan this guy is the real deal fletcher flick ons to hoops he finishes everything

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Im a massive fan of Fletcher, awesome player, as for hooper, i'm a big fan as well, i'm a Celtic fan that would like to see Hooper sign another contract but I feel a summer move is inevitable if not before, as long as his valuation is met I don't care if he leaves to be honest now, I just want this window shut,

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Just a wee message here don't understand why use don't sign hooper use would get him for 7.5 but mibi martin doing lenny a favour and staying away

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